New life part 2

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Updated 23:23 IST Jan 03, 2017

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So guys I left the story when I got married and everything seemed to be like the best I could ever ask for... A loving husband,  caring in laws and new aspirations and being the centre of attraction among everyone in new family and even in my own family.  But it was like what an interviewer shows and what exactly is the job you come to know after joining.....  Same thing was happening with me.  Till our honeymoon everything was supercool but when we got everyone  involved in our life the things were not so good. As seen in every hindi movie the plot maker the vamp in my life turned out to be my mil... She played n number of games in my life some she played in front of everyone and some by emotionally blackmailing my husband. My husband is doing very well career wise and by God's grace we have enough to take care of his family which includes his younger brother who is not so young but still struggling to do something and his father and mom. I wanted to pursue some job as I was doing well in recruitment industry but everyone in my new family trapped me into household work. It wasn't my cup of tea but still I tried and got hold of it somehow but doing all this stuff never gave me a sense of satisfaction and I always wanted to break the shell and get out of it and on top of that listning to the crazy stupid things from mil was a real torture to me.  So I used my contacts and started doing my freelancing work and it gave me a little relief. Not In terms of physical work but a real mental satisfaction. Until you experience restrictions you never know what freedom means,  same was with me.  Now I understood what freedom I enjoyed through my 30 yrs of life when I was nurtured by my parents and in one year I was feeling like to be in a prison.  So the new life has turned out to be an entirely different from what I expected.  

Still left with many pages of life experiences... Now I m a full time mommy so will write again soon

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