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MR. R-



Chang arrives at Rihaan’s home and sees that he is missing and he calls the office, base and the hospital and he gets to know that he isn’t there and he says, “Where is he?”

            He then gets a text which mentions an address and when he arrives there and there is a barren land where a funeral of a girl is performed and he sees Rihaan there and he comes there and Rihaan says, “It’s the girl’s funeral which we saved some days ago.”

            Chang says, “What happened?”

            Rihaan says, “Her parents told the cops that she was kidnapped from her college and then they didn’t see her and then they got her dead body and the cops told them she was raped and killed by the same men, her friends said that some guy wanted to get intimate with her but she ignored him and didn’t say about it and that was the night that guy send the goons and we saved her and next day, she was missing.”

            Chang says, “Who is this freak?”

            Rihaan says, “I don’t know, but, call this an inside voice or intuitions or I don’t know, it might be the same guy who I and Tanya saw in London.”

            They then arrive at the base and they get a report that some men and women are killed in a park by some guy and at night there are all cops arrived there and Ujwal Naik arrives there at the scene and Rihaan and Chang arrive there but they stay at a distance from the scene.

            Ujwal Naik’s phone rings and it’s an unknown number and he picks up and says, “Hello…”

            On the other side, “Remember me?”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Mr. R?”

            Mr. R says, “Yes…”

            Ujwal Naik says, “So, you are at the scene I guess?”

            Mr. R says, “The camera footage doesn’t show who did this…”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Damn right you are, someone with a sniper killed them from a distance, we are searching in buildings. The people who are dead here, have no connection with one another, nothing, they were killed because of some madness or.”

            Mr. R says, “To gain attention, yours or mine?”

            Ujwal Naik says, “There is a murderer in town, R.”

            Mr. R says, “I will find him.”

            Chang says, “How?”

            The same night, the cameras at a bar show a girl getting kidnapped and Mr. R gets the news and he takes the bike and follows the car track via GPS and when he reaches the place, he sees the girl tied to a chair and when he moves forward, the girl happens to be a man in girl attire and many men with steel rods and swords arrive there and a voice comes, “Welcome, Mr. R…”

            He looks and there is a guy with a sniper and handguns in hand and in a tribal dress and military pants wearing person and says, “So you are the one…”

            Mr. R says, “So you trapped me, huh, who are you?”

            The guy says, “I am Diego Cole, the Hunter, who has been given the job to hunt and kill you…”

            Mr. R says, “You must be paid a lot to hunt and kill me…”

            Diego says, “Damn straight…”

            Mr. R says, “The thing, the person who hired you, forgot, I have a team too…”

            Just then the door breaks down and Crusher with Leo and Volt Streak are there and Crusher says, “We are here…”

            The men attack the team and Diego puts down the sniper and removes a sword and Mr. R removes his knives and they start their fight.”

            Streak then creates electric shocks and beats the men and Leo scratches the men and Crusher beats the men to the pulp.

            Mr. R and Diego have a gruesome battle of knives and swords and Diego’s sword falls and he removes his handguns and starts shooting and one bullet hits Mr. R’s leg and Diego reloads his gun and points at him and a ninja disk comes and hits the gun and White Dragon arrives there and says, “Stay away from him…”

            Then, White Dragon and Diego have a sword fight and Diego loses and Mr. R holds him and asks, “Who sent you?”

            Diego says, “I am not telling that name.”

            Saying this, he kicks Mr. R on the leg wound and runs from the place.

            Crusher then hits some mini missiles and blows the place up.

           They arrive to the base and Mr. R’s bullet wound is treated.


            Diego has a room in a hotel and he switches on the lights and Dhruv is there sitting on the chair and he says, “You failed.”

            Diego says, “It’s not the first time I have failed, he is a human and not an animal, so I have to some changes and don’t worry, they did ask me who sent me but I didn’t tell them.”

            Dhruv laughs and says, “If you would have been alive after that, I wouldn’t be worried.”

            He leaves the room.


            Next day,

Rihaan is at his house, Raghu says, “Diego Cole, he is an animal hunter, the best, has hunted animals from all over the world, done all sorts of legal and illegal animal business, mostly illegal, was in Africa for a while and was called here by someone.”

            Rihaan looks at the photos and says, “Someone has hired him to take me out and it’s the same guy who killed the girl.”

            At night,

White Dragon is at night tour of the City and is jumping from building to building and just then he notices something awkward and feels that someone is following him and he stops and just then mini bombs explodes near him and he avoids them and a voice comes, “Hey, round two.”

            Diego Cole then comes and punches him and White Dragon have a hand combat and Diego takes the lead this time and beats White Dragon and Diego says, “I have you now, Mr. R will come for you.” Saying this, he knocks him out.

            Mr. R arrives there and there is a note on the wall mentioning an address and written, ‘PS: COME ALONE.’

            He then arrives at a warehouse and it is dark everywhere and the lights open and Diego is at a platform and he says, “Hello, as you know I hunt animals and I like to keep them too, there are three doors in front of you and in one of them, your friend is there, choose one.”

            Mr. R says, “If I choose anyone of them, there will be no friend in them, bring it on.”

            Diego says, “Alright, then.”

            He presses a button and one door shutter opens and a crocodile comes out and Mr. R says, “I should have chosen a door.”

            Diego then opens another door and Chang is tied to a pole and the crocodile goes at him and Mr. R goes at him and tries distracting him and tries waking White Dragon up.

            The crocodile comes at him and Mr. R removes his knives and tries battling him and when he takes some lead and Diego says, “I don’t want that to happen.”

            He opens the last door and a cheetah comes and roars and attacks Mr. R and he dodges both of them.

            White Dragon wakes up and sees this and says, “That’s a worse way to die.”

            The Crocodile then hits Mr. R with its tail and the cheetah jumps but misses.

            White Dragon gets out and Diego sees and attacks him and the crocodile sees this and goes at them and the cheetah goes too but Mr. R jumps on and kicks the cheetah. He removes a knife and dodges and kills the cheetah.

            The crocodile goes and bites Diego instead and Mr. R kicks the crocodile and Diego tries to run and White Dragon has a mini bomb with him and he throws it at the crocodile and explodes.

            They see Diego leaving and they attack him and throw him outside the warehouse.

            Mr. R says, “I will not ask again, who sent you?”

            A car then comes there and the same sniper comes out of the window and points at Diego and shoots him.

White Dragon sees the car leaving and hits ninja disks on it.

            They leave Diego there.

            Dhruv is at his base and one of his men says, “Diego failed, sir, that’s bad!!!”

            Dhruv is playing a video game and says, “No, he didn’t, he showed us what Mr. R can do. There are huge challenges for him…”

            Rihaan is at the hospital and sees Tanya inside the room sleeping and leaves the hospital.

            Somewhere else, there is a guy taking drugs and sees the actress, Saisha Mehra and says, “She dumped me because I insulted her hero…. I will kill her and her hero…”

            There is news of Mr. R beating Diego and the guy breaks the TV.


MR. R-


               There is a huge house where there are many people gathered and some of them are reporters present and they are saying, “What we saw a few days ago, was a huge break up between Superstars, Rohan Kapoor and Saisha Thakur, what people thought was a publicity stunt, became real when Saisha slapped Rohan at an award night when Rohan insulted Saisha’s favorite hero and also known as the ‘Icon of Justice’, Mr. R and when he insulted and crossed the limits, Saisha knocked him out with a massive kick.”

            Inside the house,

Rohan is drinking and breaking things of living room and his assistant, Mr. Vijay comes and tries stopping him and Rohan says, “How can she dump me for that superhero, huh, he is nothing and he is just same Guy wearing mask person who at times has saved people from crimes and I, I am a superstar who has achieved so much more than him and more than Saisha, but she dumped me because I used some low, nonsense and racial words against him.”

            Mr. Vijay says, “There is nothing we can do…”         

            Rohan says, “We can…”

            The next day, he arrives to a house and rings the bell of the house and a man opens the door and he happens to be Dhruv’s father and he tells Rohan that Dhruv is not at home and Rohan later calls Dhruv and they meet somewhere.

            At a pub, Rohan tells the whole problem to Dhruv and Dhruv laughs first and says, “You came to the right guy, Rohan…”

            Dhruv then same night takes him to a warehouse where many weapons crates arrive by trucks and Rohan sees them and says, “What is this?”

            Dhruv says, “Remember I had gone to London for a vacation, it was a vacation, but I had some other work too, from here I had made some weapons designs and sent it to mafia of London using various contacts and they later called me and they manufactured the weapons and they sent some here and I became the supplier of advanced weapons here in this City and there is one problem between me and greatness and that is, Mr. R.”

            Rohan says, “He has destroyed my relationship.”

            Dhruv says, “We will do the same…”

            On the other side, Rihaan is at his place and Ryan and Tina arrive and Tina gives the newspaper to Rihaan and says, “You heard about fan’s breakup?”

            Rihaan sees the newspaper and sees the whole article of Saisha and Rohan’s breakup and says, “Weird, it says, she broke up with him because he insulted me and that’s a bit worse.”

            Ryan says, “Weird!!! Ya, she is your fan but you are like a reason because she broke up with him.”

            Rihaan says, “What did Rohan say about me?”

            Tina says, “Rohan said that Mr. R is just some unknown guy with having no sense of what he is doing and seeing the videos of him, he feels you are awful and pathetic.”

            Rihaan says, “I feel bad for her now…”

            Ryan says, “I have read about Rohan, he is one idiot, has caught for weird behavior, drink and drive and etc.”

            Rihaan says, “I will do something…”

            The next day, Saisha is in her training room and she gets a bouquet which has a note on it saying, ‘Congrats on the award, meet you at midnight – R.”

            Saisha smiles and later that night, she is wearing a beautiful dress and it becomes midnight and she gets to the balcony and she hears a whistling sound and she gets back inside and she hears a voice, “I am here…”

            She looks back and Mr. R is behind her.

            Saisha smiles and says, “Glad you are here.”

            Mr. R says, “Me too, I heard you broke up with your boyfriend and the reason was me…”

            Saisha says, “No, it was just he was mean and rude, he came to a point where he insulted my family and friends and then he came to you and I was like, ‘that’s it’ and I dumped him.”

            Mr. R says, “He has issues…”

            They laugh…

            Saisha says, “Why do you wear a mask?”

            Mr. R says, “It makes me feel powerful and incorruptible, if I save and help in human form, the people who don’t like me doing this and come to me easily and threaten me, bribe me and even kill me for the worse and so I wear a mask which helps the people.”

            Saisha says, “I know you are a human with a heart, you also have a family and friends, do they know?”

            Mr. R says, “They have helped me to become the Icon and I have lost them too in achieving this…”

            Saisha says, “Will I get to know who you really are?”

            Mr. R says, “You will.”

            Saisha then smiles back.

            Next day, Dhruv is at his warehouse and says, “Rohan, what we know is, whenever there is a problem in the City, Mr. R is at the rescue and what if we do the same.”

            Rohan says, “Many people must have done it, right, like creating a fake incident and trying to trap Mr. R.”

            Dhruv says, “Yes, but, this time, I have a real candidate.”

            Saisha is returning from airport to home at night and just some huge black vans are chasing her car and she gets a text, ‘You shouldn’t have broken up with me, babe!!!”

            She tells the driver to speed up and van door opens and the a guy hits a missile on the car and the car gets upside down and the driver dies on spot and Saisha gets out of the car and just then a helicopter lands there and Rohan comes out of the car and says, “Hey, baby, missed me?”

            Saisha says, “Why?”

            Rohan holds her by her hair and says, “Why!!! You dumped me because of that Guy Fawkes Freak and you are asking Why, I will beat the hell out of you and then Mr. R will come and I will kill him in front of your eyes…”

            Just then they hear a bike noise and the bike arrives there and Saisha smiles and says, “Let’s see who kills who now!!!”

            Mr. R is on the bike and says, “Leave her if you value your starry life…”

            Mr. R gets down from his bike and the vans doors open and men come out they have guns in their hands and Rohan smiles and says, “Now what, I have an army here…”

            Mr. R says, “Me too…”

            Crusher arrives there and uses a magnetic field and takes the guns and Mr. R goes and fights the men and Rohan gets involved but he gets beaten badly.

            The men get injured and head back inside the vans and Crusher shoots the tires of the vans and the men run away.

            Mr. R looks at Rohan and says, “What should we do with you?”

            Rohan is on news running naked on the bridge and later caught by police for attacking Saisha.

            Dhruv gets him out of jail.

            Some days later,

Rihaan arrives to the base and there is video that had gone viral and he sees the video showing Saisha is at a place and a Mr. R mask wearing guy comes and he removes his mask and it’s Rohan and he says, “This is not a publicity stunt, people, this is for the so-called Icon of Justice, Mr. R, come here till night or else people saw me naked some days back, they will see the beautiful Saisha Thakur with no clothes…”           

            At night,

Mr. R arrives there and it’s an old colony and later comes to know that it’s a movie set and later he sees Saisha on the top of a building and then Rohan with her with a mike in his hand and he says, “So you have arrived. Let us see how you face this…”

            Many men come out of the windows of the building and they remove their machine guns and they point at Mr. R and he says, “I am screwed…”

            There are red points on Mr. R whole suit and they start firing at him and he tries some dodging and a round gets over and Mr. R says, “My turns, A-holes.”

            He removes the mini gun from the bike and starts firing it and kills all the men and looks at Rohan and he starts coming up and he faces some men there but beats them too.

            He arrives on top and he sees Rohan and they start a duel and Saisha gets out of the rope and comes back on the top and sees the duel and she has her mobile and she starts taking photos of the duel.

            Rohan then takes a steel rod and hits Mr. R with it and he then uses his left hand and beats Rohan.

            He falls unconscious and wakes up and sees Saisha hugging Mr. R and he gets up and they both aren’t looking and he sees a  spear like rod and goes at them and Saisha sees this and she turns around and kicks Rohan and he loses balance and slips and falls down and dies.

            The news then says that Mr. R saved Saisha Thakur again from Rohan Kapoor and he died on the movie set.

            Saisha then is at a party and she gets a call and she picks it up and on the other side, “The photos were nice you put on sites…”

            Saisha smiles and says, “Thanks, why I have got the feeling that you are here somewhere close…”

            Mr. R says, “I am, you said, I can show who I am really as a person, can I trust you?”

            Saisha says, “Yes…”

            Then Rihaan comes to her and sits near her and says, “The Icon is here as you ordered…”

            Saisha laughs and they enjoy the party…

           Some days later,

 Rihaan gets a letter saying, ‘He is at a train jail in Andaman Nicobar Islands, you have 48 hrs to get him….”            

            Chang says, “Who is in jail?”

            Rihaan says, “An old friend…”

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