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By Meenu Goel in Beauty, Fashion & Trends
Updated 14:17 IST Sep 02, 2016

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I am an absolute shimmer and sequins girl! My closet is full of gold and sequinned accessories, footwear as well as clothing. Every time I’m shopping, I find myself inadvertently drawn to shimmery things. That also includes stationery and home décor. It is my biggest weakness and inspiration! I am of the opinion that shimmer can enhance absolutely any look. For those who find the trend too loud, accessories are the perfect option to begin with. A simple outfit can be jazzed up and how with gold accessories! From a sequinned dress for a night out to a denim shirt with a sequinned skirt for a brunch, I could wear shine and shimmer day in and day out.

My moodboard is a compilation of all things shimmery and shiny. My first memory of falling in love with gold is courtesy Wonder Woman. I’ve added pictures of sequinned clothes from dresses to pants to jumpers, skirts and jackets. When it comes to accessories, I’ve included shimmer heels, clutches, bangles and even swarovski watches. Inspiration is not restricted to these elements alone; I’ve also added pictures of how shimmer and shine have made their way into makeup from shimmer lips to nails and hair. A picture of a gold wallpaper shows us how home décor can be made jazzy. What’s a party without some shine to add glitz and glamour. I’ve also added pictures of a shiny disco ball and a Gatsby theme party full of. A picture of a lit-up gorgeous evening view of Taiwan is undeniably full of shine. Another element of inspiration in my collection is a glass of sparkling champagne!

Contrary to popular belief, shimmer and sequins have now come a long way from just gold and silver. My collection includes shimmer in colours like purple, blue, red and even green. At the centre of my moodboard, I’ve attached a mirror to portray my biggest inspiration – oneself! Nothing shines brighter than a happy person!


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