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1. MR. R-



              Sometimes some incidents leave a mark on some people’s lives and their bodies. Something happened with Tanya and Rihaan in London where they cannot get over with.

            Rihaan is at a hospital at his City, Mumbai and the doctors call him inside and they are having a talk and the doctors take him to a room where Rihaan sees inside and sees Tanya screaming, shouting and crying.

Rihaan asks the doctors about her getting alright and the doctors say that it will take a lot of time after what had happened with her.

            Rihaan gets a glimpse and holds his fractured left hand and gets out of the hospital and he sees Raghu at the car and he opens the door for him and Rihaan looks back at the hospital and goes from there.

            He then reaches home and Chang is waiting for him and Rihaan just looks at him and Chang hugs him and Rihaan leaves inside the house and closes his room doors and locks it from inside.

            Rihaan inside, looks himself in the mirror and throws a vase at the mirror and breaks it and Chang and Raghu are seeing this via cameras inside the room.

            At the same night, Chang and Raghu are at a bar where they are having drinks and Chang says, “What happened with Rihaan was worse, I still cannot believe it.”

            Raghu says, “Me too, sometime when I see him, I see myself there at that position.”

            Chang says, “It will be hard to overcome such thing.”

            The same night, at an airport,

Dhruv Sardesai arrives and he meets some people there outside the airport and goes with him and reaches his house and meets his family which consists of his parents and a younger brother and his father asks him about his trip of London and Dhruv says, “I had the best time, dad!!!”

            Next day,

 Rihaan wakes up and gets down from his bed and gets ready and sits outside in the garden and gets the news of robberies and crimes in the newspaper and later a female doctor arrives there and she helps Rihaan’s left hand to recover and Chang and Saisha arrive there and they see this.

            Saisha says, “Chang, you think after all this, Mr. R will rise?”

            Chang says, “I don’t know, the comeback decision is entirely on Rihaan and not us and not the City. The City wants him now but he, he is not in that position.”

            The doctor leaves and Rihaan sees Chang and Saisha.

            Chang says, “Rihaan how’s the hand?”

            Rihaan says, “It is getting better.”

            Rihaan is later alone inside his room and he starts getting hallucinations and he hears a voice, “You okay?”

            Rihaan looks and it is his Grandpa and Rihaan says, “I am trying to be, but I cannot.”

            Grandpa says, “I know, I see that.”

            Rihaan says, “Whenever such incident takes place, people around you have no words of motivation and inspiration, just they find it difficult to talk around you.”

            Grandpa says, “Whatever happened with Tanya wasn’t your fault, you did try to save her.”


            Rihaan is seen then drinking and drinking.

            Dhruv on the other side comes to a house where they are people present there with guns, drugs and money and Dhruv says, “Gentlemen, we are here for writing a new chapter of underworld and mafia, no one can stop us and we will change this City the way we want.”

            One of the gentlemen present there says, “What about Mr. R?”

            Dhruv says, “Mr. R, so called justice icon, people haven’t seen him around from the last month, if he is a problem, we will handle it.”

            Rihaan the next day arrives at the hospital and sees Tanya and she is put to sleep by the doctors and he sees her and goes to her bed and sees her wounds on her hands and her forehead.

            He then gets outside of the room and he then sees another girl brought and he gets to know she was raped last night and her mother is screaming for help and the reporters are seeing this and they say, “Crimes such as rapes, killings and robberies have increased and we all know that the police is trying their best but some of the people want someone else and we all know who is that, it is Mr. R.”

            Rihaan then walking downstairs to the ground floor and he sees a boy with his mask and he is with his father and he says, “Will he come back?”

            The father says, “I don’t know, son, hope he comes, the City needs him.”

            Rihaan sees this and he sees Raghu at the car and sits inside and Raghu says, “Home?”

            Rihaan says, “No…”

            They arrive to the base and no one is present there and he opens the gate and switches on the computer screens and he looks at Raghu and says, “If Tanya was on my place, she would have done the same damn thing…”

            The picture of the mask comes on the screen and Raghu gives a small confident smile.


2. MR. R-



              At the base, Rihaan is inside a ring with Raghu inside and Raghu says, “You seriously want to do this?”

            Rihaan says, “Yes, let us do this…”

            Raghu then changes and becomes Leo and he has become strong and powerful than before and Rihaan has a sword in one hand and his other, meaning left hand which is broken tries to fight Leo and others (Ryan, Chang and Tina) arrive there and see the fight.

            Leo uses some quick attacks and Rihaan dodges them but gets injured and just then Leo comes with a scratch attack and Rihaan dodges it and gets a glimpse of get hit by a steel rod and stops and Leo knocks him out.

            Rihaan wakes up after sometime and says, “That did hurt…”

            Chang says, “You are doing good but you have do something about that hand…”

            Ryan then comes and says, “Rihaan, ever heard of cybernetics?”

            Raghu says, “Cyber, what?”

            Ryan says, “Cybernetics, it’s a technology for accelerating any part of a body like the Suit for Shakti does, we can apply it for his hand…”

            Rihaan says, “Can you make it?”

            Ryan says, “Ya, sure…”

            Rihaan says, “Start making it, I have some work…”

            He leaves the base and Chang says, “We all know where he is going…”

            Rihaan reaches the hospital and sees Tanya inside the room all silent and he asks the doctors and they tell him that she will need more time to recover, many girls when something happen like that, they don’t recover…

            Rihaan is in his car and goes home.

            On the other side, Dhruv is at his home and playing a video game and his father sees this and says, “Do you have any aim in life?”

            Dhruv says, “I do, finishing the level…”

            The father says, “I mean about your life, we had a deal, you come back from London and find a job and make money…”

            Just then a guy at the door comes and sees Dhruv and says, “Boss!!!”

            Dhruv switches off the TV and sees his father asks, “Boss!?!?!?! Where are you going?”

            Dhruv says, “To do my job!!!!”

            He then wears his glares and leaves the house.


At night,

Rihaan reaches the base and Tina is fixing the cybernetic technology on the hand and she says, “How is she?”

            Rihaan looks at her and she says, “Someone was here going to ask.”

            Rihaan says, “Still in shock…”

            Tina then nodes and says that it is ready and Rihaan tries moving his hand and then both the hands and hits a left hand punch on the wall and cracks the wall. Just then, there is an alert on the cameras and Chang and other start gearing up and Rihaan stops them and says, “You guys stay as a backup, I will go…”

            The cameras show a girl chased by some goons with guns.

            The girl then cornered by the goons and tells them to leave them and just then smoke starts to gather there and one of the goons says, “What is happening?”

            Just then a whispering sound comes and Mr. R comes from the smoke and he stands in front of them and he says, “Remember me?”

            The same goon says, “He is not real (Mr. R shows a knife) or is…”

            Mr. R says, “I am the savior for the girl and punishment for guys like you…”

            The goon removes the guns and Mr. R throws some small knives and hits the guns fall down and he goes ahead and attacks the goons and beats them badly.

            One of the goons removes a pistol and Mr. R uses the left hand and blocks the bullets and punches him bad.

            Just then, someone is looking at the fight from the car and he removes a sniper and points at him and shoots him and misses him and Mr. R sees the car and goes at the car and but it leaves.

            He sees the girl and directs her home.

            Mr. R then reaches the base and they try to find the car owner but they get nothing.

            Dhruv at night reaches home and his father is there and he says, “So, what kind of ‘job’ you are doing?”

            Dhruv says, “Nothing illegal, dad... As you said, it is a nice job and I am making money…”

            He then goes inside his room.

            Rihaan then has his left hand wrapped up and attends the meetings and he still in dismay of what happened in London.

            Chang then comes inside the cabin and says, “Hey, look, your favorite food!!!”

            Rihaan says, “Thanks…”

            Chang looks at Rihaan and says, “I know it’s hard to get out, but you will.”

            Rihaan (smiles) says, “When I look back, it haunts me….”

            Chang says, “See, the City has seen the hero again, they don’t want to lose him again… I know it will be hard but…”

            Rihaan says, “Ya…”


On the other side,

Dhruv is at a warehouse and his men come and one of them says, “He has arrived….”

            Dhruv says, “Throw that girl out, her work is done, if you all can get anything out, I don’t mind…”

            The men see the girl with torn clothes and they smile at the girl and the girl cries and when the men go inside the room.

            The girl is the same girl that Mr. R saved that night.

            Dhruv then goes to man waiting for him and he says, “So you are the Hunter, what is the real name?”

            The guy says, “I am Cole, the Hunter, what is my assignment?”

            Dhruv shows him Mr. R’s photo and gives him a briefcase of money and says, “I know you like animals to hunt, but treat him like an animal…”

            Cole smiles and says, “Sure…”

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