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By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 03:19 IST Mar 25, 2018

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I am equally appalled as much as I am surprised by the absolutely unaware global population and the unrealistic image they hold of India. So here, let me debunk a few for you! My fellow Indians, add up in the comments if I miss something out 😉


First things first (because I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing this) – Wow, how do you speak English so well?

Well, because English is the OFFICIAL language, along with Hindi. Almost about everyone in India speaks English and its NO BIG DEAL. For a lot of us, the Medium of instruction, throughout our education was English. So stop with the gawking, and eyes popping when you hear us fluently converse in English. 




Next ! ( This level of unawareness makes me wonder how developed are the GENIUS MINDS asking this) – Do you have ELECTRICITY? 

Are you kidding me? Like come on GENIUS! YES, we obviously do have electricity, laptops, TV’s, Cellphones and all of that. Yes, we do watch Daily soaps and movies, haven’t ya heard of BOLLYWOOD? 




Oh! this question is my favorite! – Oh, you like spicy food? Really? 

Like DUH!  Indians LOVE spicy food! No matter how much it may burn our tongues, we’d still 
” Bhaiya, aur teekha banao” with paani puris and “Aree, Mirchi ghe na” with Vadapavs.  Yes, get help from our mutual friend google, if you don’t know Vadapav and Pani Puri. 




Ugh! I hate this one – OMG! You’re a vegetarian, you don’t eat meat? 

YES! I am a vegetarian, and NO its not a big deal. It is uncommon here to find vegetarian food, but in India, we have a HUGE and VAST variety of APPETIZING AND TASTY VEGETARIAN FOOD.  Yes I love it, and I am alive without eating meat, so chill yo!




This one’s new – A: What sport do you like? Me : Cricket……….. A : Whats that? Do you know football?

I literally want to strangle this person. :/  and, obviously. Indians play football, we aren’t ignorant people who play, watch and know only ONE game. 




The morons ask – What is it like to come from a third world country? 

Erm, well, third world country… ok.. at least I don’t have a third-class personality like you. Again a very Indian  thing, which your little brain will fail to understand.




Last but not the least, the racists – Are all of you dark skinned? 

Well ! Our skin maybe dark, but you mocking it, only shows how dark your soul is. We have pure white souls and clothes … RIN – Safedi ki chamkaan B-)



A genuine request, please stop asking such silly questions! You aren’t offending us but sure are making a fool of yourself and showing us what a moron you can be! Cheers!!!

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