In My Fantasy World

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Updated 15:38 IST Nov 25, 2020

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My Brave little girl, Be Strong,

     You are half way to your Destiny,

      I will be there for you,

Heard an encouraging voice of my Father,



My cute little girl, life will be little messy sometimes,

       Keep your Soul alive & Stay calm,

      Just believe in Yourself,

Heard a Lovely voice of my Grandma,

       In my FANTASY WORLD.


My dear, you are so Stron, you have been so Brave,

      I will give you the wings, fly high till you reach the sky,

 Heard a Brave voice of my Mother,

       In my FANTASY WORLD.


Hey Buddy, I know you can do it,

        just chill, you have got us,

Heard a group of my Friends Voice

        In my FANTASY WORLD


My dear soul, Every one may not be with you,

Everyone may not be like as you think, they would be,

Everyone may not be real in this real world,

So, just imagine the life you want & live happily in your Fantasy world,

Heard a real voice of my soul, in the REAL WORLD


                    - DHIVYA SENDUR PANDIAN





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