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            The story starts some years just back of this time, where, Milind Kumar is with his elder brother Rudra Kumar and in London, and they are in a Kumar Enterprises Warehouse and they are seeing the shipment arriving. Just then, Rudra’s son, Virat Kumar arrives and he helps his father with some work.

            Just then some men arrive there, Virat introduces them as weapons manufacturers and they compliment Rudra and Milind them on their development here in London for their weapons business for the military and Virat says, “We will think about the offer!!!!”

            They leave the warehouse and the Rudra follows them and they say, “You said, he will agree in the first meet, he didn’t. You have taken advance from us, we want those weapons.”

            Rudra says, “I will look into it.”

            He then looks at his father and Milind inside and smiles.

            Same night, Virat is at the gym and he has a staff in his hand and he is practicing and then takes a sword and does the same. Sometime later, young Rihaan who is six years younger to him comes there and Virat teaches him some and they then go to a gun shop where they shot some shots and rounds and Virat helps Rihaan.

            Rihaan says, “You are way cool, Rudra, but you look in a bad mood, what happened?”

            Virat says, “Nothing, it’s just some business deal I wanted to crack, you shouldn’t get into this.”

            Rihaan says, “Whatever you are facing, you will get out of it.”

            Virat and Rihaan leave from there and as they are on road, they see some thugs teasing a girl and the guys see this and Virat gets out of the car and beats those guys with his martial arts moves.

            One of them picks a knife and attacks Virat and he dodges and Rihaan comes and punches him and he falls down.

            Virat says, “Nice.”

            Rihaan says, “I had a good teacher.”

            They laugh and leave the place.

            Some days later, Rihaan just arrives the at the Company and sees his uncle scolding Virat and he leaves the cabin in anger and Rihaan’s father sees Rihaan at the door and takes him away from there and he then goes behind Virat and follows him.

            Milind then follows Virat and sees him at a place and a car comes there and same men that had come to the warehouse arrive there and Milind gets shocked and the men then give him a suitcase of money and just then Milind’s phone gets to ring and the men see this and they start firing with their guns at him and he however runs from there.

            Virat says, “I am screwed.”

            At the house, Virat sees Milind arriving and he goes at him and says, “We can be partners there, uncle, you know 50-50.”

            Milind says, “You are in no position to make a deal, son…”

            They are at a dinner table and there Rudra, Milind, Virat and Rihaan and his mother are there.

            Virat then sees Milind and Milind and he says, “So, how much money did you get for selling those stolen weapons?”

            Rudra says, “What?”

            Milind tells the whole truth to his brother and other family members and just then Virat gets up and he takes out a gun and points at Milind and then he kicks Virat and takes the gun.

            Virat then jumps and kicks Milind.

            He then leaves the house and runs.

            He then goes to the same men he had made a deal and Milind and Rudra arrive there with police and they start firing bullets and some of the men die and Rudra sees his son escaping and he then follows him.

            They arrive at a cliff and Rudra points the gun at Virat and tells him to surrender and Virat says, “I have taken this choice, dad, I am willing to die with it.”

            Rudra says, “Fine by me.”

            He shoots and Virat down the cliff and, Rihaan to see this and gets a bit emotional.

            Days later, there is news that Rudra Kumar died of heart attack and the Company was in a bad name and then Milind Kumar brought the name up and made it famous.

            Years passed by…..

            Now, at a warehouse where some men there with guns and they have some money bundles there with them and there are drugs also there.

Just then the door breaks and Crusher is there and he says, “The Faction is here.”

The men start firing and Crusher removes a shield and blocks the bullets and Mr. R comes from the other door and he says, “I am back.”

He removes the mini gun and starts firing and then some men come at him and they remove knives and Mr. R says, “Knife, huh, I also got some.”

Mr. R removes his knives and he says, “Let’s have fun.”

He strikes at them and beats them with it and gets wounded in the process and one of the men there kicks him and falls down and he comes with a huge hammer and just then someone else comes and kicks him and it is, Leo and Mr. R says, “Thanks.”

Leo says, “I am your bodyguard, right!!!”

They then beat the men together and sometime later, the police arrive there and Ujwal Naik is with them and they see the money and drugs with them and one of the officers says, “Who must have done all this?”

Ujwal Naik sees the “JUSTICE SORORITY FACTION” symbol spray painted on a wall and he smiles and says, “Any guesses!!!”

Mr. R is on top of a building and he gets some hallucinations and he then removes his mask and he gets on his feet and he hears a voice and says, “You want some help?”

He looks up and it’s Jeet and Rihaan says, “You are dead!!!!”

Jeet says, “I am just in your thoughts….”

Rihaan says, “What is happening to me?”

Jeet says, “I don’t want to say, you have gone mad, but, you are not. I guess you have some mental thing in you.”

Rihaan says, “Ya, right!!! What I wanted to become for the City I have converted, but I miss something though….”

Jeet says, “You do miss us, me and Grandpa but, what more, Virat!!!”

Rihaan says, “Don’t you take his name….”

Tanya then arrives there and says, “What happened?”

Rihaan says, “What!! Nothing!!!!”

Ujwal Naik is at his home and sees the symbol of JSF and his son, Yuvraj comes there and sees the picture and he says, “My friends are fans of these (Ujwal looks at him), not me!!!!”

Ujwal Naik smiles and says, “It’s alright!!!”

Rihaan is at the Company the next day and sees some files and then just goes home and takes some medicine with a drink and Ryan comes there and says, “Been drinking a lot I see!!!”

Rihaan says, “I don’t know, I am getting constant headaches and…”

Ryan says, “AND?”

Rihaan says, “Nothing…”

Rihaan and Ryan reach the base and Rihaan sees Chang has a new sword with him and takes it and starts swinging it and Chang removes his sword and says, “Match?”

Rihaan says, “Sure!!!”

They have a small sword fight and Tanya arrives and tells them to watch news and when they switch on the news they gets the news of some Nakshalite Terrorists have entered the City and they have a plan of destroying the City with some huge attacks and they show pictures of some known terrorists and Rihaan says, “There is something huge about to go down!!!”

 Ujwal Naik is at his house and Yuvraj comes from college and arrives home and Ujwal Naik says, “What is on your back of your bag?”

He sees the bag and there is a note on it which says, ‘On terrace, midnight.”

Yuvraj gets a glimpse that some had pushed by mistake and he must have put the note and the person was, Rihaan.

Ujwal Naik comes on the terrace and hears a voice, “Hello!!!”

Ujwal Naik says, “You do have some weird ways for calling me here.”

Mr. R comes and says, “What I can say…. Yuvraj, don’t hide, you can come here…”

Yuvraj is behind the door and he comes out.

Mr. R says, “What is with the terrorists that have arrived in the City???”

Ujwal Naik says, “Yes, they have… By the Secret Service and CBI reports and theories, there is someone supplying them weapons  and ammunition and he is coming here some days later and to give huge weapons and bombs.”

Mr. R says, “Who is he?”

Ujwal Naik says, “He calls himself, Victor Smith aka ‘The Destroyer’

Mr. R says, “Never heard of him.”

Ujwal Naik says, “Smith supplied some dangerous and lethal weapons to huge groups of terrorists and he was nothing but a poster hero for terrorists and we don’t have any pictures and photo and what we have is just a name and couple of stories.”

Mr. R says, “What does your theory say that Victor will be giving these weapons?”

Ujwal Naik says, “What I my guess says that it would around 15th August there will be an attack on the City, so, Victor has to come some days before that.”

Mr. R says, “That would be right…”

Ujwal Naik says, “How will you stop (looks back and he has gone), damn!!!!”

Yuvraj says, “Dad, we haven’t got used to it….”

Next day, there are cameras placed at various warehouses in the City by Rihaan and others and for some days nothing happens and Rihaan tells Chang to keep checks on incoming helicopters and planes that may come inside the city unnoticed.

Ujwal Naik gets a report that a helicopter is coming to the City and he takes help of military and says, “Mr. R, just be there as a backup…”

Rihaan also gets the news of the helicopter and says, “Guys, gear up, but only thing, we will be there as a backup….”

They then reach the dockyard and they hide at a place and they see Ujwal Naik and some soldiers and police officers and sometime later, some cars arrive there and Ujwal Naik gets to know they are the Nakshalite terrorists and then their leader says, “Where is he?”

White Dragon says, “Guys, I am getting a signal…”

Mr. R says, “He is here….”

Angel says, “I don’t get one thing, how is he coming here, wasn’t he like a ghost?”

Mr. R says, “Angel, Sometimes ghosts have to appear from the dark…”

The helicopter then arrives and the door opens and some men get down and then, Victor Smith aka the Destroyer gets down and he is wearing a steel mask of a face and he shakes hands with the terrorist leader and the leader says, “Can we get to see the face, my friend?”

Victor says, “Sure….”

Leo says, “Guys, he is removing the mask…..”

Victor removes the mask and Mr. R says, “What the hell…”

He just sits down and gets into a flashback and gets up back and says, “It cannot be, he was dead years ago….”

Leo says, “What you are saying?”

Mr. R says, “He is my brother, Virat….”

Victor happens to be Virat Kumar and he looks at the leader and says, “You can say that this is the new face of terror, this City has some people to thank and some were but they passed….”

Mr. R gets all furious and goes ahead alone and the terrorists see this and the whole team help and there is a huge shoot out and the police arrive there and help JSF. Mr. R sees Virat and makes a run to him but Virat smiles and gets inside the helicopter and goes in the air.

The terrorists are able to escape and police chase them and the JSF make a run and get to the backside of the docks and just then White Dragon says, “Guys, look up….”

They all look up and they Virat’s helicopter and he looks at them and comes out and sees Mr. R and says, “Bye bye!!!!” and removes his gun and points it at him and shoots Leo in the leg and smiles and winks at him and presses a button and a missile is fired and seeing this, Rihaan takes Leo and the team and they jump in the water.

Sometime, at the hospital, Rihaan sees Shakti’s condition and he gets the same hallucinations and Jeet arrives and says, “Virat, huh!!!!”

Rihaan says, “Ya…. I thought he was dead for years but I was wrong, he has come back with new name but with the same mission of destruction and terrorism… I have to stop him and I am not letting these guys be part of this…”

Jeet says, “They are your family, but!!!”

Rihaan says, “And I care about my family and Tanya is in that team....”

The doctors arrive inside Raghu’s room and Rihaan says, “How is he?”

The doctors says that Raghu is fine, there was bleeding but he will get alright.

Rihaan gets out of the room and sees his team and walks out of the hospital.

He then gets a phone call and it’s Virat and he says, “Hello, brother.”

Rihaan says, “You are alive….”

Virat says, “Ya, I am back, but, this time, there is no one stop me…”

He keeps the call.

Chang and others with Raghu now good get to the base and they get a letter there put up on Shakti’s suit which says,

‘Guys, you are my family, Tanya, I love you a lot and I care for you a lot, this time this is personal and I have take care of this and don’t take it as a disrespect but I am sorry….-Rihaan.’


Ryan says, “How can he do this!!!!”

Rihaan is at an airport and he sees Jeet again and he says, “So, what is the plan?”

Rihaan says, “(Looks at Jeet) Find him and kill him again….”

His person arrives there and tells Rihaan that the flight is about to take off.

Rihaan then sometime later arrives in Goa and he gets to a beach and sees some fight going on and he sees a guy smoking cigar and comes to him and says, “Nice choice for spending the rest of the life, Mr. James.”

Mr. James says, “Sure is, sorry for what happened with Raghu, he is a good fighter… Why here?”

Rihaan says, “I need your help…”

James says, “Weapons?”

Rihaan says, “No, I want a team….”

James says, “Team, what about the old ones?”

Rihaan says, “No, I want a new team….”

James says, “Who is it this time?”

Rihaan says, “You wouldn’t believe but, it’s my cousin, Virat….”

James says, “I wouldn’t believe you but sensing the tone and rage, I do… Let’s go…”

Rihaan says, “What about these guys?”

James says, “These guys are amateurs, I will give you some real freaks…”

 James then brings them one by one and introduces them:







Former soldier and hacker and has good close combat skills



Fan of Wrestling and is a weapons expert

Saisha Gill

Black Rose

Expert in Ninja weapons trained in China


(recommended by Rihaan)


Super Strength and was former villain


Rihaan meets another guy and he has good skills in parkour training and gymnastics and Mr. James doesn’t accept him as he is his son, Marvin aka Slash.

They are at a warehouse owned by Rihaan and there his J.S.F. arrives i.e. Ryan, Chang, Shakti and Raghu arrive there.

Chang looks at Rihaan and says, “You owe us more than a silly letter….”

Rihaan says, “I cared about you guys and that’s why I left you….”

Raghu looks at the other team and says, “You want to get yourself killed with the help of those kids…”

Rihaan says, “Think whatever you want…”

Rihaan leaves Ryan looks at the people and says, “Want to meet them?”

They all smile at each other and they get at the new team.

Raghu gets into the face of Bakhtavar and he says, “Hey, Leo, want to dance?”

Raghu says, “I didn’t know you would be here…. Champ!!!”

Ryan gets into face of Jordan and he says, “So you a hacker, huh?”

Jordan says, “How you know?”

Ryan says, “Kid, I have an AI inside my head so I can find anyone’s information I want….”

Jordan says, “Tell that AI, not to call me a Kid!!”

Ryan looks at Shakti and says, “Kid’s getting angry….”

Kane is loading a gun and Shakti says, “Where are these weapons from, Toy store?”

Kane says, “Wear your Suit, I will tell what this ‘toy’ can do…”

Shakti goes at him and Black Rose says, “Don’t!!!! (Pointing her sword)”

Shakti says, “Oh, girl feeling threatened!!!”

Chang says, “Let’s leave the kids guys, (looks at Rihaan), they have a mission…”

They leave and Kane says, “You know what, you are bunch of wannabe superheroes that have screwed up…”

Chang stops and says, “You are lucky that you have an opportunity like this, kid, use it…”

Chang then removes a disk and throws it and it dodges Kane and Chang smiles and says, “Keep it…”

The new team gets inside the plane and Rihaan looks at J.S.F. on their bikes.

They then leave and Saisha asks Rihaan about Virat’s location and he says, “He is in Dubai…”

The new team reach Dubai and they get the whereabouts of Virat and the on the other side, Chang is using his swords for practice, Shakti is at the gym, Ryan is with MJ at his house and Raghu is with his family.

Rihaan and the new team arrive at base in Delhi and they start to share the information and they get to know that Virat has some nice brass in his pocket and he has a good security with him and he is wanted alive or dead in some countries and he is also in the Interpol list.

Rihaan says, “We have to catch him, the military can use him for information…”

Kane says, “Mission was to kill him right?”

Rihaan says, “No, we will see….”

Jordan says, “Where will we catch him?”

Saisha says, “He has a meeting today night, there is a chance.”

Rihaan says, “We cannot miss this chance, so any ideas or plan?”

 Kane shares a plan and others agree.

At night, there is a tall building and they all are outside the building and Jordan gets to know that Virat’s henchmen are inside and he hacks inside the cameras and Rihaan is seeing his mask and Saisha says, “Guy Fawkes mask, right?”

Rihaan says, “Yes…”

Saisha says, “The old team, they are a bit rude but why leave them?”

Rihaan says, “Two things, I care and love them a lot and second, don’t call them old, we have been protecting this City for a while…”

Saisha smiles and says, “Alright…”

Rihaan wears his mask and they get inside the building and Jordan tells them that the buyer has arrived.

Sometime later, Virat arrives and Rihaan remembers his ‘Virat, good brother’ moments and says, “Damn!!!”

Virat gets inside the building and sees a painting of a monster destroying a City and says, “Someone said, demons and monsters don’t exist, but they did and they brought annihilation on the world, this world’s demon is me…”

He gives the weapons to the buyer and just then there is smoke everywhere and Mr. R come out from the smoke and starts clapping and says, “This scene I didn’t like…”

Virat sees him and says, “The hero is here, gentlemen. Bad day for you to come, leave before you die and the symbol of justice gets killed by me and my men here…”

Mr. R says, “I am here for you…”

Saisha, Bakhtavar and Kane take positions and Mr. R signals and they get down and Virat comes and fights Mr. R for a while and Saisha comes and injects him he gets unconscious.

They take him outside in a huge trailer.

Inside the trailer, Mr. R removes his mask and tells the guys that they did a good job and goes at Virat and he sees him waking up and punches him.

Bakhtavar stops him and Virat wakes and sees the mask and sees Rihaan and says, “Seriously!!!!”

Virat starts laughing and says, “I just cannot believe you, I am seeing the hero, icon, symbol of justice…”

Rihaan says, “Stop…”

Virat says, “Where are the old guys, didn’t get out of the water, huh, sad for them see this happens when you get them someone else’s business like this new team is doing…”

Rihaan says, “Shut up…”

Virat says, “I was your brother, favorite brother, what about that?”

Rihaan says, “The brother thing ended when you pointed a gun on my father and your father too.”

Virat says, “That’s deep… Yes, I turned dark and betrayed our family and was dead for years and I survived and you know the rest…”

Rihaan says, “You brought the family a name of shame when I thought you would be a great guy but you turned out be a terrorist...”

Virat says, “Terrorist!!! I am a businessman, a war hero. You can use a guy like me…”

Rihaan says, “You are no use, if I didn’t mean to keep alive, I would really break every bone in your body and true justice will be shown to the people whose lives you have destroyed…”

Virat says, “That’s lot of courage you have developed in years, brother, like me, or like a shadow of me…”

Rihaan says, “Shadow of you, no way!!!”

Kane says, “Don’t make him angrier…”

Virat says, “You want to see him lose it… How’s the parents killed by Diablo, Rihaan?”

Rihaan looks at Virat and he says, “Yes, I know everything and most important thing is, I delivered the weapon to Diablo that killed your parents that wicked night, I gave that weapon at a free cost…”

Rihaan gets angry and starts punching Virat and Kane and Bakhtavar take him away and they hear some ticking voice and Kane sees Virat’s watch and comes to know it’s a GPS and Virat says, “Oops!!!”

They look by the window and the helicopter comes and shoots the trailer and exploding it.

Virat gets out safely and sees Rihaan and he removes a knife and throws at Virat and due to a great reflex, Virat catches the knife and throws it back and it hits Rihaan’s chest and the mask falls from his hand and the helicopter shoots another missile and due to explosion, Rihaan falls in the water.

Virat’s henchmen come at the new team who all are injured and Virat says, “No, no, don’t kill them; Little brother will come back for them, take them…”

Rihaan then gets to land after flowing and he wakes up and he starts walking to his plane and he arrives there a day later.

Virat is with the new team and he says, “Sad for you guys see, I had warned Rihaan, not to interfere but he did, poor kid, he will die and so you guys. I can stop your death, work with me and we tear down Rihaan.”

Black Rose (Saisha) says, “You can kill us, jerk, but remember, when Rihaan comes he will beat the hell of out of you…”

Virat smiles and Jordan says, “Hey, Virat, we all here believe in humanity and justice and do whatever you want, Rihaan will save us…”

Virat says, “Have your hopes high, we will see.”

Rihaan then sees his stuff and he starts loading inside the plane and he hears something and he looks its, Marvin (Slash) and he says, “Can I help?”

Rihaan says, “What are you doing here?”

Marvin says, “I want to help you, I kind of followed you and your team here some days back and yesterday night I saw you in a worse condition and I also didn’t see the team and so I guess, I can help you.”

Rihaan says, “You are way young, kid!!!!”

Marvin says, “I am 18, you have seen my skills… tell me you weren’t impressed and yes, I used some unusual ways to get in but I can help…”

Rihaan says, “You are nothing but a huge responsibility or like a carry on for me…”

Marvin says, “Don’t say that, please, I am good… I am combating efficient and can use weapons too.”

He keeps on talking and Rihaan says, “Alright, now calm down and start helping me…”

They then pack the stuff and Marvin sees Rihaan looking at the knives and his mask and Marvin removes his mask and says, “Slash is here…”

He wears a face mask with design of WWE wrestler Sting.

After sometime, they are waiting for someone and Marvin says, “Who are we waiting for?”

Rihaan says, “A new friend I had made out of an enemy, (sees a Hummer arriving), he is here…”

The car stops and Devraj comes out of it and says, “Your friend is here…”

Rihaan smiles and says, “Yes… It was short notice…”

Devraj looks at Marvin says, “Ya, very short…”

He goes inside the plane and Marvin says, “Jerk!!!!”

Then they get the plane outside and they stop again and Devraj says, “Rihaan, you should see this…”

Rihaan looks outside and says, “No, what are they doing here?”

Marvin says, “Who are they?”

Rihaan says, “The original J.S.F.…”

They three see Chang, Raghu, Shakti and Ryan standing with their gear and Rihaan says, “What are you all doing here?”

Ryan says, “You were idiot enough to get yourself into this mess, but we are the only crazy ones to get you out of it…”

            Chang says, “Like I said, you owe us more than a letter…”

            Rihaan says, “Get in…”

            They get inside the plane and Raghu says, “Tanya is way pissed at you…”

            Rihaan says, “I can handle her…”

            Shakti says, “Yeah, some more quality time will be it for her…”

            They all laugh.

            Devraj says, “I never knew that I would be working with you…”

            Rihaan says, “Me too.”

            They fly and inside the passenger seats, Marvin is keeping on the talk and he kind of irritates them.

            They reach the desert and Devraj stays if air support is needed and as others get out and Rihaan waits and goes back in get his mask and when he goes in and he hears a voice, “When did suicide become a new habit?”

            Rihaan says, “Jeet, it wasn’t, but it just did…”

            Jeet says, “I don’t want to see you with me Grandpa, fight Virat, somewhere you will hesitate but get over it…”

            Rihaan nodes and he hears the team calling him out and Jeet had gone and he gets out off the plane.

            They reach the place and it’s a tall building and they no one around and they get inside they get to a floor and he sees all the old team tied  and they get them out and they hear a voice from a speaker kept there and it is Virat’s voice and he says, “Hello, people, it’s me the Devastator. Rihaan, congrats that you freed your team and now for the real test…”

            They see outside and they see huge jeeps of people with guns and tanks coming towards them and Marvin says, “We are.”

            Chang says, “Yeah, I know, don’t say it…”

            Virat says, “Rihaan, tackle them if you want or be killed but stay alive so I can come and kill you with my bare hands…”

            Raghu looks at the new team and says, “How did you kids get in this!!!”

            The new team starts arguing with the J.S.F. and Rihaan says, “Enough…”

            He continues, “I had enough of this, we are here in middle of dying and I don’t want to die and not with the hands of these people or my own brother and so I want you all work together…”

            Virat says, “Motivation, yes, that’s the thing was missing…”

            He signals the army to move in.

            The tanks then fire missiles and they hit the building and the new team gets weapons and they start to work together and Rihaan calls Devraj for air support.

            The soldiers get inside the building and Chang and Black Rose start fighting them with the swords and guns.

            Chang tries some flirting with Black Rose and she says, “Men, they get started whenever they want…”

            Crusher and Kane get outside and Kane climbs on Crusher and they start to kill soldiers.

            Jordan sees a bike and takes it and takes a gun too and rides it along and he keeps firing at the soldiers.

            Marvin uses the parkour skills and shoots down some soldiers.

            Bakhtavar and Leo are on some other floor with Rihaan fighting the soldiers and the tanks keep firing the missiles and Rihaan sees the building is collapsing.

            Virat sees this and says, “Alright, time for my contribution.”

            He leaves inside a jeep towards the building.

            Devraj arrives there and he says, “Rihaan, the building.”

            Rihaan says, “I know… Guys, get to the top floor, we are leaving…”

            Marvin says, “What about Virat?”

            Rihaan says, “We will get him someday, let’s get out…”

            They leave their positions and they leave for the top floor.

            As Rihaan leaves and he sees a jeep coming and tells Leo to leave and he stops him and Rihaan says, “I have a dispute to end…”

            He gets down the ground floor.

            The jeep crashes the door and Virat gets out of the jeep and he sees Mr. R standing in front of him and Virat says, “Nice mask, Guy Fawkes, he believed in family and stuff but when betrayed by his own kingdom and went ahead to burn down the empire and got killed by his own King…”

            Mr. R says, “You are right, you betrayed me and my family, I will punish you…”

            Virat points his gun and he says, “Let’s be equal…”

            Mr. R removes his jacket of knives and Virat throws his gun and says, “The mask???”

            Mr. R removes the mask and Virat says, “Damn, today I will bring you down to your knees today…”

            Rihaan says, “We will see.”

            They come at each other and they start to have a brawl and huge punches and kicks are shared by each other and both then get injured.

            Virat then uses a takedown attack and injures Rihaan more. Rihaan gets up and spears Virat through a wall and says, “How was this!!!”

            Rihaan keeps on punching Virat kicks him off and Rihaan comes back at him and punches him and Virat falls and sees his gun and Rihaan makes a dive at his jacket and Virat misses the shot and Rihaan hits him with three knives.

            Virat starts bleeding and says, “You don’t kill people, right, you have a rule right…”

            Rihaan turns back and says, “I had the rule long time ago…”

            Virat is about to pick his gun again and says, “What about the justice thing?”

            Rihaan sees it and throws another knife and it goes right at the head and Virat falls down and dies.

            Rihaan says, “That’s the justice you get, brother…”

            He then leaves get to the plane and thanks his team.


            After a day, they are all at a hotel in Goa.

            James is seen praising Marvin on his efforts.

            Rihaan is with the team and says, “Sorry, I was an idiot before and I behaved badly with you and so thanks for the help…”

            They all take their drinks and say, “Cheers!!!”

            Marvin comes at Rihaan and says, “I did some nice things at the battle…”

            Rihaan says, “I don’t want to hear the blabbering, (smiles), you are in…”

            Marvin says, “Yeah, baby!!!”

            Raghu then meets Rihaan and says, “There is someone else you have to apologize too…”

            Rihaan sees Tanya at a table and goes to meet her and Tanya says, “So?”

            Rihaan says, “Which three words you want to hear?”

            Tanya says, “Depending on the situation right now…”

            Rihaan says, “I Love you…”

            Tanya says, “(Smiles) me too, why do you care for us so much?”

            Rihaan says, “That’s one of the things I do nicely…”

            She hugs him then. Ryan and Shakti get to the new team and they welcome them inside Justice Sorority Faction.

            Ryan says, “Where are Chang and Saisha?”

            Chang and Saisha then get inside the bar and Shakti says, “Do we have to guess where they were?”

            Ryan says, “Ninja training???”


            They both then laugh…

            Rihaan is alone and a guy comes with a drink and Rihaan says, “Suicide is not a bad habit…”

            The guy is Jeet and he says, “Yeah, but don’t get used to it…”

            Rihaan says, “Don’t worry, I will not…”

            Jeet says, “You are one demented guy…”

            Rihaan says, “You should have left the demented part…”

            Jeet says, “That was a compliment…”

            They then laugh…

Rihaan realizes that he is gone again and he meets the team and the story ends with Mr. R, White Dragon, Crusher, Leo and Angel on a tall tower watching the City and the new team defending some other part of the City…..

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