The Blue Car!

By Manali Jobanputra in Poems » Short
Updated 11:38 IST Apr 04, 2018

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It was a beautiful Saturday,

When I first met this pretty boy,

I was the morning cliché,

He was agog and full of joy.


I kept fazing from afar,

My cheeks turning blush,

Soon he left in his blue car,

I stood there, feeling the happy gush.


I was amazed at my emotions,

A stranger just made my day?

My insides in total commotion,

How did I go from Duh! to YAY?


We rendezvoused more frequent,

And each time, I’d be happier than before,

Our relationship came to cement,

But me; Insatiable evermore.


I quickly run up to my window,

Each time I hear a car pass by,

It ain’t him, I hope it were though,

And I stand there, gazing into the sky.


My heart skips a beat,

A blue car each time I see,

I can’t help but peep at the seat,

Hoping to see my bundle of glee.


He is my happiness ka pitara,

My 4 year old amigo,

Meri aankho ka taara,

Who can instantly make me glow.

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Aditya 04-Apr-2018 11:54

Nice one

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