Slow down a bit!!!

By Jyoti in Daily Musings
Updated 10:50 IST Mar 13, 2020

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In this fast-paced life, we are always running - sometimes away from certain things and sometimes towards certain things. Many a times we run on autopilot not even feeling the things we do. All this running in life ultimately takes a toll on our health. It took me many years and some not so good experiences to finally understand that I should stop running and reconsider my priorities. Our happiness is not in the material things but in the simple pleasures of life and at the end of the day peace of mind is of utmost importance. All other things are secondary. A hindi film song aptly describes the feeling – mushkil se zindagi ke rang haat aye hain.

Gut feeling is also very significant, always keep in mind the vibes you get when you face a new situation – be a new place, new job or meeting someone new. Never ignore those vibes. Sometimes desperate times will force us to make certain decisions but they aren’t for the long run. We take bad decisions thinking we can manage everything but it is not so.  Also, our priorities change with time. The thing which I wanted yesterday is of no relevance to me today if it is disturbing my peace of mind. The main thing is we should stop comparing our lives with that of others, everybody has a unique path carved for them and we should be content with our choices and assets.

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