The perfect mistake

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Sara was a charming twenty-one years young lady who recently stepped into her newly wedded life. Couple of months into this wedlock, she was still trying to adjust to the new life. It was a novel experience for her, from changing homes to cities to friends and now families. Everything was different.

Since she was young, she fitted herself very easily into her new space. Rahul, her husband worked with the Indian navy, because of which he had to shift his home base near the port. He had left his family soon after he joined work. His parents lived in a city which was three hours away from his.  

He was used to living alone many months of the year while the other months he sailed to far off places. He took good care of Sara now that he had her around. He made her feel very comfortable in his world. Clubbing, dinners, movies had filled their days. They even did groceries together. She remembered their honeymoon to snowcapped mountains in the Swiss. That one week had really bought them close to each other.

Rahul had to leave for the ship in a week’s time and he felt very jittery. His job wasn’t new! This wasn’t the reason; he was low since it was the first time he would be leaving Sara alone after their marriage. They knew this time would come. She was prepared for the same since long before. They wanted to make the most of their time together on land. Though Rahul was given a choice of bringing his family along on the ship, she was the one who refused it. She had major seasickness, so she preffered staying back and waiting for his return.

Sara’s mother-in-law insisted on sending her own house help to stay with them meanwhile. She thought it would be of great help to her and also she won’t be left alone all day. Sara didn’t want to burden her in-laws at this age or stress them with finding a new one. Even after a lot of resistance from Sara, her in-laws sent off their live-in help to her house.

Maya was an attractive young lady. Her mother had worked for Rahul’s parents for a long time and now she sent her daughter to help around. She was way too pretty to be a house help believed Sara. Maya was barely a few years older than Sara. She was married and divorced at a very early age. Having no kids yet and no intentions to get married again she preferred helping her mother at odd jobs.

She immediately accepted the proposal of staying in the metro with the new couple as this would also bring some freshness in her life. She was looking forward to a good change. She was very caring by nature, but she had a mind of her own. She knew when to speak up for herself or for what she believed in.

Rahul had left two days before Maya joined work. She helped Sara with whatever she was asked to. Initially, there was a lot of hesitance since Sara was used to doing things for herself in her own ways. She took her along for groceries and other small errands. Sara realized how her life got boring and dull without Rahul. There wasn’t much she liked to do alone. They didn’t have too many friends either. She tried to look for classes to keep her busy and new things to learn.

After a month passed, Maya became very involved with the house chores. They spent the whole day together. Sara found a friend in Maya. They weren’t too apart in age and that’s why they could communicate well. Sara helped her overcome her failed marriage and look at life with a new perspective. She brought meaning to Maya’s existence. And vice versa Maya kept Sara company in a lot of things now. They sometimes even went movies together. Sara didn’t treat her like a maid but respected her for her inputs towards their house.

When Rahul returned from the ship, he saw how comfortable Sara had gotten by now and he thanked his parents for sending help over to them. Maya did most of the housework and she let them spend a lot of time together. She was a blessing to their family. This went on for few years until Maya’s parents found a new proposal for her. They wanted their daughter to settle once again in her life. Maya didn’t find the need to since she was happy here in her space. She didn’t want to lose her freedom to another man who she didn’t even know. Her past marriage had inflicted fear which was still deeply hidden inside.

After a year of coaxing their daughter, she agreed and gave in to her parent's demands. It was five years now that Rahul and Sara had had Maya with them. Sara and Rahul were waiting for a change in Rahul’s job profile to start a family of their own. They still had a year until they could plan a baby. Maya had always told them she would be around to help them whenever they have a baby but it didn’t look so. Fate had other plans.

Maya packed her bags and collected her belongings with a heavy heart. It was time for her to leave. She had a day left in this house. She wanted to return but didn’t want to make any promises she knew she wouldn’t be able to keep. She had made Sara’s life very easy and comfortable. She knew all her needs before they were asked for. She knew her moods and how to help her overcome the bad ones.

She knew somewhere this day would come but she was never prepared for it. Sara lay in her room that evening. She was very elated for Maya but deep down she knew she would miss this bond that they shared more like friends now.

She always wanted Maya to have someone who could truly love her and appreciate her beauty and did justice to her being. She was lost deep in thought. Rahul still had a month for his return while Maya was leaving the next day. She had excruciating pain in her upper back that day. She thought she may have twisted in a wrong way and pulled a nerve at the yoga class but she even knew the pain actually increased because of her intense emotions. She reached out for a balm when suddenly Maya knocked at her door. She had seen her through pain many times before too. She had always been around her, helping with ointments and medicines when in need. She now immediately offered to apply the balm on her back. Sara was very grateful. She undressed her top and lay on her stomach. This was the comfort level they shared.

Today, Sara’s naked back also felt so lifeless and gloomy. She has a tear running down her eye. She didn’t want to make it obvious and looked away. Maya could see through her emotions. She also felt the same. She rubbed her back gently. From her neck to her low back she massaged her flawless skin. Sara loved her touch. It felt different today. Slowly Sara held Maya’s hand as if to say don’t go! She turned around to Maya, still naked. They looked into each other’s eyes with deep fondness and regret of letting each other go. They gently held hands. There was an adrenaline rush, a feeling of calm and excitement. The distance between them grew smaller. They cuddled and a moment sparked where they shared a gentle kiss. It was a very petite mesmerizing lip lock that didn’t last long but the intensity of their closeness was electric. This had never happened before or even in their wildest dreams either of them had thought of. The expression of love and friendship that was ending had got their hearts melted. This felt very unrealistic to them but right. They didn’t want to speak and wreck that moment with any words. They didn’t understand whether it was a deliberate action of their hormones or a beautiful mistake. Both of them left it to the latter.

Sara quickly pulled her jersey while Maya got back around to the kitchen. That night neither of them spoke of what happened a few hours ago. They didn’t want to label anything or apologize for what felt natural to them.

The next morning Maya picked her bags to leave. She looked at Sara and smiled and told her she would never ever forget a minute spent in here. Maya thanked her for being there for her through all these years and wished her luck. She asked her to see her sometime in future but both knew that after last night it was best to stay in their own paths and joyfully move-on.

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