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MR. R-



            Apocalypse, Surgeon, Black Dragon and Bulldog surround the JSF (White Dragon, Leo, Black Rose and Raptor) and more men of Apocalypse gather there and Raptor says, “Now I am missing Dad.”

             Leo says, “We are fighting…”

             White Dragon says, “As if there is some other option.”

             Black Dragon comes ahead and attacks White Dragon and they start their fight, Bulldog looks at Raptor and he touches a steel rod and becomes steel and converts his hand into a hammer and attacks Bulldog, Surgeon and Leo have their match, Black Rose starts the fight with the henchmen and Apocalypse looks at her and says, “You are one good looking girl.”

           Black Rose kicks one of the henchmen and says, “I know what kind of a guy you are, Mr. R made a mistake by not killing you.”

           Apocalypse sees a steel rod and comes at her and Black Rose attacks him.

            Bulldog then fires mini missiles at Raptor and injures him, Raptor then sees and becomes steel form again and keeps the fight on and goes at Bulldog.

          White and Black Dragon are fighting and White Dragon says, “Where were you?”

           Black Dragon says, “I wasn’t dead that, yes, I lost an eye in the fight, but I was alive, but I lived and I wanted vengeance against you and your team after what you did with Diablo.”

          White Dragon says, “What we did was good for the City and the world, now fight.”

          Apocalypse looks at Black Rose and he says, “You will look good in my list, babe.”

         Black Rose says, “That is not happening, and don’t ‘babe’ me.”

        All then separate and come in front of each other and Bulldog fires mini missiles and when the smoke clears after the explosion, Apocalypse and his team is gone, disappeared.

      Leo says, “That was close, huh.”

       Raptor says, “They will kill us when Mr. R is dead and Mr. R is still hasn’t shown up.”

       White Dragon says, “He has to show up.”


They all come at the base and Saisha says, “What happened?”

               Chang says, “Got our asses kicked.”

         Saina removes her gear and sees she is injured badly and Danny sees this and says, “You okay?”

           Saina says, “Ya, it’s a huge responsibility that Dad has taken to save the City from these jerks.”

           Danny says, “Damn straight, he became a symbol for the good and became a punisher for the bad, I kind of enjoyed, we could have been dead, but comes to know what we need to fight.”

          Saina smiles and removes her remaining gear.


           The other day,

  Saina and Danny are at Rihaan’s home and they see his and his parent’s pictures, pictures with Grandpa, Jeet and Tanya.

            Danny sees a package and when he opens it, it is Yuvraj’s book he had written on Mr. R and his adventures.

              Saina then gets a danger alert and she calls Danny and they come know, Bulldog has attacked the City Mall.

              Bulldog is seen attacking the City Mall and many people get injured due to the missile attacks and he removes his huge shotgun and points at a group of people and just then, a hunter wraps the gun and Raptor comes and punches him with a steel body.

          Black Rose holds the gun still and tries pulling it off but Bulldog gets up and pulls her and throws her into a shop. Raptor sees this and turns his hand into a sword and starts fighting with Bulldog. Bulldog then removes his handguns and starts shooting and Raptor takes some bullets and dodges some bullets and just then he jumps and converts his sword into a hammer and hits it on Bulldog’s face. Black Rose gets out of the shop and sees her brother fighting and looks up and she sees a crate of huge boxes and she removes his ninja disks and hits it on ropes holding it and it falls on Bulldog.

           They come ahead to see this and they see Bulldog created a hole in the ground when he saw the crate falling and has gone underground.

          Bulldog gets back from underground and he looks at the brother sister duo and says, “I kill.”

           Raptor says, “Just die, dude!!!”

              Raptor sees a fire truck and goes and removes the water pipe and hits water on Bulldog and Black Rose drops the electric pole on the ground causing a current on the ground and then in water and it gives a shock on Bulldog and he gets weak.

          Raptor climbs on him and tries removing his head off and but Bulldog throws him off.

           Apocalypse’s car comes there and he sees the whole fight and opens his window and points at Black Rose and he is about to fire and just then, Chang hits the car and says, “What you thought, I wouldn’t recognize the number plate.”

          Apocalypse gets out and he and Chang have a fight and Bulldog sees this and fires a huge missile which injures Chang. Apocalypse says, “Bulldog, play time is over.”

              As they leave, Apocalypse removes a grenade from Bulldog’s armor and throws it at Chang and winks at him and Black Rose sees this and kicks it and the grenade explodes somewhere else.

                 They all leave from there and goes at the base.

                At the base, Chang says, “Apocalypse has returned strong, did someone notice that?”

                Altogether say, “Yes.”

                In Shimla,

               Rihaan is with Tanya and the doctors say to him that the final treatment can cure Tanya and for that he has to take her to the City and Rihaan says, “Time to return home, Tanya.”

                          Rihaan is then seen in a plane and he says, “Apocalypse, I am coming back.”



MR. R-



            Rihaan’s plane lands on the airport and Mr. James is there and he says, “Welcome back, Mr. Rihaan.”

            Rihaan looks at Mr. James and hugs him and says, “It’s been a long time, Mr. James. I missed the City though and the City must have missed me or not.”

            Mr. James says, “Surely, they must have missed you.”

            Rihaan says, “Let’s see.”

            Mr. James sees doctors arriving at the plane and says, “The secret facility is ready for Tanya, no one will arrive there, only you, me and your team has the permission to go there, come I will show you.”

            They go to a place outside the City and Tanya is kept there and Rihaan looks at her and says, “Get well soon, darling, I am waiting for you.”

            Mr. James says, “Now what?”

            Rihaan smiles and says, “JSF.”

            Chang and others arrive at the base and the computer tells them that somebody is already in the base and Chang removes a small knife from his shoe and Danny touches a steel piece and becomes steel body and they all come inside and they see someone sitting there and Saina goes at him and puts the knife on his neck and the person says, “Bad move, babe…”

            He throws her off and she lands on some empty boxes and he turns around and he happens to be, Rihaan and Saina says, “DAD!!!!”

            Rihaan looks at others and says, “Hey guys!!!”

            Raghu says, “You did come back, huh, nice…”

            Rihaan says, “I had to, as it is, Tanya is getting better and the City needs help and mainly you guys need help, it’s true I heard Apocalypse was taken out of jail and you got your asses kicked.”

            Danny says, “Damn right…”

            Chang says, “One more thing which is worse, Lee aka Black Dragon is still alive and he has joined hands with Apocalypse.”

            Rihaan says, “It’s getting worse than I expected, time for me to enter.”

            He leaves and Danny says, “I guess, Tanya getting better is pouring some energy in him.”

            Saina says, “True that.”


            Apocalypse is at his base and says, “I am just waiting you know, when will Mr. R will come back, I am sick of fighting and defeating his associates.”

            Surgeon says, “We know who he is really, why not we expose him and then we can kill him in his real human form.”

            Apocalypse says, “No, no, Surgeon, when the invisible force of the City gets killed or dies, it is easier to hurt the City and Mr. R has suffered a lot because of me and he will be also dying to beat me or even kill me, he knows that he made a mistake by just arresting me.”

            Black Dragon says, “When he dies, the City will be on their feet and we will rule, Cheers.”


            Ujwal Naik is seen at his house and he gets a text message, ‘On Terrace, now, bring your son too.”

            Ujwal Naik then goes in Yuvraj’s room and he says, “Yuvraj, he is back.”

            Yuvraj smiles and they go on the terrace and Yuvraj says, “Where is he?”

            A voice comes and he says, “I am here, guys.”

            Mr. R comes out of a dark corner and Ujwal Naik says, “Where were you?”

            Mr. R says, “On vacation, for a long time, (looks at Yuvraj), someone did find me, I liked the Book by the way.”

            Yuvraj says, “So, what is the plan?”

            Mr. R says, “Apocalypse escaped prison and it was my fault, I should have killed him but…”

            Ujwal Naik says, “As it is some people are happy, you are cleared innocent for not killing Tanya, it was someone’s else’s body found there.”

            Mr. R says, “I should thank you for that, Mr. Naik.”

            Yuvraj says, “But it wasn’t dad alone, Dr. Anjali helped him.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Thanks son, for taking away the moment.”

            Yuvraj smiles and Mr. R says, “I should thank her also then.”

            Ujwal Naik hears something and it happens to be his wife calling him for dinner and he and Yuvraj go at the terrace door and when they come back inside, Mr. R is gone and Ujwal Naik says, “Everytime.”


            At the police station,

Dr. Anjali is leaving her cabin and she packs her stuff and gets out of the station, when she leaves some distance, some thugs come behind her and when she turns around, the thugs surround her and take her inside the alley and just then Mr. R saves her and beats the guys.

            Dr. Anjali says, “So you are the Guy Fawkes mask wearing freak?”

            Mr. R says, “Thanks for the name, girl.”

            Anjali says, “So you are some crazy person, huh?”

            Mr. R says, “That would depend on observation, girl, see, I am someone’s regret that they couldn’t get my mask off, I am someone’s desire to be like me, I am someone’s revenge because I have killed them or put them in prison, I am someone’s friend, I am the Icon, the symbol, you can call me Mr. R.”

Anjali says, “That was some introduction.”

Mr. R says, “Thanks, by the way, double thanks, because you proved me that I am an innocent person.”

Anjali says, “Still have a question though, why save her, you know she is married to someone?”

Mr. R says, “And that someone happens to be my friend, something bad happened with him and her somewhere and I would put my life ahead into saving their lives.”

Anjali smiles and says, “Friendship with you might be good, I suppose.”

She sees her purse was dropped and she turns around to take it and she turns back and sees that he is gone and says, “Damn!!!”


Apocalypse is at his base and he is seen drinking and he says, “Mr. R!!!! This time, why I feel, something worse is upon you, run!!!”

MR. R is seen on a tall tower watching his City.


Somewhere else,

A guy is seen at a small shed having many computers there and he is creating something and says, “Mr. R, let us play.”

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