Tip and Top

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This story is an outcome of another Story Building Activity that was conducted for kids between 5 and 6 years of age. With two grown ups. 


Ms. Rupal (GROWN UP): Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived 2 friends, Tip and Top.

Vansh: One day they were playing on the see-saw.

Yuvraj: They went to eat ice-cream.

Vidhi K: Then they went to play the slide.

Mihika: They fell down from the slide and the staircase broke and Tip got hurt. Top said you stay in the house and I’ll build a new slide.

Rhea: Tip said there’s a problem.

Aarna: He said he didn’t know how to build a slide.

Arjun: Top found some wood and started to build it.

Serrah: Top put a new staircase on the slide. Tip was in the house and waiting for the new slide to finish.

Vivaan: Tip got better and then she went down and saw her new slide. Top was sliding and he also fell down. Top went to bed and Tip didn’t know how to make a slide so she asked Top how to make a slide.

Kashvi: Top finally got up from the bed and came down. Top showed Tip how to build the slide. Top said take one wood and build up the slide again and then we’ll play.

Sonia (GROWN UP): Tip and Top were playing in the park on the slide and two new big kids came there and said move from here, this is our slide.

Kiara: They went to their house and built another slide there and started playing.

Vidhi S: They were happy and they played together.

Ridhima: Mommy came and said it’s food time, stop playing and come to eat. They started crying and she said play for some time more.

Ms. Rupal (GROWN UP): Mom had prepared yummy food. They all ate and after lunch went to sleep.

Vansh: They got up and they again played on the slide.

Yuvraj: It was night time and they ate and went to sleep. The big boys came and broke their slide and went back home. Tip and Top woke up and were crying.

Vidhi K: They made one more new see-saw in their house.

Mihika: When they were playing one boy came and said don’t play here this is become our see-saw. We broke your slide and the garden is closed and we can’t play there anymore. Top said can you build a new one in your house.

Mumma came out and shouted at the boys and took Tip and Top home.

Rhea: Then the big boys were not playing. They left from there.

Aarna: Then the big boys were crying.

Arjun: Then the big boys’ brother came.

Serrah: Tip and Top made a swing, a see-saw and a slide. When they were sleeping the bullies and their brother came and broke it all.

Vivaan: Next morning they both were crying again.

Sonia (GROWN UP): Tip and Top went to meet the bullies and their brother with their mumma. Their mumma said to the bullies’ mumma that all the children must play together. It’s not right for them to fight. The bullies’ mumma agreed and said she’s sorry.

Kiara: They went back to their house and built a new swing, slide and see-saw.

Vidhi S: They all became friends and played together.

Ridhima: They played every day nicely and there was no breaking and fighting. They were best friends now.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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