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            At a certain evening, there is the City bank anniversary and Rihaan and Ujwal Naik are called as special guests.


            Outside, a car comes and the person inside says, “Let the plan begin.”

            Some men get down from the car and they kill the police officers guarding the bank and the person gets down from the car and has a machine gun in his hand.

            He enters the bank and when Ujwal Naik is about to talk his speech, there is a firing.

            The person comes and people start whispering and Ujwal Naik says, “What and who are you?”

            The person then makes some noises and he says, “I am Ape, yes, I look like a monkey but I can shoot and kill people, I am here to rob this bank.”

            Ujwal Naik calls the officers and the Ape’s men bring the dead officers inside and Rihaan leaves from there.

            Ape says, “I know you wouldn’t take me seriously, officer, so I killed them and made an example out of them, so where is the money?”


            A voice comes then, “What will do with the money, buy bananas?”

            Ape looks and it is Mr. R and he says, “Put the guns down and get arrested.”

            Ape says, “Arrested, where will take me, to that facility called, Fort, huh, I guess you know, you were the one who escaped a criminal from there.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “That is true.”

            Mr. R says, “I did that because I wanted to save someone’s life.”

            The men attack Mr. R and he fights them and Ape comes and kicks him with monkey legs and they then have fight.

            Ape then removes handguns and fires at Mr. R and Mr. R removes a knife and hits Ape.

            Ape then gets injured and goes away.

            Mr. R then sees Ujwal Naik and leaves from there.


            At night,

 Ujwal Naik goes on his terrace and Mr. R is there and he says, “Was waiting for you here, thought you wouldn’t show up.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Why did you help Roy escape, he betrayed his own friend and joined Apocalypse.”

            Mr. R says, “That betrayal has hurt me the most, officer. I thought he died when I left him and he came back and now he has formed a new gang called Phoenix and.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “And?”

            Mr. R says, “There is one more gang formed somewhere, by Ford and Singhal. Just be aware.”

            Ujwal Naik looks back and he was gone and says, “That had to happen.”


            Ape then is at his small hideout and Mr. Perfect comes and says, “Can I help?”

            Ape says, “Who are you?”

            Mr. Perfect says, “I am your new friend who has a mutual enemy.”

            Ape says, “Mr. R.”

            Mr. Perfect says, “Yes.”

            Ape says, “I will tell you if I need some help…”

            Dolly is with Mr. Perfect and Dolly says, “Will the monkey be part of our team?’

            Mr. Perfect says, “He has to decide.”

            Ape then makes a new plan on robbing Kumar Malls.


            Danny is at the house and he still calling Melisa to forgive him and she just ignores his calls and messages and Tanya sees this and Rihaan comes and says, “She hasn’t called?”

            Tanya says, “No, she hasn’t, I remember our age when we there, newly in relationship and then were kidnapped and came back and our love blossomed.”

            Rihaan says, “Except you freaked out when you came to know I was Mr. R.”

            Tanya says, “Of course, what would be a girlfriend’s reaction when she comes to know her boyfriend is a superhero.”

            Rihaan smiles and leaves from home to Kumar Enterprises.


            When he is on road and he gets a call from Raghu and Rihaan tells him he will there in sometime and he stops the car and sees a person covered in hood has fallen on the road and Rihaan stops the car and goes and sees it and he is shocked.

            Some men come and point guns at him and the person in hood is Ape and he says, “Rihaan Kumar, the millionaire, you will help us robbing your own malls.”

            Rihaan says, “Why you think that?”

            Ape shows him video of Rihaan’s family.

            Rihaan says, “Alright.”

            As he is taken to the car,  Rihaan slowly texts his family, ‘Watch out.’


            They reach Kumar Enterprises and Malls and Rihaan takes them inside using the security codes and they hack inside the cameras and Ape starts firing all around and he lockdowns the Malls.

            Ape says, “Handover all the money…”

            Rihaan says, “You know, every villain has a story, what is yours?”

            Ape says, “As a human, I was a gangster, very intelligent and smart, my real name was Jogiya, but call it bad luck, I was injured in a police shootout and an animal scientist helped me and she put me inside a monkey’s body and now I feel strong.”


            Just then, one by one the men of Ape are killed using ninja weapons and he says, “Who did this?”

            Rihaan says, “I don’t know, wait a sec, may be, may be, JSF.”

            Ape goes with some men and when one of the men comes back he sees Rihaan had gone.

            Ape comes down and sees someone with the money bags and says, “Who is that?”

            It is Black Rose and she says, “Get arrested, monkey, now!!!”

            Ape starts shooting at her and she dodges the bullets and she starts a fight with Ape.

            Ape then beats Rose using his jumping and tail attacks and removes a handgun and says, “What now?”

            Rose says, “Look there.” 

            Ape looks and it is Mr. R and he says, “Ape, forgot me.”

            Mr. R kicks Ape and he says, “You attacked Rihaan’s family, I took care of it, now your turn.”


            They have a small fight and Ape gets beaten badly.

            Just then a wall breaks down of the mall and Teddy comes and Dolly is with him and she says, “Hey, guys!!! Can we play?”

            Ape goes at Dolly and Teddy goes at Mr. R and Rose and fights them.


            After sometime, Teddy leaves from there with Dolly and Ape.

            Mr. R says, “Great, Mr. Perfect has one more member in their team.”


            Ape is inside a car with Mr. Perfect and Dolly and Mr. Perfect says, “If you had listened to me the first time, this wouldn’t have happened.”

            Dolly says, “Don’t you know, Rihaan and Mr. R is the same person!!!”

            Ape says, “I didn’t know that and I would like to be on your team.”

            Mr. Perfect says, “Call it THE AUTHORITY, Ape.”

            Mr. Perfect says, “We have one more place to go.”

            Dolly and Ape see it is a lab and Ape says, “What is here?”

            Mr. Perfect says, “An old friend stays here, he likes to play with insects.”





              Mr. Perfect then reaches a small shed and Dolly says, “Mr. Perfect, this guys you said, does he really like insects?”

            Mr. Perfect says, “Yes, he does. His name is, Vardhaan aka, Hive.”

            They go inside the shed and they see various insects everywhere and just then a mountain of ants comes and the ants start going off and a voice comes saying, “Hello, everyone, I am Hive.”

            Ape says, “Mr. Perfect did tell us.”

            Hive says, “Thank you, your kindness is overwhelming for me.”

            Dolly sees bees flying at her and Hive says, “Don’t kill them; bees, they are unique creatures like these ants, working in unity.”

            Mr. Perfect says, “Hive, so you are taking our proposal of joining us.”

            Hive says, “With pleasure.”

            Hive then goes and ants and bees follow him.

            Ape says, “What is his story?”

            Mr. Perfect says, “He worked at a farm where ants, bees and other insects were tested and one day he found a way to control them using a device and when he showed it to his seniors, they didn’t take it seriously and so he killed them using red ants and poisonous bees.”

            Ape says, “Cruel, but we all like cruel here.”

            Mr. Perfect says, “That we do.”

            Mr. Perfect then says, “We have one more member and then we are good to go.”


            At JSF base,

Rihaan is looking at Mr. Perfect’s profile and he says, “He made a fool out of Devraj and his company, he was a corrupt and a bad person.”

            Saina says, “He did swindle lots of money.”

            Tanya then says, “Guys, I have a location on Mr. Perfect.”

            They see a huge car and she says, “The cameras show, four people, Mr. Perfect, Ape, Dolly and some other person is there, they are headed to the City’s rehab facility.”

            Rihaan says, “Gear up, let us fight them.”


            After sometime, Mr. Perfect’s car is stopped at the door and he says, “What happened?”

            Just then a voice comes, “You are not welcome here, Mr. Perfect.”

            Mr. Perfect looks and it is Mr. R there and Ape says, “Made a big mistake, hero, coming alone.”

            Mr. R says, “Who said, I am alone, monkey!!”

            Ape says, “I hate when you call me that.”

            Just then Leo and Raptor show up.

            Just then, a mountain of red ants show up and from that, Hive comes out and he says, “So, you are Mr. R and you must be the great JSF.”

            Leo says, “Who are you, insect boy?”

            Hive says, “I am Hive, your death.”

            Hive then sends ants at them and Raptor sees a water tank and he cuts the steel bars holding it and says, “Watch out.”

            The water falls on the ants and Hive gets furious and he send bees at them and they try attacking JSF.

            Mr. Perfect sees this and sends Ape inside to bring him out.

            Ape goes in but is stopped by Black Rose.

            Ape and Black Rose have a hand combat first and then they have a weapon fight.

            Raptor dodges the bees and kicks Hive and Dolly sees this and attacks Raptor and he says, “Hey, babe, where is your Teddy, huh?”

            Dolly says, “First face me, Teddy is my toy.”

            Mr. R sees Mr. Perfect and he goes at him and he removes his cane stick and he has a fight with him.

            Hive then calls his bees back and they attack Mr. R but he dodges them and some bees bit him.

            Hive then raises another mountain of ants and he comes at Mr. R, Leo comes and kicks Hive and uses a bear hug attack and tries squeezing Hive.

            Hive then calls mosquitoes and gets rid of Leo.


            Inside the facility, Ape and Rose are fighting and Ape beats Rose badly and he says, “See, a monkey beat you.”

            Ape goes in and goes inside a room and sees it is empty with some dead bodies and he calls Mr. Perfect and says, “He is not here.”

            Mr. Perfect calls his people and they leave from there.


            At the JSF base, Tanya sees bites of bees and mosquitoes and says, “This is not that serious, red ants would have killed you.”

            Rihaan says, “Who were they searching for?”

            Tanya says, “Don’t know.”

            Danny says, “They have a hell of a gang though.”

            Saina says, “A leader, a monkey, an alien, a person who controls insects and idiotic girl who loves her teddy android.”

            Danny says, “I do that everytime.”


            At Mr. Perfect’s base, he says, “We all are here so that we can rule the City and kill JSF. We are the best.”

            Ford says, “We didn’t what we got today…” 

            Mr. Perfect says, “That is right.”


            Just then a video clip comes at their computers and it is the Phoenix leader, Maverick and he says, “Hello, Authority, looks like you have created a gang for yourself, see, we are also here and we don’t want any problems, I suppose, JSF is enough for us, so don’t get in between. Alright, bye, bye, and yes, we have also didn’t attack the rehab facility.”

            Dolly says, “He is rude.”

            Hive says, “I suppose there is a competition in villains now too.”

            Mr. Perfect says, “We don’t have him, where did he go, did he escape?”


            At the Rehab Facility, Ujwal Naik arrives and officers there say, “Sir, three dead bodies and they were killed this afternoon.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Who was here?”

            The officer says, “Sir, (looks at the papers), Manav Ghai, aka Gamer.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Who must he have join, Phoenix or Authority?”


            Gamer is at his old shed and he is programming some stuff and he looks at his androids and says, “Some more time, you all will be ready.”

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