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Updated 08:43 IST Jan 11, 2020

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When you aren't happy and you cannot express it..it's horrible

There aren't any responsibilities upon you yet you have to shoulder somebody else's responsibility just for the word of mouth. 

When you die inside everyday and have become like a live corpse yet you are living 

When your efforts don't bear any fruits 

And your prayers have become so ineffective that you don't think any miracle will ever happen again

When you're free in actual life yet you are caught up due to work place responsibility that will Never ever bear any fruit yet God only knows what karma debt you are paying. 

It's bad... it's so bad that you are sorry for yourself... 

You're at your worst of emotional state when you know you will be orphaned on a certain day not by your parents but others...

Life never was so bad and it was never so dependent on anybody else as it is now. 

On sharing stuff with friends they say Resign but it's difficult because you're Trapped.. 

When you can see time fleeting and no growth you feel so terrible..

you can't leave and you don't want to stay yet like a living corpse you wake up and go the next day 

The salary is of course not at all the reason nor is the job profile but some old eyes waiting to see you and some new hearts beating to see you..... 

I'm into tears writing this... 






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