Meditation - to tame a chaotic mind

By Jyoti in Health & Wellness
Updated 10:26 IST Mar 13, 2020

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In today’s hectic life everyone is so busy that it is difficult to find peace and tranquillity. We are so used to doing things all the time that we forget sitting idle and doing nothing for a few minutes daily is also good and helps us to recentre ourselves.

All of us should practice meditation in our daily lives. When someone says meditation, we imagine it to be a difficult task done by only saints with saffron robes sitting on a mountain top but it is not so. Meditation can be practiced by anybody and in due course can be inculcated as a daily habit.

  • Initially begin with 5 minutes of your time (ideally in the morning but anytime is good)
  • Choose a room with proper ventilation and silent surroundings
  • Sit in Sukhasana (if you cannot sit down, sit on a chair with your back straight) and close your eyes
  • Take 5 to 6 deep breaths to centre yourself
  • Try concentrating on your breath – breathe in and breathe out
  • Don’t try to stop your thoughts, just be a passive observer to them as it is practically not possible to halt them
  • Gradually increase your time
  • Do this daily and you will feel a calmness within you

There are different techniques of meditation but concentrating on one’s breath is the simplest of all and easy to follow. So folks start meditation regularly and experience the change within!


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