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MR. R-


           Ujwal Naik is getting ready for his police duty and he is wearing his uniform and on the other side his son, Yuvraj is getting ready for his college and they both leave home together.

            In the car,

Yuvraj says, “You didn’t answer me properly when I asked you last time; do you think Mr. R killed Tanya Kumar at the hospital years ago?”

            Ujwal Naik says, “No, I don’t think so.”

            Yuvraj reaches his college and Ujwal Naik goes to the station.

He then goes to the hospital site and there he sees that it has been cleared and a new work has started and he goes to junkyard where he sees all the remains of the hospital and says, “Something is fishy here.”

            He reaches the office and from the forensics department, Miss Anjali comes to him and says, “Sir, if you have some time, I wanted to talk to you…”

            Ujwal Naik says, “I have a meeting.”

            Anjali says, “Just some time, sir, it’s about Tanya’s death case.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Okay, you have my attention.”

            Anjali says, “I will tell you in the evening when the office closes, meet me in the forensics department.”

            She leaves Ujwal’s Naik cabin and he says, “I guess someone else would also like to know about this.”

            He then texts something to someone and continues his work.

            Same evening, there is a facility and there is a team of doctors there and one of the doctors say, “Jai’s case is turning more dangerous, his whole body is burned and he is still alive with all vital signs good, but his half face is burned.”

            Jai is on the operation table and he opens his eyes and one of the doctors come to him and Jai holds him by neck and says, “I am alive and thanks for the help.”

            Some men come inside and they start firing at the doctors and kill them. Jai gets up and he sees his burned face in the mirror and says, “Something has to be done about this.”

            He leaves the room and just then the glasses of the facility break and White Dragon comes inside the facility and Leo is with him and White Dragon says, “Took a lot of time to find you when you saved yourself from the hospital even if you got hit by some bullets.”

            Jai says, “I am alive and you will be dead….”

            Leo roars at them and attacks the men and White Dragon helps him and then fights Jai.

            Jai then sees his men dying and he takes some with them and throws a smoke grenade and says, “Call me, Surgeon.”

            He then leaves with the men and White Dragon says, “Dammit!!!”

            At the police station,

Ujwal Naik enters the forensics department and Yuvraj comes along and Dr. Anjali sees them both and she says, “Alright, I will get started, see some time ago we saw the footage that Mr. R killed Tanya, but if I say that Tanya wasn’t dead.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “How is that possible, we all saw the footage, Mr. R was killing Tanya by killing with the pillow.”

            Dr. Anjali says, “When I did the scan from the room remains, I got a syringe with some liquid in it and when I analyzed it, it consists of a liquid which paralyzes the body and my guess is someone injected her with his liquid and the footage shows some guy killing Jai there and the guy leaves and my guess is, Mr. R tells his guy to leave and.”

            Yuvraj says, “And.”

            Dr. Anjali smiles and says, “My guess is, Tanya is alive or not dead yet, because, you can it a miracle, but the DNA scans don’t match with the body we had got years ago and Tanya’s blood.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “You mean, Mr. R somehow, he exchanged Tanya’s body and replaced with someone else’s and created an explosion and people and mainly Apocalypse to think he let Tanya die.”

            Yuvraj says, “Meaning he hacked the cameras inside the room and we all thought that he killed Tanya.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “People have to know this, they need to know the truth.”

            Chang is at his house and his wife, Saisha (not the actress, one who was in the new JSF, young one) comes in quickly calls him inside the room and they see the news and Ujwal Naik is there and he says,

 “Due to this extraordinary report by Dr. Anjali, we have confirmed news that Mr. R is not guilty and thus he hacked the cameras and then saved Tanya and showed the people he killed Tanya and what we have come to know that Tanya may be or may not be alive and Mr. R just for showing killed some other already dead person and thus, I think Mr. R is innocent.”


Chang smiles and hugs Saisha and they tell Raghu.

            Chang says, “Rihaan, you are one smart ass.”


Rihaan, who is in Shimla, sees the news and smiles and he takes a sip from his drink and there is a flashback:

Maverick leaves the room when he shoots Jia when Mr. R tells him to leave and Mr. R takes a step back and he puts a chip on the camera above him and the footage stays the same and he goes to Tanya’s bed and he takes her body and Maverick didn’t leave and he takes Tanya’s body and puts it some other room and they bring another dead body and Maverick takes Tanya’s body outside the hospital and Mr. R removes the chip of the cameras and the presses the person’s neck and as he leaves, he throws a some grenades and there is a huge explosion.

            There is a girl there too and she says, “Nice plan.”

            Rihaan smiles and leaves inside his room.

            Many people are seen celebrating in the City.


            Yuvraj reaches home and hugs his father and he goes inside his room and starts celebrating and he sees all his data again and says, “I was right, that means, Oh my god, I was right, Rihaan is Mr. R.”

            He puts Rihaan’s and Mr. R together on the wall and says, “Rihaan, you are one guy, I must say.”

            He then gets back on his laptop and finishes his book called, MR. R- ICON OF JUSTICE.

            Some days later,

Chang is at his office and he gets a call from the assistant saying that Yuvraj is there to meet him and Yuvraj shows him the new book and he comes to him and whispers, “I know who Mr. R is…”

            Chang says, “I will be dammed.”

            Yuvraj says, “Good news, I guess I know where he is.”

            Chang says, “Now, you are scaring me.”

            Yuvraj winks at him and sits in a chair and Chang calls Raghu to come inside his cabin.



            Raghu comes inside the cabin and sees Yuvraj and goes at Chang and says, “What is the Commissioner’s son doing here?”

            Chang says, “He knows who Mr. R is and where he is…”

            Raghu says, “What?”

            Chang says, “Yeah, you heard me. So Yuvraj, what you know and most important, does your dad know?”

            Yuvraj says, “No he doesn’t know, he just knows that I was receiving some letters from Mr. R aka Rihaan and so I was about to write my book on him.”

            Chang says, “Letters?”

            Yuvraj shows them the letters and Raghu says, “Oh, he told you his life story.”

            Yuvraj says, “(Looks at Raghu) He also told me about you, Leo.”

            Chang says, “Oh oh!!!”

            Yuvraj says, “White Dragon is a nice name by the way, Mr. Chang.”

            Chang and Raghu take him outside to their base.


At the base,

Chang says, “Where is he?”

Yuvraj says, “I went to North sides and told home that I am going for a holiday with friends, actually, Rihaan was delivering these letters from various addresses and when I got from one address to other, I saw a guy there who takes Rihaan’s letter and the chain starts, but I couldn’t go further as I was caught by the same guy and he told me to leave.”

            Chang says, “Where did you meet that guy?”

            Yuvraj says, “Shimla Kulu Manali…”

            Chang says, “We should pack our bags.”


They first then reach a military base in their own City and Yuvraj says, “Why are we here?”

            Chang says, “We need help from a new guy…”

            Just then,

Jordan arrives with his sniper in his military uniform and he looks at Chang, Raghu and Yuvraj and says, “Hey guys, who is this guy?”

            Raghu says, “He is Yuvraj, he found him.”

            Jordan says, “You serious?”

            Yuvraj nodes yes way and Chang says, “We need your help…”

            Jordan agrees and they then arrive at an airport and they take the private plane and they reach Shimla.


They reach Shimla and at night, they arrive at a place and they see the guy told Yuvraj to leave and Chang goes to him and they talk and just then a fight issues there and the guy says that he doesn’t know anything.

            Raghu comes ahead and says, “Don’t worry; we will bring it out of you…”

            Raghu and the guy have a fight and the guy happens to be strong and tough and he then punches Raghu and injures him. The guy then sees a sledgehammer somewhere and picks it up and points it at Raghu and he says, “Alright, Plan B.”

            He first looks at Chang and he smiles and he takes a step back and Raghu turns to Leo and attacks the guy the fight continues.

            Leo then breaks the hammer and he injures the guy badly and puts him on the ground and Jordan points a gun at him and says, “Where is he?”

            The guy says, “I will take you to him tomorrow morning.”

            They take the guy with him and tie him inside their room.


At the city,

 Surgeon is there with his men and he sees his face again and he gets all sick about the burned part and says, “I cannot handle this, this sucks!!! I hate this.”

            There are behind a toy shop and there he sees something from outside and smiles and says, “I have an idea…”


Next morning,

The guy takes him inside the mountains and they see a wooden jungle and when they cross it, they see a house there and they see a house with a horse tied near it.


The guy then says, “This is the house where I get the letters from and I bring the groceries too.”

Chang says, “What if there is one more address after this, we have to be sure and then you will leave.”

The guy points something.

The door opens and Rihaan comes out and Chang says, “There he is…”

Rihaan then sees outside and washes his face and goes back inside.

Chang tells the guy to leave and tells Jordan to stay here with pointing the gun at the house if something goes wrong.

They start walking towards the house.


At the City,

The men see that Jai is making something and Jai comes with something in his hand and he shows them and it’s a metal Mask cut in half and Surgeon smiles and he puts it on and says, “Now I feel good. (Looks in the mirror) Better actually….”

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