Time is 'Teching'

By Vijayalakshmi S Shenoy in Poems » Short
Updated 19:23 IST Aug 30, 2016

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Time is 'Teching'!!

Memories, are those mornings when

We rise to the twittering of birds

Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Notifies the Twitter bird now.

Memories, are those days when

Students faced their books

Blink, blink, blink-

OMG they’re on Facebook!

Gone are the days we spoke,

To loved ones, now on our own

We just have our laptops

Our tabs and our phones.

But time is costlier

Than all of these combined

So tap your gadgets, turn them off

Its time to live your life.


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Kalamwali 30-Aug-2016 20:04

Simply love this one! I miss the pre-technology days immensely!

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