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Updated 13:24 IST Nov 24, 2020

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Maybe for once in a millennial 

This generation has stood by 

With the apocalypse, a pandemic - designated by

The blue skies and bluer oceans 

Gauging fathoms of crystal clear foams

With the extinct of the iron monsters , smoking pipes 

And the handicapped motor vehicles 

Perished like a wrinkled woman, with two and even four legs 

The grasslands and the city life , all submerged into the one horizon 

Oh is it the exotic melancholy of this agathokakological predicament ?

The wilderness of the grasslands have baptised the civilised castles 

And the ocean life restoring to its origin 

With no strokes of smokes , hitting the plumes of an eagle 

The crowd of the city life , hinged within their big castles and small houses 

All poking their faces in evening, out of their windows , on the terrace 

Scrutinizing the gravity of the ephemeral ordeal, with opinions, sharp and thin 

Out of the human breast 

Till when ?

Questioning the eternity of this daunting time and arduous moments 

Difficult, daunting for some but an utopia for many 

Many, for who are away from the single minded flickering light, burns out of greed

Difficult for the human civilization, reluctant to the principle of co-existence 

The civilization that proliferates at the expanse of dormanting the other creatures 

But as if now there are ships careening, lunatic cars, standing still , with no dexterous hands controlling them 

The parallels of life , has turned this irony of nature 

With the panglossian sky , shaking hands Continue reading

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