Unparalleled Rendezvous !

By Manali Jobanputra in Experiences
Updated 10:42 IST Mar 01, 2017

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My dream came true, and this day 27.02.2017 is one of the  best day of my life and a very memorable one. Today is the beautiful day I met my love, Virat Kohli. It was just perfect, supercalifragilisticexipalidocious ! I am ecstatic and jubilant, and at the highest peak of happiness one can ever be. My heart was racing and my cheeks blushing with joy. I am short of words that can describe how I feel.


It had been my dream from a long long time to meet him, and finally it happened. After a long time of wait, staying 3 days in this hotel and numerous hours of waiting, it finally happened. I’ve seen a lot of long hours of wait and disappointment before this beautiful day, but I’d like to share just today’s story. So we had been waiting outside the gym for almost 4 hours, and then he finally came up there. When I saw him come, I was awe-struck, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I was trembling with joy, I had met other players and interacted with them, but this happiness was unmatched. We requested him for a photo and he very sweetly replied “Sure, just a minute.” He went to the changing room, kept his belongings and came out. As he came closer, I trembled even more, and my cheeks turned to the darkest shade of sanguine. He said “Give me, I’ll click it for you” (when your most adored idol says that, WOW !) and I handed over my phone to him, he gave the world’s most charmingly adorable smile and clicked not just 1, but 4 selfies. Wow, I felt higher than ecstatic.


He then returned my phone to me and I raised my hand holding the scroll and  said “Sir, this is a small poem I wrote for you”, he took it and looked right into my eyes and said “ Thank you so much”, I had tears of joy rolling out of my eyes. I could literally faint out of joy, it felt as though a gazillion butterflies danced in my stomach at that moment. I couldn’t contain my happiness, It was clearly visible to anyone who would see me. He then turned towards my friend, Autographed his board and appreciated it and clicked pictures with him too.  For the two of us, it was perfect. It felt like we were having a  private meet as there was no-one but Virat Kohli, us and his Security Manager.  It was PERFECT !



It’s one of the best memories I have and will always cherish it. I couldn’t ask for more, and nothing could be better than this.


P.S : The poem in the scroll was “The Vkian in me


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Ramanathan Shankara 18-Apr-2017 12:08

Not many sports personalities get an opportunity to meet their fans due to varied reasons.

You both are lucky in your own ways.

Cheers and god bless!

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