Take Me Home

By Diyaa in Poems » Long
Updated 10:01 IST Feb 11, 2019

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I am not adrift nor am I lost 

I am done wandering 

But I still haven’t found that place 

The stillness in me now awaits


Take me home 

Take me there

Show me the place 

Where my soul would bare 


I know not true freedom

For I am chained in here 

Not from now but many lifetimes 

In my thoughts and mind I adhere


A wary traveller that I am

Makes me even more anxious 

My soul, eternal and unblemished

Exactly knows where it belongs 


To a place where my steps

don’t stumble back in fear 

But dance with leaps of joy 

And sing with joyful tears 


I miss my home I miss my source

where only bliss and happiness flow

A home with no walls of fear or anger 

Is what I search with all my might alone 


Take me home 

Take me there

I know the walk is long but

It sure is worth every step


The place where all will seem serene 

And joy gushes from inside out 

Where true freedom ultimately prevails 

And immense happiness sprouts


That’s when my soul will shine 

From the merging bright light 

I will then know for sure the place I call

‘My Home’ is where I will have arrived!



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