The Leader

By Aditya in Daily Musings
Updated 11:45 IST Jun 09, 2020

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Most decisions are either celebrated or ridiculed in retrospect..!

While nobody makes a conscious decision to fail, only a minuscule few are made with strong anticipation of success. Even then it is just a judgement call and not a sure shot prophecy of success. Much later such decisions are praised as visionary, rest are criticised. But as I said the jury assessment happens much later, with the comfort and cushioning of data and other historical evidence.

As Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw said, “For someone to be a good leader, the key is to take a decision and then accept full responsibility for it. An incorrect decision can be corrected, indecision cannot be..!”

What separates, rather elevates a person from the stature of an analyst to that of a leader is this little intangible ability to make a decision, at the point when it matters, despite the analyst’s best effort to paralyse the process with conflicting data.

Look around, do you see analysts masquerading as leaders or do you see someone worthy of being on that pedestal? If you see one in your house, or society or office or state or country, then it is a matter of great relief. Support the leader by being constructive, there is no dearth of fence sitting commentators.    

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