By Neelanjana Goyal in Poems » Long
Updated 20:21 IST Nov 25, 2020

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The space between us...

I see a chasm with it’s hurt and it’s hauntings,

I see a clash of two austere hearts and their thinkings,

I see the soil sinking between us,

The soil isn’t loose infertile ,

It’s our destinies that refuse to synthesise,

Nothing no more grows here ,

Broken pieces of our souls lie slain here,

How can I not descend into the abysmal fall?

I see the anger between us,

The recalcitrant beings that are you and I,

Wearing the veil of the unknown that are you and I,

I hear the vitriolic echo of the unfinished and unsolved,

A sea of questions unanswered unresolved,

I watch the transition from thereness to nothingness,

I see words getting lost in interpretations,

I see the burden of the wheel of repetition ,

To let go of it I see no hesitation,

I hear the tired footsteps of cohesion that once was,

I hear the feeble voice of reason that once was,

Then I remember holding you just us two together,

When our unseen breaths held us tether,

It’s then I try,

The unshed tears I cry,

I walk toward you and you toward me,

But I find no bridge that defines a ‘We’,

Between you and I, the chasm seems ever so wide,

Will we ever go beyond this irrevocable divide?

The space between us...










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