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Updated 22:38 IST Feb 26, 2017

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Lying in bed,
I still call your name.
Never had been a morning
Without you.
Nor the night ever complete.
Still longing for you to come.
Come and love me!
Love me again,
Like you did!
You always did.
Called me names,
Made me laugh,
With all your wit, you fought with me.
I cheered your win,
Though I lost.
Because for me, it was love that won,
In guise of you.
Love is a mystery.
The deeper you go,
More confused you are.
The unsolved mystery!
Even when gone,
It always stays.
within those smiles,
Along that walk,
In your eyes, it will reflect those scars.
Because love my friend,
Is not always meant to last.
It will make you feel beautiful, and also betrayed.
It will join the broken pieces, only to break that heart again.
It will bring darkness with sunshine.
Because love has it's own shades.
It is not perfect.
It is not heaven.
Not completely black, nor white.
Rainbow it is,
Comes for a while.
And there's nothing more
beautiful than it,
All that time.

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TheLostBronteSister 01-Mar-2017 05:32

This is a beautiful poem, we were running a hashtag for February called #kalamlove. The best entry with this hashtag will directly be considered for the book Best of kalamwali 2017. I am very sad to see this poem miss this opportunity. The # for March is #kalamequality. If you do write a piece that matches the theme, do tag your piece with #kalamequality for the same opportunity! Keep writing!

Raveena Warkad 05-Mar-2017 18:10

I did not know about the hashtag entries. I will try and write something for the march #kalamequality and Thank you so much for the appreciation, it has definitely motivated me 😊

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