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MR. R-



Rihaan is then welcomed by his colleagues at his office and malls and he takes the appreciation from them and says, “I will stay for long.”

Chang says, “Will you?”

Rihaan smiles and says, “We will see.”

Chang says, “I heard a rumor in the City, someone has created a game on Mr. R, it was put on internet and many people downloaded it and getting crazy about it.”

Rihaan says, “Interesting though, any fun?”

Chang says, “No actually, the game is like, you play a bad guy and you have to find Mr. R and kill them.”

Rihaan says, “One word, cruel.”


On the other side,

There is a guy playing games and his mother comes inside his room and she says, “Son, the food has gone cold, eat it.”

The guy says, “I will, don’t disturb me.”

The mother says, “Manav Ghai, you better eat the food.”

Manav turns around from his chair and his eyes are all red and he says, “I will.”

The mother leaves and she calls a rehab center but Manav sees this and leaves the house in a secret manner.

Manav reaches a shed outside the City and sees all his computers and says, “Time to meet him.”

He then starts making software and he smiles slowly and says, “Game on.”


Just then, from somewhere, soldiers in American SWAT uniforms enter the City and they are all androids and people first get impressed when they see it but the soldiers remove the guns and start firing, they start running off.

Manav says, “Where are you?”


On a huge bulletin board, a message comes, “Where are you, Mr. R?”

The soldiers gather some people in a corner and just then, Black Rose comes and kills the androids and Raptor joins her and fights them.

            Manav says, “I said, Mr. R, not them.”

            He then creates more androids and a bike comes and hits them and Mr. R is on the bike and says, “Someone missed me, I suppose.”

            Manav says, “Finally.”

            Manav inputs some program and a huge android comes with a huge Browning gun and Mr. R sees this and says, “Damn.”

            The android starts firing and Mr. R removes his Browning gun from the gun and they fire at each other and Raptor takes the advantage and removes a sewer lid and swings and it hits on the android’s head and kills it.

            Mr. R stops and says, “Who did this?”

            Manav says, “Good one, Mr. R and his bloody associates.”

            He then returns home and his parents are waiting for him and they scold him and he goes inside his room and starts playing the games.


At the JSF base,

Rihaan says, “Any clues, Apocalypse must have done this?”

            Danny says, “When did Apocalypse start using video game characters like Counter Strike, huh?”

            Chang says, “He is right, by the way.”

            Rihaan says, “We better find the person, what is more to come, we all don’t know.”


Next day,

 Saina comes to a coffee shop and she sees that there is no place to sit and she is sees a guy on a laptop and she goes and sits on his table and she orders her coffee and some snack and she says, “Hi.”

            The guy sees her and says, “I am busy.”

            Saina says, “That’s rude, by the way, I am Saina.”

            The guy says, “I am Manav, I am busy playing.”

            Saina says, “Alright.”

            She comes home and sees Danny and says, “Were we addicted so much to video games?”

            Danny says, “No, why?”

            Saina says, “I was at the coffee shop and I sat on a guy’s table and he was engrossed in his video game, he wouldn’t have the time to see me, so rude.”

            Danny says, “There are people like that.”

            Saina says, “So engrossed?”

            Rihaan hears everything and says, “Addicted.”

            Saina says, “True.”


Same night, there is a fire in a house and Mr. R reaches there with Leo and Raptor and when they burn it off, a guy is seen in the air and when the smoke of the fire clears, it looks like, Vegeta (from Dragon Ball Z) android and he says, “You will die now.”

            Raptor sees this and Vegeta fires some fireballs and Raptor creates a shield and defends the people, Leo uses the shield to jump and attacks Vegeta and Mr. R says, “That guy must have created him.”

            Leo defeats him and they come on ground and Mr. R takes the advantage and hits some knives and Leo tears him apart.


Next day,

Saina and Danny go at the same coffee shop and they see Manav there and Danny says, “The addicted guy…”

Saina says, “Shut up.”

They go at his table and Manav looks at them and says, “You were there yesterday too, right?”

Saina says, “Yeah, I was, would you like to come out with us?

Manav says, “No, sorry, I have to finish this.”

He leaves and Danny says, “Something is wrong with him.”

Saina says, “Sure is.”

Saina leaves the coffee shop and Danny follows Manav.


The same night,

 Danny sees Manav escaping from the house and someone there is watching Danny and he gets to know that someone is there and that someone is on a tree and Danny turns to Raptor and cuts the branch and the guy falls down and it is Marvin who is up there and he says, “Hey.”

Raptor says, “Who are you?”

Marvin says, “Who am I? Who the hell are you?”

Raptor says, “I am Raptor, JSF.”

Marvin smiles and says, “Oh, I am Marvin aka Slash, I am following that guy.”

Raptor says, “Me too.”

Marvin says, “Mr. R told me to follow him.”

Raptor says, “Me too, he is my Dad by the way.”

Marvin says, “What? Seriously!!! Okay…”

They then follow Manav and he goes inside a shed and they leave from there.


Danny is at the base the other day, he types Manav’s name on Google and an article comes up saying that he will admitted to a rehab center in Lonavla and Danny notes the address and when he goes there and he gets some major information.


The same day, a monster named Scorpion and Sub Zero (from Mortal Combat aka KOMBAT) show up inside the city. Scorpion starts putting things on fire and Sub Zero freezes things.

 Just then, Mr. R shows up and fights those guys and Scorpion removes a fire sword and Sub Zero removes an ice hammer and they attack Mr. R.

White Dragon comes to help him and they get defeated badly and just then, Raptor comes and uses a steel sword and they are seen fighting. Raptor then kills Sub Zero when he throws a steel rod at him when Sub Zero creates an ice storm and the rod gets converted into a spear and goes through him.

Raptor looks at Scorpion and says, “Manav!!!”

Scorpion stops and Manav controlling it and says, “No!!!”

He switches on the webcam and he a video bulletin shows his face and says, “Who are you?”

Raptor says, “Listen, Manav, you need help, hurting Mr. R and us wont gain you anything, leave all this and go to a rehab center and get alright.”

Manav says, “How dare you lecture me, huh.”

Scorpion then breathes fire and Raptor gets injured and he leaves.

Raptor is brought to base and he turns normal and says, “I am good.”

Saina says, “You have some things to tell us.”

Rihaan says, “Who is Manav?”

Danny says, “Manav Ghai, gamer champion since 16, he is 21, was in a rehab center last year due to addiction to video games and players too, he sometimes used to speak in video game language and compare people to players and he created a program of android which creates video game players and he also the creator of Mr. R’s game.”

Rihaan says, “He just needs help.”


Marvin arrives there and he looks at Saina and he looks at Danny and says, “Is that your sister, dude?”

Danny says, “Ya, why?”

Marvin says, “Nothing, I am in love.”

Danny says, “Whoa!!!”

Marvin goes at Saina but she ignores him.


Manav is at his home and his mother comes inside his room and says, “I saw you on TV, what is going on?”

Manav says, “Leave me alone, mom, please.”

His mother gets furious and she comes and slaps Manav and she starts unplugging all the wires and Manav tries stopping her and he presses a button and the door breaks and Scorpion enters the house and pulls the mother out of the house and throws her outside the house and she gets unconscious and Manav says, “Mr. R and his friends have to die.”

Manav releases a video then and says, “Hello, JSF, I am Manav Ghai aka the Gamer, you see this (shows them a mall rigged with bombs) if you want to save them, I want Mr. R and Raptor here in two hours for the game.”

            Mr. R starts gearing up and Marvin comes to him and says, “Your daughter, she is something, you know.”

            Rihaan says, “Go, and talk to her.”

            Marvin says, “No, she ignored me completely.”


Rihaan whispers something in his ear and Marvin goes at her and he somehow touches her and Saina gives a small smile and she leaves and she looks back at him and Rihaan says, “Nice.”


Mr. R and Raptor then reach the mall and they defuse the bombs first and just then a door opens and some androids come out and one is with a cricket bat, other with a baseball bat, hockey stick and some with swords and spears and Mr. R sends Raptor ahead and he fight the androids.

            Raptor goes ahead and he faces Scorpion.

            They have a fight and Scorpion again splits fire from his mouth and Raptor dodges and slashes his fire breathing head and kills him and he says, “Flawless Victory!!!”

            Raptor says, “Where are you, Manav?”

            Mr. R beats the androids and joins Manav and just then on a screen, Manav appears and he says, “You all completed the level, now final level.”

            A huge android appears and Mr. R scans it, Manav is inside it controlling it using his laptops and computers and Manav says, “What now?”

            Raptor creates a shield and a sword of his body and fights the android and Mr. R takes a step back and says, “Send him.”

            Raptor gets injured and Manav says, “I am the best.”

            He then hears a noise and R-TRON comes there and Saina is inside it and says, “Let’s play.”

            R-TRON and Manav’s android have a fight and Manav breaks the R-TRON badly and injures Saina and she injects herself at a point and Mr. R comes and hits mini bombs and breaks the android and there is a huge explosion.

            When the smoke clears, Manav is seen like typing with everything destroyed, he is still addicted.


            Some days later, Manav is inside a room and he is the same and he is wearing glares fixed covering his eyes and he is like still typing and Rihaan sees him there and says, “Sorry, kid!!!”


            Saina is seen at the same coffee shop and Marvin sees her and he comes to him and he says, “You smiled that day…”

            Saina says, “Ya, so?”

            Marvin says, “There might me something between us, you think?”

            Saina says, “Like what?”

            Marvin says, “You know what I mean to say…”

            Saina smiles and says, “Ya…”

            They are seen talking and talking.


            At the facility, Apocalypse sees Manav and says, “We might need him sometime.”


            In space, there are two spaceships arriving or crashing near Earth.

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