It's all about standing up again!

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Updated 21:09 IST Aug 29, 2016

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"That's the thing about pain. It demands to be felt." Beautifully said right? We live our lives in the way we like. But at times sadness hits us and we begin to realize that living has turned into surviving. And surviving is a lot different from living. Maybe we are destined to be hit by sorrows and that's when life teaches us who we are really. You get to know the real meaning of life when it gets tougher. You get to know what fighting is. All I would say is please do not trust time and wait for it to heal the wounds your pain has speared into your heart. Time actually doesn't heal. It teaches us to live with pain. And every pain changes you into another person. As long as you live in a blissful piazza of happiness, you wouldn't know how to trip on the floors drenched with sadness. As long as you don't feel pain, you wouldn't learn to enjoy the painless life you've been gifted. Trust me dear, everything happens for a reason. And every reason has got its own origin. You'll have to either get up again and show people that you can walk through the drenched floor or be trapped in the cell of solitary seclusion that the floor has got for the ones who don't try to stand up again. The choice is yours. 

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Kalamwali 29-Aug-2016 20:53

Beautifully expressed! I agree. What pain teaches, comfort doesn't! And you have a lovely voice!

Jayasri 29-Aug-2016 21:01

Thank you :)

SWEH 01-Sep-2016 12:26

"Trust me dear, everything happens for a reason. And every reason has got its own origin" stamped ma heart

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