• Jayasri | 29-Aug-2016
    "That's the thing about pain. It demands to be felt." Beautifully said right? We live our lives in the way we like. But at times sadness hits us and we begin to realize that living has turned into surviving. And surviving is a lot different from living. Maybe we are destined to be hit by sorrows and that's when life teaches us who we are really. You get to know the real meaning of life when it gets tougher. You get to know what fighting is. All I would say is please do not trust time and wait for it to heal the wounds your pain has speared into your heart. Time actually doesn't heal. It teaches us to live with pain. And every pain changes you into another person. As long as you live in a blissful piazza of happiness, you wouldn't know how to trip on the floors drenched with sadness. As long as you don't feel pain, you wouldn't learn to enjoy the painless life you've been gifted. Trust me dear, everything happens for a reason. And every reason has got its own origin. You'll have to either get up again and show
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  • Jayasri | 08-Sep-2016
    I'm no prey to the fire of fading attractions. Rather I'm the fire itself burning down such destructive distractions.
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  • A solivagant thought
    Jayasri | 02-Oct-2016
    Beneath the dry maple leaves is my treasury.  Days after it is going to be lost in some infinity Oblivion is going to engulf it a while later But obsession will still reside in the empty corner inside I doubt if some powerful soul can fill up the space  But a scintilla of ignorance resides somewhere, reminding me that it could never be someone else...
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  • The Tranquil Death
    Jayasri | 27-May-2017
    With every spark, the doom day neared. Little do we all know that both the souls are craving to impart with each other. But destiny has got something else in wait for them. Deep down they know the truth. While ego and prejudice survive headstrong, Love has surely got no place but the grave.
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  • Forgotten
    Jayasri | 27-May-2017
    The forgotten responsibilities put on me an unjust blame While the words I kept to myself are thringing my soul into the burning flame. At times the broken throbbing thing in my chest weighs heavy But when it verges on to reconcile, the woes build around it a hard levee And that's when the tea retaining cheeks appear out of nowhere  While all I know is that you forgot your responsibilities somewhere. Things are meant to be forgotten is what you say But those are what I bother like a potter does for his clay Ignoring my brain, the trust on you somehow survives Maybe that's why it gets broken every time my sinful belief thrives. Somewhere between him and her you forgot the biggest responsibility The one which you had on me that I never thought was a possibility And now I only have this pen and paper  To console myself and turn my tears into vapor...
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