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By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 17:16 IST Feb 28, 2017

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Maybe our girlfriends are our true soulmates and men are just people to have fun with. – Carrie Bradshaw

I’ve always been the girl who had more male friends than female. Of course the society had a lot of “Gyaan” to give me on those lines, but lets keep that for another post. :p
Today’s about my gal pals. I’ve had a very few gal pals like I said and those few are as precious as gems. But among them, there’s these “Three Divas” that I excessively adore.

Aditi, Aakanksha and Swarupini.

A few of you may know them, but for those who don’t, let me enlighten you’ll about these angels in disguise.

Aditi : She’s the crazy one filled with unending zeal. Supremely understanding, I could talk to her about  anything, sensible or not. She has some magical charm of spreading joy, which she effortlessly does all the time.

Aakanksha : She’s the Super Intelligent species, and the list of her talents is endless. She’s the one on whom I count for my motivational doses. She has a wonderful way with words and she keeps inspiring me to strive for excellence.

P. S – Excellence strives to please Aakanksha :p

Swarupini : She’s a doll, and THE fashionista. She’s the one I share  my extreme love for wonderful pieces of jewelry with. She has a big big heart and some magic jar of endless love that she keeps spreading around.

With them around, I’m a teenager again. The silly jokes, the random talks, midnight chats, crazy deals, desert binges, and the list goes on. They’re like my own little family, where I can be myself and I am accepted.
These ” Three Divas” have become a part of my life and each one of them is very precious to me.

I love you my gals :* Thank you, for being the wonderful souls you are!

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