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3. MR. R-




            Chang, Raghu and Yuvraj move ahead to Rihaan’s house and Jordan is holding his sniper and is pointing at the house but what he doesn’t know is someone has seen them and the person is hiding in the tree and he points his gun at Jordan and he shoots him and Jordan feels it and when he sees it, it’s a tranquilizer and becomes unconscious.

            Chang and others reach the doors and they touch the door and she it’s opens and they come inside and there is no one there and they come inside more and they hear something and the door closes and Chang looks up and someone kicks him.

            Raghu says, “It’s a girl.”

            The girl then kicks Raghu and she starts a fight with Chang and after sometime, she removes her sword and points at Chang and just then a voice comes, “STOP!!!”

            Chang looks and it is Rihaan and Raghu and Yuvraj are smiling at him and Chang says, “Hey.”

            Rihaan says, “Hello, Chang.”

            He looks at Yuvraj and says, “So you found me, that wasn’t my intension of those letters, you are smart.”

            He then hugs Chang and Raghu and Raghu says, “Who is she, your new bodyguard?”

            The girl says, “Watch it…”

            Rihaan says, “No, she is not my bodyguard, she is my daughter.”

            All are shocked and Raghu says, “What?”

            Chang says, “When, what?”

            The girl says, “By the way I am, Saina and I am adopted.”

            Rihaan says, “You always have to bring the ‘I am adopted’ thing, grow up.”

            Saina says, “Sorry, Dad!!!”

            Rihaan looks at the guys and says, “You guys are still in shock.”


Sometime later, Chang says, “You have many things to tell us…”

            Rihaan says, “About Saina, I suppose, when I was coming here, I saw a car accident, so when I came near that place I saw them and I took them in.”

            Chang says, “Man, Jordan is still outside, and by the way, them?”

            Rihaan says, “Oh yeah, I have a son too and for the news, he has made Jordan unconscious.”

            The door opens and a guy brings Jordan on his back and puts him on a sofa and Jordan says, “Hello…”

            Chang says, “This is your son?”

            The guy says, “Yeah, I am Daniel or you can call me, Danny.”

            Raghu says, “There are just two, right.”

            Daniel says, “Yes, big man, we are just two.”

            Rihaan smiles and they are all having dinner.


At night,

 Rihaan is smoking outside the house and Chang says, “Hey, got any plans to come back to the City?”

            Rihaan says, “Plans haven’t made yet, Chang.”

            Chang says, “Apocalypse is still alive, if you want to know, but Jai, the intern guy now called, Surgeon wants him free and he will do his best, we want you, I and Raghu cannot hold much, and you know that.”

            Rihaan says, “I know, there are some important things I have to take care of.”

            Chang says, “If you are talking about the kids, they can come with us, they can also join the team.”

            Rihaan says, “I know, it is their choice to join or not, but, there is one thing, I will tell you later.”

            Chang says, “Tell me now.”

            Saying this, he points his sword and Rihaan looks back at him and removes his sword and he says, “I told you, I will tell you later.”

            Rihaan then leaves inside the house and Saina says, “Chang, sometimes I also don’t understand him, but, he is good.”

            Chang then goes at Rihaan’s room and sees it locked and Danny says, “It’s locked, something is hidden there.”

            Chang says, “From when did he become so secretive…”

            Next day,

Saina prepares some breakfast and she serves the guys and she touches Chang and says, “How is Saisha, your wife?”

            Chang says, “She is good, wait a sec, I didn’t tell you about her, you told her Rihaan?”

            Rihaan says, “No, she just knows you are a ninja.”

            Saina signals something at Rihaan and he says, “Alright, she does that sometimes…”

            Raghu says, “What she does?”

            Rihaan says, “You all remember, Tanisha Shroff?”

            Chang says, “Yeah, the mind control girl.”

            Rihaan says, “Yes, Saina, here can do the same things like, mind control and manipulation plus telekinesis.”

            Yuvraj says, “How is that possible?”

            Saina says, “Our real parents were scientists and we had mature quick and one day they were talking about some experiments and they wanted subjects and no one volunteered and so we did and I can do the mind control and telekinesis and some days later, a truck hit our car and our parents got killed in it and Danny saved me and Rihaan took us in and when I touched I saw what happened with him and what he has done for the City and his friends and so I agreed to come with him.”

            They all pause for a bit and they all look at Danny and he says, “I can do stuff too.”

            Rihaan says, “Show them.”

            Danny then takes a spoon and his absorbs the energy and his hand becomes like material of spoon and he says, “Yes, I can absorb the material and make my body like that (his whole body of the spoon material) and thus I can only be killed in human form.”

            Jordan says, “Awesome.”


Danny takes a wood log and absorbs the energy and his whole body becomes wood and he converts his hand into a knife and says, “Yes, I can do this.”      

            He becomes normal then and Rihaan says, “No disrespect, but they are good science projects.”

            Saina and Danny smile and others laugh.


            After sometime, Chang is seen packing his bags and Rihaan says, “What are you doing?”

            Chang says, “Leaving for the City, you don’t want to come back to the City and help us, you have some things to care off and it’s not the kids, I know it and they know it too.”

            He leaves his room and comes in the hall and everyone is there and Chang says, “We are your friends, Rihaan, I don’t know Tanya is alive or dead, what was your plan regarding her, but she would have been there, she would tell you to come to the City.”

            He goes to the door and Rihaan says, “Chang, damn, TANYA IS ALIVE!!!!!”

            They all look at Rihaan.


4. MR. R-



Chang says, “What, Tanya is alive?”

            Rihaan says, “Yes.”

            Raghu says, “How is that possible, yeah, the news said you killed her, but you did exchanged the body and created a view of confusion for us.”

            Rihaan says, “Yeah, I did create a scene but I had to protect her and this was the only way.”

            Yuvraj says, “Where is she?”

            Rihaan looks at the kids and says, “Kids, Saina, especially you, you were always thinking what I used to do inside the room, let’s see.”

            Saina says, “Alright.”

            He then opens the door of his room and they see a TV and a bed there with some exercising stuff and Rihaan then opens the secret door and there are some stairs that lead under the house.

            Danny says, “How did I never saw all this, I am always near the house.”

            They start walking downstairs and Chang says to Saina, “You could have known by entering his mind, why didn’t you do that?”

            Saina says, “He took a promise from me, never to enter his mind and at the start when he adopted us, I looked in and again once when he came to know about us, he made me take a promise.”

            Chang says, “I can understand that.”

            There is another door then and Rihaan opens and there are many women there and they come inside more, they see TANYA on a bed and Chang says, “Is she alive?”

            Rihaan says, “She is, the liquid inside her paralyzed her and when her blood was analyzed, the only solution was via organic materials so, I arranged all of this, the medicines and the doctors and the doctors here making her alright, she is slowly getting out of the paralysis.”

            Saina goes at Tanya and touches her head and she says, “She misses you a lot.”

            Rihaan says, “I know, she does.”

            Chang says, “Sorry.”

            Rihaan says, “It’s alright.”

            Rihaan then starts talking to the doctors and Danny says, “Who all others are there in the team?”

            Raghu says, “We all were, some guys left and one died and then we both are handling JSF.”

            Saina says, “JSF?”

            Chang says, “Yeah, Justice Sorority Faction…”

            Danny says, “Nice name, I am in.”

            Saina says, “Me too, brother.”

            Rihaan says, “I see, you are getting new members.”

            Saina says, “We made a choice.”

            Rihaan smiles and he says, “Tanya’s condition is getting good, she will need some time more.”

            Chang says, “So you are coming?”

            Rihaan says, “I will, give me some days, if you want you can take them and help them settle there.”

            Raghu says, “We can do that.”

            They all leave and Rihaan stays with Tanya and he says, “Hey, Tanya, kids are joining JSF, I want you there with us.”

            Chang, Raghu, Yuvraj and the kids come back to the City.

            Saina and Danny see the house and then the base.


On the other side,

Surgeon is with his henchmen and he says, “We have to get Apocalypse out from prison.”

            Just then a voice comes, “I have an idea.”


At the City prison,

A bike there comes and with full speed and it suddenly shoots mini missiles and explodes the door and the guy on the bike removes his helmet and the guards come to him and he has a fight with them and kills them.

            Surgeon then comes with his henchmen and they get inside the special prison sections. The guy then throws grenades at the guards and kills them. He then goes ahead and sees a huge prison cell.

            After sometime,

Ujwal Naik and his team come there and see all the destruction and one of the officers says, “Sir, we have a problem inside the special prison section.”

They arrive there and they see the dead guards and they come inside a prison            cell and Ujwal Naik sees on the wall written In red and he comes to know it is blood and it is written,

‘I AM BACK!!!!!




Ujwal says, “Was Apocalypse here?”

The officer says, “Yes, sir!!!!”

Ujwal Naik says, “Bloody hell!!!”


At a warehouse,

There is a series of cars arriving there and from the first car, Apocalypse gets down and he says, “It’s great to be back.”

Surgeon says, “I know, right and thanks to this guy here, where is he?”

Just then a bike comes and it is the same guy who broke into the prison and he removes his helmet and he is an eye patch on one of his eye and says, “I am happy I worked for you, Apocalypse, I am Lee aka Black Dragon.”

Apocalypse says, “You were dead, the other ninja killed you, years ago.”

Lee says, “Yes, I did, but I survived, Chang didn’t kill me neatly, I was injured but not dead and I went back to Nepal and I was done alright and stayed hidden for a while to get back up and Surgeon wanted some help and I was willing to and we also have same enemies.”

Apocalypse says, “True that.”

He shakes hands with Lee.


Ujwal Naik returns home and Yuvraj sees him all nervous and Yuvraj says, “What’s the matter, dad?”

Ujwal Naik says, “Nothing, son, nothing.”

Yuvraj says, “Tell me.”


At the JSF base,

Chang gets the news on Surgeon robbing a warehouse and he gets a call from Yuvraj but ignores and he looks at the kids and says, “Guys, time for yours first mission.”

Saina and Danny smile at each other.


At the warehouse,

Some henchmen are loading the boxes inside the trucks and just then the door explodes and White Dragon and Leo are there and White Dragon says, “Alright, you have two choices, Surrender or fight.”

The men attack them, White Dragon says, “Okay, Fight.”

            Leo attacks them and helps White Dragon and when the men increase, someone in a domino mask comes and fights them and she says, “I am, Black Rose.”


            White Dragon whispers, “Isn’t that my wife’s other name?”

            Saisha (Chang’s wife) who is at the base says, “Yes, it is, let her use it.”

            Black Rose beats all and she sees more coming and just then, a truck gets thrown at them and she sees someone there and she just smiles and she says, “Hey, brother.”


            The guy then turns normal from steel and Leo says, “What do we call you?”

            The guy says, “Call me, Raptor.”


            They all then team up and fight the henchmen and soon then they all defeated and White Dragon says, “I guess we are done here.”

           A voice comes and they look, they see someone polishing a sword, White Dragon says, “It’s impossible.”

            The guy happens to be Black Dragon.

            Black Dragons says, “Don’t worry about me, I am not the only bad guy you have to worry about.”

            Raptor says, “Why I think it’s a trap?”


Another door opens and Leo says, “This cannot be happening.”

            They all see, Apocalypse coming fromc that door with Surgeon and Yuvraj comes at base and says, “Guys, Apocalypse escaped from Jail and.”

            Black Rose says, “And he is standing in front of us.”

            Apocalpyse says, “Hello, guys.”


Many more men gather there and Surgeon opens a truck door and Bulldog comes out from there and says, “I am Bulldog, I kill.”

            White Dragon says, “We are doomed.”

            The villains then start laughing at the JSF.





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