Waiting ...

By GOLAKAR in Poems » Short
Updated 20:23 IST Apr 09, 2017

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two souls trapped in vacuum


to capture peace and protest

in songs;

scavenging memorabilia from a fallow struggle

just waiting,

for the music to end. . .


everyone awaits the rainbow

all that is to life is waiting

for one thing after another


living at best becomes 


of our own difficile dreams

and fears;

another day wither away

in waiting,

for the music to end. . .


holding you inch by inch

I breath fresh air on rent

trapped, struggling, debilitated

waiting for the music to end. . .

                                                                                                                                  time tides straight into infinity                                          

time keeps coming back

in circles;

generation after generation

only wait,

for the music to end. . .

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