Indian Woman

By Vijayalakshmi S Shenoy in Poems » Short
Updated 00:25 IST Sep 03, 2016

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In this land I'm Durga Kali Saraswati

Where, i live in austerity 

Whenever i raise my voice,

 they shut my mouth and, 

When I'm silent they stab me from back.

I wear bangles, for they show my power, 

I've rounds of vermallion on my forehead,

For they show my courage.

I'm a woman who un-mould's the clay 

and finds in it life  and 

Who toils for colourful todays and tomorrows.

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Kalamwali 03-Sep-2016 08:28


Vijayalakshmi S Shenoy 14-Sep-2016 21:25

Thank you Ma'am

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