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MR- R:


              Ujwal Naik is still furious that Maverick escaped and then Lynx escaped too and he was more furious on Mr. R because he helped Maverick to escape when taken to the hospital.

            At Roy’s base,

Lynx is wearing her gear and Maverick comes and says, “Want my help?”

            Lynx looks at Maverick and says, “I did miss you, thanks for bringing me out of that facility.”

            Maverick comes closer to her and says, “I missed you too.”


At JSF base,

 Rihaan is there with Saina and Danny. Raghu comes and says, “Did you guys hear the news?”

            Saina says, “Ya, Lynx also escaped from The Fort, Maverick was the one who helped here.”

            Rihaan says, “Maverick is recruiting.”

            Danny says, “What was his gang name again?”

            Rihaan shows the symbol and says, “Phoenix.”

            Saina says, “Now what?”

            Rihaan says, “We have to stop him, which is what we do.”

            Danny says, “But how?”

            Tanya comes and says, “May be this will help.”

            She shows them a video which was sent to her house.


The video shows, a guy sitting on a throne like and a girl on his lap and two men side to side.

            The guy says, “Remember me, R?”

            Rihaan says, “Maverick.”

            Maverick says, “Yes, it is me, first thing, thanks for letting me out of that facility and you must have come to know that Lynx has escaped from there because of me.”

            Lynx says, “Meow!!!”

            Maverick says, “Ujwal Naik on the other hand is still angry on you and thus see, (shows a letter which shows there is an arrest warrant on Mr. R approved by Ujwal Naik) and you are again the enemy of the police, for the City, the new villains are here, the Phoenix. So, my aim is to destroy you and you can fight or just watch your own destruction.”

            The video closes.

            Rihaan says, “He has challenged us.”

            Raghu says, “We accept it.”

            Rihaan looks at the mask and says, “We should.”

            Maverick at the hideout says, “Does someone have any more potential candidates for our gang?”

            Lynx says, “I have one, darling, he is a former wrestler, he was caught using illegal steroids for his body and he was jailed for some years and then thrown out of the City and I can talk to him.”

            Maverick says, “Name?”

            Lynx says, “BLOCK.”


            Rihaan is getting geared up and takes the knives and Raghu says, “Chang?”

            Rihaan says, “That day he came for Saisha not for himself, if he wants to come, he can.”

            They then arrive on top of a building and when they see a Phoenix flag on the top and when they reach, there is no one there.


            A voice comes and it says, “Hello, JSF.”

            Mr. R, Black Rose, Raptor and Leo turn around and it is Maverick there and he says, “You all look surprised seeing me, huh, you won’t be when I kill you all.”

            He then presses a button and the ground below them explodes and they fall down floor besides that.

            Fury and Swift come and attack Black Rose and Mr. R.

            Lynx comes and attacks Raptor and Maverick looks at Leo and Maverick says, “We have unfinished business and for that I have someone.”

            A huge guy comes and spears Leo and they have wrestling fight.

            The guy says, “I am Block, I will crush you.”


            He starts beating and punching Leo.

            Maverick is laughing and he removes a knife and attacks Mr. R and also helps Swift.

            Block then picks Leo up and throws him at Raptor and Block removes a shotgun from his back and fires and injures Leo.

            Raptor then attacks Block using his steel hands but there is no effect on Block’s body.

            Black Rose sees this and throws mini bombs at him and Block dodges them and spears Rose.

            Mr. R sees this and goes to help them but Maverick kicks him and says, “You are staying right here.”

            Maverick says, “See, this is pure villainous I am showing, see I am better than Apocalypse, I have a gang better than him.”

            Mr. R gets up and tries to fight but Maverick beats him and throws a grenade at him and explodes near him and the ground cracks and Maverick sees this and stomps the ground and piece of ground below Mr. R cracks and he falls down on the below floor.

            Block looks on Rose, Raptor and Leo and says, “I was out of this City for long, now I seek destruction.”

            Just then a piece of ground raises and creates armor around Block and the JSF see and it is Melisa there and Block soon breaks it and attacks her.

            Melisa then uses her powers and fires lasers at him and Block dodges them all and uses a bear hug move on Melisa.

            Melisa then fires lasers again and this time on the face of Block but nothing happens to him.

            Block then throws her off and Lynx comes and knocks out Melisa.

            Block says, “Are there any more?”

            He is laughing and Leo comes and punches him and keeps the punches going and Block holds his hand and picks him again and throws him out of the building.

            Maverick then sees Mr. R and says, “I kind of feel bad for you, hero, but I also didn’t know your heroics would end now.”

            He points a gun at Mr. R’s face and says, “Bye bye.”

            Just then an explosion takes place under the building and the whole remaining building comes down.

            Maverick gets out with his team and he says, “Who did that?”

            JSF come out and says, “Ya, who did that?”

            Mr. R looks on and he sees White Dragon with a missile launcher and he says, “Saved your butt.”

            Mr. R then sees that Phoenix had left.

            They all reach the base injured.


            Tanya says, “If Chang wants to help, why he is doing it so indirectly?”

            Rihaan says, “No clue, but he did come on the right time or else one of us would be dead.”

            Raghu says, “Right, boss…”

            Danny says, “So they have five members in short, three mercenaries, expert not to forget, a cat monster and a steroid filled wrestler.”

            Rihaan says, “Damn right, son!!!”

            Tanya sees via cameras and she says, “Guys, look!!!”

            Rihaan says, “Is that…”

            Danny says, “Who is he?”

            Rihaan says, “He is, Mr. Singhal, Devraj’s manager, and what is he doing here?”

            Tanya says, “What I heard was he was fired from his job…”

            Rihaan says, “Who is he with?”

            Melisa looks closer and says, “I recognize him, it is Ford.”           

            Rihaan says, “Why I feel, there is one more gang being formed.”

            Tanya says, “I hope not.”

            Danny says, “It is the age of villains.”




MR.R –


            Rihaan was worried that a second gang was formed as when they saw Mr. Singhal and Ford together.

            Rihaan says, “This is just great, now, one more gang.”

            Danny says, “Why not we finish it before it get started, huh, arrest Singhal and kill Ford.”

            Melisa says, “What do you mean kill?”

            Danny says, “Killing meaning, burn him down.”

            Melisa says, “You guys are actually going to kill my brother.”

            Danny looks at others and says, “YA.”

            Melisa says, “That is cruel.”

            She leaves and Danny runs behind her and she says, “You know, what if I was there on his place?”

            Danny says, “Listen, he is a villain now, a bad guy, we have to stop him.”

            Melisa says, “Then weaken him and not kill him.”

            She leaves from the base.

            Danny goes to others and says, “Was there something wrong I said!!!”

            Rihaan then gets the location from where the images were taken and he reaches the location as Mr. R.

            He then sees Ford and Singhal talking and he opens the window and Singhal sees this and removes a shotgun and fires it and Mr. R dodges it, Ford then fires lasers at Mr. R and however he escapes.

            Ford goes behind and Mr. Singhal stops and says, “Let someone else handle him.”

            Mr. R reaches his bike and a voice says, “Are you Mr. R?”

            He sees a girl in skirt and top and says, “I am trying to leave, kid, please, can I go?”

            The girl says, “You ignored me, TEDDY!!!”

            Mr. R tries to leave and he hears some sound and suddenly he gets hit by something and he falls at a distance and he says, “What was that?”

            He gets back up and sees a Teddy Bear shaped android and the girl says, “I am Dolly and this is Teddy, my best friend, he is here to protect me and hurt you.

            Mr. R says, “Damn!!!”

            He then kicked by someone and Mr. Singhal is the one there and he says, “And yes, I am Mr. Perfect.”

            The four of them surround Mr. R and Teddy comes at him and he dodges some punches and hits Teddy with a punch and then hits him with some knives.

            Teddy then punches back and Mr. R falls and Ford fires some lasers at him and Mr. R throws some mini bombs and escapes.


            Rihaan however reaches home and meets Tanya.

            Next day at the base, Rihaan is seen resting and Danny comes and says, “What happened to you?”

            Rihaan says, “I went to that location yesterday night and met Singhal and Ford and someone was there else too.”

            Danny says, “Someone else, who?”

            Rihaan says, “A girl and her teddy android.”

            Danny laughs and says, “What? Are you serious; were there pink pony brigade too?”

            Rihaan says, “I am serious, Danny. I saw them and they are part of Singhal’s team.”

            Danny is still laughing and says, “Okay, if you say so.”

            Mr. Perfect at his base says, “Dolly and Teddy have did a great job I should say, beating Mr. R isn’t easy, my former boss couldn’t.”

            Ford says, “What was the reason you were fired?”

            Mr. Perfect says, “The serum that was inside my boss’s body, that was wanted by someone and he gave me money for it to bring it and I was successful in getting it but the boss caught me while I was leaving and he told me to leave and the people who told me get the blood weren’t happy and I mixed poison in their drinks and killed them and took their money and came here to start a gang.”

            Dolly says, “That is bad, boss…”

            Mr. Perfect says, “Dolly, attack Rihaan’s son, Danny, let him have a test of Teddy.”

            Dolly looks at Teddy and she says, “Sure.”

            Danny is at a pub waiting for Melisa and she doesn’t arrive and just then a girl comes and sits on his table and she says, “Am I disturbing you, I am waiting for someone…”

            Danny says, “Ya, sure… Can I get you a drink?”

            The girl smiles and says, “I don’t drink, I am 16.”

            Danny says, “Ya, right, who you are waiting for?”

            The girl says, “A close friend.”

            Danny looks around and he sees a huge teddy bear like android coming at him and he says, “A girl and a teddy, Rihaan was right, (looks at the girl), is that Teddy yours?”

            The girl kicks him and Teddy comes and punches him and he falls inside the bar counter and she says, “Yes, it is mine, I am Dolly.”


            Raptor comes out of the counter in wooden body and attacks Teddy.

            Raptor turns his hands to sword like and attacks Teddy and gives him various cuts on his body.

            Raptor then jumps and punches Teddy and Dolly jumps on Teddy’s back and punches Raptor and she says, “How dare you punch my Teddy?”

            She slaps him and for the finale, Teddy throws a whole table at Raptor and they leave from there.

            Danny arrives home all injured and Rihaan sees him and Danny says, “Yes, you were right, the girl and the Teddy exist and how do I know, because they attacked me.”

            Tanya comes and says, “Dolly Sinha, her father was a famous toy maker and used to make toys and one day her father made a Teddy android a small one, when her father died when she was 15, in the next some months, she made a real android and that killed many people and after the police destroyed it, she kept the system that worked Teddy to live and took it with her and was kept in a mental asylum for a while when someone brought her out.”

            Danny says, “And that someone is Mr. Singhal.”

            After some days, there is a robbery in the City and Leo and Mr. R arrive there and they see it is Dolly and Teddy.

            Teddy then attacks both of them and Leo scratches him with his claws and Dolly get angry and attacks Leo.

            Mr. R sees this and goes at Teddy and they have a fight again and Mr. R sees some lose wires and he ties Teddy with it and electrocutes him and Teddy still lives and he attacks Mr. R.

            Mr. R gets up and Leo comes at him and just then, Black Rose comes and hits Teddy with the Browning Gun and keeps on firing and as she stops, Teddy gets back up and takes Dolly away.

            Leo says, “Can we call that a win?”

            Mr. R says, “Ya, we can.”


            Roy is at his base and looks on the news of Dolly and Teddy and he says, “A new gang, huh, too much competition to rule over the City and kill JSF.”


            Tanya is at her house and she sees Danny calling Melisa on her phone.

            Danny tries to talk but Melisa hangs up and Tanya says, “She didn’t talk, huh!!”

            She leaves Danny’s room and he calls her back and says, “I wanted to ask something, when you and Rihaan were fighting Diablo, who was your brother, did it feel weird when you killed him?”

            Tanya says, “For a while it did, but when I remember what he did with my family, I feel I made a good decision helping Rihaan.”

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