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MR. R-




There is a helicopter base where Rihaan arrives and sees the whole team is present and Ryan says, “What was so important that you wanted to spoil our Sunday?”

            Rihaan says, “It’s a special mission, I thought Chang told you guys, no!!! I will tell you on the way…”


            They then reach Colombo, Sri Lanka after sometime, and they reach a train station and they see some military soldiers arriving and Chang says, “Where is he?”

            “He has to arrive yet” says Rihaan.

            Just then a huge a truck shows up and the prisoner comes out in chains and mouth locked and Ryan sees this and says, “Is that the guy?”

            Rihaan says, “Yes…”

            He then tells Raghu to get inside the train in which the prisoner will be taken.

            Then the team leaves the train station and they then reach the helicopter spot and they take the helicopter and chase the train.

            After sometime, they see the train and Rihaan says, “Raghu, do your thing.”

            Raghu gets up from his seat and reaches the place where military compartment and see some soldiers and becomes Leo and attacks them and beats some of them and throws some outside the train.

            The soldiers on the top see the helicopter and start firing and Ryan gives some soldiers the electric shocks and goes on the top of and starts hitting electric blast attacks.

            White Dragon gets down from the helicopter and goes inside the compartment and just then another fighter helicopter arrives and Shakti and Rihaan handle the helicopter try bringing it down by shooting.

            Shakti then wears his Suit and attacks the other helicopter and brings it down and gets back in.

            White Dragon gets to the compartment and takes Leo and they kill some soldiers and they see the prisoner inside a cage and the prisoner looks at them and Leo breaks the chain and removes the lock of the mouth and the prisoner gives a small smile.

            Rihaan says, “What happened?”

            White Dragon says, “Nothing, I guess, he is just hanged.”

            Rihaan says, “We have to leave…”

            White Dragon looks at the prisoner and says, “Let’s go…”

            He goes with them and Ryan had hacked the frequency and he gets to know the leader of the Unit is in the VIP compartment and he is coming here to kill the prisoner.

            The prisoner hears the talk and they get outside the train and the prisoner looks at Rihaan and Rihaan says, “Roy Fernandez, you better get inside the helicopter.”

            Roy then gives his hand and pulls the knife from Rihaan’s set and goes at the top of the train and starts running to the first compartment and Rihaan says, “Dammit.”

            Roy goes ahead and kills some soldiers that come in way and sees the leader and he also looks at him and they have a fight on top of the train and they fall inside the engine room.

            Inside the engine room, a soldier with a grenade belt arrives and Roy kills him when he is about to kill him and the leader tries to stab Roy but he dodges the attack and throws the leader inside the burning coal.

            The helicopter comes back and Roy removes all the pin of the grenades and gets inside of the helicopter and the engine room explodes.

            Roy is smiling at Rihaan and he says, “Asshole…”


            They are inside a plane now and Rihaan is sitting ahead with Chang and he says, “Who is he and what was he doing inside the cage?”

            Rihaan says, “He is Roy Fernandez, he is a mercenary and was given a job to kill an underworld mafia in Sri Lanka but one day before that he killed people who were misbehaving with the girls and ladies there and by some coincidence they were the mafia’s guys and the guy sent him to jail and there he was tortured but he took his revenge by poisoning the warden’s food and police and therefore he was put in maximum confinement and I got the news that he was transported somewhere else and it would be difficult to save him then…”

            Chang says, “You know what I call this, Crazy!!!!”

            Rihaan says, “He is a doctor too…”

            Chang says, “I don’t need a checkup…”

            Rihaan laughs.


            At the back, Roy comes out of the bathroom with giving himself a haircut and good shave and keeping some beard and he sees Raghu and Ryan sitting and he sits and says, “So you are the JSF?”

            Ryan says, “Ya…”

            Roy says, “Who do I get a feel that you have a feeling that you are computer geek?”

            Ryan says, “Yes I am…”

            Roy says, “See, I get this feeling sometimes.”

            Ryan says, “That’s your skill?”

            Roy says, “You haven’t seen it yet… (Looks at Raghu) You were some animal inside the train, huh?”

            Raghu says, “I can do that, I have the serum inserted in me so I can be an animal sometimes and I am Rihaan’s bodyguard…”

            Roy laughs and says, “Bodyguard!!! And you!!!”

            Raghu says, “Rihaan said you were crazy, but I am starting to believe…”

            Roy gets up and says, “Try maniac for a while, kid!!!”

            He leaves and Ryan says, “Did he call you kid right now???”


  Roy comes to Rihaan’s seat and says, “Six years and you came now, huh!!!”

            Rihaan says, “I don’t know where to find you so I was doing some work too…”

            Roy says, “I know, I know, Mr. R and JSF, you wrote in the letter…”

            Rihaan says, “Say thanks to the guys at the back…”

            Roy says, “Do I have to?

            Rihaan says, “You were rude to me and Jeet in school, don’t be rude to them.”

Roy says, “Okay…”

            Roy then thanks the guys.

            Rihaan says, “Good to have you back!!!”

            Roy says, “This is the best place…”

            He looks at Chang and says, “What can you do?”

            Chang says, “I am a ninja!!!!”

            Roy says, “So, we have a ninja, two bodybuilders and a computer geek, nice…”

            Chang says, “I heard some things at the back and I am curious what you can do, like skill wise?”

            Roy smiles and he takes a knife out of Rihaan’s jacket and he looks at Chang and throws it in the other direction and hits perfectly on the dartboard on the wall and smiles back and says, “I never miss…”

            Rihaan says, “True that…”

            They reach back to the City.


Rihaan shows Roy his new apartment and then the base.

            Same night,

Rihaan reaches the hospital and sees Tanya and sees that she is fighting with the ward boys and nurses and Roy comes and says, “Tanya, right?”

            Rihaan nodes and Roy says, “I am sorry for what happened….”

            Rihaan says, “Me too…”

            Rihaan then gears up and goes for a round of the City and witnesses a kidnapping of some kids and he goes behind the people and reaches an old house and when he reaches the place, he attacks the people there and fights them but he get beaten bad and just when one of the men tries shooting him, a bullet comes and kills him.

            Mr. R looks outside the window and he sees Roy pointing a sniper at the men and he comes inside the house and starts helping Mr. R.

            One of the men points a knife at him and says, “Who are you?”

            Roy is wearing a domino mask and says, “Call me, MAVERICK!!!!!”

            He uses a takedown attack and takes the man’s knife and kills him and says, “Bye bye…”

            They then free the kids and Mr. R says, “Maverick???”

            Maverick says, “Why not?”

            Mr. R says, “That was the video game player’s name when we used to play…”

            Maverick says, “Let’s go, I have to fight your bodyguard, he was pissed at me…”

            They leave laughing the place.


MR. R-



              Dhruv is at his house and he is having a drink inside his room and says, “Who is this Mr. R? He killed my friend and he wants to come to me and finish me. Game on, Hero…”

            Rihaan meanwhile is at the base and gets glimpses of London incident and he is also throwing knives at a target and Roy arrives and says, “Can I join?”

            Rihaan nodes and pours him a drink too and Roy and they are hitting the targets and Roy says, “I know people must be telling you to move on from the incident and all, I don’t want to be part of it and I just want you to be happy…”

            Rihaan hits the target and says, “I will be happy when that guy is dead who raped Tanya made her the way she is now…”

            Roy says, “That’s wouldn’t make you happy…”

            Rihaan says, “We will see…”

            Roy leaves and before going he takes a knife and hits a straight hit on the target and Rihaan says, “Good Night…”

            The other day,

Rihaan gets up early and gets a call in the morning from the hospital and he in a hurry reaches the hospital.

            Dr. Shah meets Rihaan and says, “Yesterday, Tanya was out of control, she behaved madly, she nearly killed a ward boy.”

            Rihaan says, “Doc, listen, I know she goes out of control, but you are the best doctor I know who can deal in these situations, please help me….”

            Dr. Shah takes him to Tanya’s ward and shows her and he is tied using belts and he tells Rihaan and he tried to give her sleep injection but she attacked the nurse.

            Rihaan goes inside the room and goes near Tanya and he says, “Tanya, it’s me, Rihaan, I know what happened was my fault but don’t make you suffer, I am the one who shall suffer please….”

            Tanya calms down and she breaks the belts and jumps on Rihaan and she tries to kill him but he tries controlling her and she falls unconscious and Dr. Shah sees that an injection was inserted when Rihaan was talking to her.

            Rihaan comes out of the room and says, “She wasn’t angry because I tried controlling her but she was angry because I put the injection…”

            He leaves and Dr. Shah smiles.

            Rihaan sheds a tear inside the car and leaves for the office.


            Dhruv then gets a call from his friend who works as an intern at a hospital and he says, “Remember that girl you told us about in London, you hooked up with?”             Dhruv says, “Ya, so…”

            The friend says, “She is admitted in psych ward, what did you do?”

            Dhruv says, “She is alive?”

            The friend says, “Ya, her husband admitted her here and she is been treated under Dr. Shah…”

            Dhruv says, “I killed her, how can be she be alive, listen, find her information.”


            Some days later,

Rihaan’s birthday arrives and he is ready for a party at night and he attends the party with all his friends and later guests leave the party and the JSF arrive on a ground like and Ryan says, “Hey, can I ask something?”

            Rihaan is all drunk and out and says, “Ask anything you want, I will answer today…”

            Ryan says, “What happened that night?”

            Rihaan smiles and says, “That night, that night, I and Tanya were in London and we roamed around for days, saw many places and stuff, we were about to leave the other day, so we went to a pub/bar and we were dancing and enjoying and Tanya got tired and so she sat on a couch and I was dancing and talking to the girls there (smiles), then just sometime later, a guy with some of his friends came at Tanya and he was talking to her, I didn’t mind that time but sometime later, he was trying to get intimate with her and she slapped her and I came there and took her off from there and one of the guy’s friend came to me and we had a small fight and the security arrived and threw them out and then we left too.

            Rihaan continues, “Just when we got to the parking, someone hit me in the back and it was the guy’s friend and I tried to fight but the guy came there and beat me with a rod and Tanya got injured while saving me and the guy saw her and took her and (breaks the bottle he has hand in his hand) and he came back and broke my hand and said, ‘That’s what you get when you mess with the bull, you get the horns too’ and then he left with her and raped her inside the car. I saw Tanya and she was unconscious and I thought she was dead but she woke up and I took her to the hospital and we came here then…”


            A guy then delivers a file to Dhruv and he laughs and says, “So she is Rihaan Kumar’s wife, Tanya?”

            Dhruv laughs again and says, “Find him. Run, Rihaan, Run…”


        Rihaan looks at Roy and says, “Being happy was never an option….”


            On the other side, there is a special hospital, where the doctors call the parents of the daughter and the doctors say, “We tried everything, but your daughter is something else.”

            The mother says to the father, “I told you not to test the chemical on her.”

            The father says, “It was by mistake…”

            They see the daughter and see her using her telekinesis skills inside her room….

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