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            At the base, everyone is celebrating Chang’s birthday and they are having drinks and food and Chang comes and gives champagne glasses to everyone and he gives one to Tina and she refuses and Chang says, “Why, you like champagne right?”

            Tina says, “No, I cannot.”

            Ryan says, “She cannot, there is a reason.”

            Tina is on Ryan laps and he like signaling Chang by putting hands on Tina’s stomach and Chang says, “Wait!! Are you serious?”

            Everyone gather and Raghu says, “What happened?”

            Chang says, “Tina is pregnant.”

            All are shocked and all and they all hug Ryan and Tina and Rihaan is seen smiling and Ryan comes to him and Rihaan says, “That was a surprise.”

            Ryan says, “Ya, it is.”

            Rihaan says, “Now what?”

            Ryan says, “What do you mean now what?”

            Rihaan says, “You know, what we do all is dangerous jobs, Ryan and I don’t want to see newborn all this, so.”

            Ryan says, “Are you telling us to leave the City and JSF?”

            Rihaan says, “In an indirect way.”

            Ryan says, “Are you crazy? I love doing all this, so does Tina, I know she is pregnant now but she does understand.”

            Rihaan says, “This is for your own good, which is why I am saying.”

            Ryan says, “What if Tanya was pregnant? Would you leave the team?”

            Rihaan stops for a while and goes in a flashback.


It shows, Rihaan and Tanya in London where they come from outside shopping and later that night, Tanya is seen smiling at Rihaan inside the room and Rihaan says, “You are smiling a lot, what it is?”

            Tanya smiles more and says, “I am pregnant.”

            Rihaan says, “You serious.”

            He hugs her and Rihaan says, “That’s great, awesome…”

            They leave for a pub club and Tanya says, “Will the child be the new Mr. R?”
            Rihaan looks at her and says, “It will be the child’s choice, Tanya!!!”


Ryan says, “Tell me.”

            Rihaan leaves the base.

            Rihaan isn’t able to sleep the whole night and he comes to his parents room and he looks at their photo and he goes back in his room and goes back to sleep and he has a dream and he is seeing dead bodies of the whole JSF and they are killed by Apocalypse and he has Tanya with him and he shots her and Rihaan wakes up and he hears a voice saying, “Bad dream, son!!!”

            He looks and it is Grandpa and Rihaan says, “Yes it was.”

            He gets up and makes a drink for himself and Grandpa says, “There are some things worrying you, son?”

            Rihaan says, “Ya, they are. I am telling my friend to take his wife outside the City and protect her and my other friend is dying with cancer, what should I do?”

            Grandpa says, “You cannot stop Shakti from dying and Ryan, he has his own choice.”

            Another voice comes which says, “Damn right, he has.”

            Rihaan sees and it’s Jeet and Rihaan says, “I am worried that something might happen to Tina and her child and Ryan will lose it and lose the hope too to live…”

            Jeet says, “You didn’t answer Ryan’s question too?”

            Rihaan says, “I don’t have to.”


Soon, Rihaan is in his room alone.


The next day, Chang gets information of a police officer that works for Apocalypse and Chang says, “There is a rumor that something huge is going down and this officer knows many things.”

            Rihaan and Roy reach the officer’s building and when the lift clears, they wear their masks and knock the door and they pull the officer out and they him on the terrace.

            Mr. R says, “What is Apocalypse’s plan?”

            The officer moves back comes to the edge and says, “I am not saying anything.”

            Mr. R holds him and officer says, “Want to throw me off, R, that is not your style,”

            Mr. R says, “No, it’s not, they it’s theirs…”

            Maverick kicks the officer and while he is going down, Maverick says, “What is that assistant’s name of yours, Lisa, Lola?”

            Mr. R says, “Lita, cool hairstyle, I will give you the number.”

            Maverick says, “Yeah, baby!!!”

            Crusher is the bottom of the building and he flies up and catches him and brings him back up and Mr. R says, “Now?”

            The officer says, “He will kill me.”

            Maverick says, ““We will kill you first…”

            The officer says, “Alright, tomorrow is the President’s birthday, so Apocalypse made a plan to kill him and so he is sending some people and I was asked to help.”

            Maverick knocks him out.


They are at the base and they get to know the schedule of the President.

            Roy is with someone on the phone and Rihaan sees this and kind of ignores it and they also make a plan.


Next day,

The President arrives inside the City and the roads are empty for the moving the convoy and The President makes a stop and makes a speech at a place and later Ujwal Naik accompanies him inside the convoy.

            While the convoy is leaving, Chang is present there in the reporters and he takes pictures of the security and Ryan sees analyzes it the profiles and says, “Guys, only two of them are matching, rest are like brand new.”

            Rihaan says, “Apocalypse exchanged them with his real guys. Move out.”

            A helicopter then comes at the convoy on the bridge and Apocalypse comes out of the door and jumps on the President’s car and the driver tries taking him off and Ujwal Naik tries shooting Apocalypse and he then jumps ahead and the convoy stops and Apocalypse kills the driver and the President tells his Security to save him but the Apocalypse kills one of the guards and others point their guns at the President and Ujwal Naik.

            Just then, a missile comes and hits Apocalypse’s car and he says, “Crusher!!!”

            Crusher comes there and attacks the men and WD comes too with Crusher. Mr. R then comes on his bike and starts shooting, Apocalypse sees this and removes his gun and Maverick from nowhere and comes and they have a fight. Apocalypse then removes a knife and hits Maverick with it and he gets injured.

            Mr. R sees this and goes ahead and Apocalypse holds Maverick as hostage and Mr. R removes a knife but someone shoots Apocalypse’s hand and he sees it is Tina from a car and one of Apocalypse’s men shoots the car and she gets injured and Mr. R tells WD to take her away.

            Streak arrives there and kills that man that was shooting at Tina.

            They leave the President and Ujwal Naik there.


Tina is admitted and Ryan looks at Rihaan and says, “May be you were right.”
            Rihaan stops Ryan and says, “Tanya was pregnant too and the same night we went to the pub and there then we know what happened.”

            Ryan says, “I am sorry.”

            Rihaan says, “Go inside.”

            Roy then arrives and sees Rihaan and Rihaan says, “So, when are you leaving?”

            Roy says, “What?”

            Rihaan says, “I came to know about your offer, I saw the letter, the army is calling you for that special team against terrorists, and you should go.”

            Roy says, “What about you?”

            Rihaan says, “Nothing to worry and you better meet that assistant, she is one good girl.”

            Rihaan is outside the hospital and says, “Shakti is dying, Ryan, Tina and Roy leaving, what worse can more happen?”

            Apocalypse is getting healed and he says, “Rihaan, I have something that can turn your life worse.”

            His friend shows him an injection of a special liquid inside it.


MR. R-


            Dhruv says, “What does this injection do, tell me again?”

            His friend, Jai says, “It’s gets mixed inside the blood and creates an illusion and if we mix it with someone else’s blood, the person to whom it is injected will see him everywhere, so we are injecting your blood in this and when Rihaan gets hit, he will see you everywhere.”

            Dhruv says, “The antidote for this thing?”

            Jai says, “I haven’t made and nor will.”

            Dhruv says, “Nice work.”

            Next day,

Saisha is at her shoot and she gets a call saying that her younger brother and parents are kidnapped and she is called at her house.

            She arrives and many men there with guns and her parents and brother tied on a chair and Apocalypse arrives there and he says, “Hello, Saisha!!”

            Saisha says, “Dhruv, what are you doing?”

            Apocalypse says, “First, the name is not Dhruv, it’s Apocalypse and second, I have taken your family hostage and to free them you have to do my work.”

            Saisha says, “What work?”

            Apocalypse says, “its simple, your best friend, Rihaan, you have inject this injection inside his body.”

            Saisha says, “Is it poison?”

            Apocalypse says, “No, I don’t give people such easy deaths, I like killing people piece by piece, now, do this and your family is free.”

            Saisha says, “I will.”

            Apocalypse smiles and says, “Good.”


Next day,

Rihaan is jogging in the park and Saisha comes there and meets her and they spend the whole day and Saisha then takes him to a date to a hotel and they dance.

            Rihaan says, “Why such being a close friend of a sudden?”

            Saisha says, “I kind of thought I should.”

            She then sees some people there she recognizes as they are Apocalypse’s men and she looks at Rihaan and smiles and comes closer and whispers something to him and she goes inside.

            Rihaan sees the men there and texts Ryan something.

            Saisha then comes back and she has the injection inside her hand and suddenly the lights go off and Rihaan is seen unconscious and men then contact Apocalypse telling that Rihaan is been injected.

            (Actually what had happened, Saisha whispers, “My family is kidnapped by Apocalypse and he wants me inject you with something and I don’t want to, I am going to the bathroom to get the injection, figure out something.”

            Rihaan then texts Ryan to hack into the electricity supply system and let the lights go off in the next 10 mins.)

            Rihaan reaches the base and he sees some injections and Shakti says, “They are mine, I have been having body pains.”

            Rihaan then leaves the base and Shakti stays there for a while and starts some exercising.

            Just then, his body pains and he starts bleeding and in that moment, by mistake, he takes the Apocalypse’s injection and injects himself and he falls unconscious.

            Next day, Jai tells that Apocalypse that the injection is in effect but not in Rihaan’s body, it is somebody else’s. Apocalypse says, “Whose body?”

            Jai says, “Shakti Chauhan.”

            Apocalypse says, “I have meet him once and have a fight and start the effect when I tell you.”

            Apocalypse and some men attack a chemical factory and JSF arrives there and Apocalypse sees Crusher fighting and he goes to him and starts fighting him.

            Apocalypse then says, “Jai, do it.”

            Crusher feels some pain in the body but ignores it and beats Apocalypse, but then when everyone comes at him, he sees everyone as Apocalypse and attacks them and Mr. R says, “What the hell is wrong with him?”

            Crusher then destroys the whole factory and the police come to stop him, Crusher sees them as Apocalypse too and explodes their cars and jeeps. Crusher goes out of control.

            Mr. R then reaches the base and they check the footage and they see Shakti had some pains and by mistake he took injections which Saisha gave it to Rihaan.

            There is some part of serum left inside and he tells Tina to analyze it.

            Streak says, “What now?”

            Mr. R says, “Do we still have the R-TRON?”

            Streak says, “We do.”

            In the center of the City, Crusher is attacking people with missiles and machine guns inside his armor and as he sees everyone as Apocalypse, it becomes more insane for him.

            The military arrives with a tank and Crusher blocks the missile and destroys the tank and he goes more out of control seeing so many Apocalypses.

            A voice comes then, “Enough, big guy.”

            Crusher looks back and sees Apocalypse (Mr. R) inside R-TRON.

            Mr. R then attacks Crusher they wrestles each other Mr. R says, “Apocalypse is messing with your mind.”

            Crusher says, “I will kill you.”

            Mr. R dodges a punch and tries to destroy Crusher’s armor.

            They stop for a while and Tina calls MR. R and she says, “I have made a antidote, but you have to aim it to his head, because the analysis says that the injection serum has hit his brain and so he sees everyone as Apocalypse and you have be quick, because his heart rate is rising. I am sending the antidote with Ryan.”


On the other side, Saisha’s whole house is surrounded with Apocalypse’s men and just then, Kane and Jordan with Leo arrive there and attack the men.


Mr. R looks at Crusher and says, “Hey, we are not done yet.”

            Crusher then comes at him and Mr. R picks him up and bangs him on the floor and opens the armor head and punches Shakti and he starts bleeding and he looks back at him in angrier way and Mr. R says, “Sorry.”

            Crusher kicks Mr. R and nearly breaks his armor and Mr. R gets out of it and attacks him with knives.

            White Dragon comes for help and he sees Volt Streak there and he gives him the antidote and White Dragon climbs a pole and he has a bow and arrow with him and he points at Volt Streak hits an electric shock on Crusher and he falls down opening the head again and White Dragon says, “Smile.”

            He shoots the arrow with the antidote and Crusher falls down.

            They take him away to the base.


Apocalypse sees this and points his claws at Jai and he says, “I have one more plan, Apocalypse. It will work but as a Plan B.”

            Apocalypse says, “Let me worry about Plan A.”

            Shakti is brought to the base and he sees everything as normal now.


Apocalypse is on a call and he says, “When are you guys coming?”

            From the other side, “We are coming in a day, we are finishing a work here.”

            He keeps the call and Jai asks, “Who are you calling?”

            Apocalypse says, “The killer Twins, Ying and Yang.”

            The killer twins, Ying and Yang are killing some villagers for the money.


MR. R-



            At a bar, there is a girl sitting and a guy comes with a drink and she smiles and they then talk and the guy takes her inside a room and the girl says, “What if I was an assassin?”

            The guy says, “I would be scared and beg you to spare my life.”

            The girl says, “You should, take a look at your shirt…”

            The guy looks at his shirt and there is a red dot and he says, “You, you, b…”

            He gets shot and from the window by a guy with a sniper and he comes inside and he looks at the girl and says, “Sister, your moves, need some polish.”

            The girl says, “Just get the money of this, brother.”

            They brother-sister duo then get a call, “Ying, its Dhruv.”

            Ying takes the call and Dhruv says, “I want you in the City, you have a job.”

            Ying says, “Job!!”

            Apocalypse says, “Yes, heard of Mr. R?”

            Ying says, “Ya, I have seen him in news, looks cute.”

            Her brother Yang takes the call and says, “We will do it, we will be there. (Looks at Ying) At least, leave him.”

            They then take their bikes and ride inside the City.


After sometime, they arrive at a factory and some men in Skull masks arrive there and Ying removes her sword and Yang removes his shotgun and handgun and just then a voice comes, “Wait!!! They are friends.”

Apocalypse says this and comes forward and says, “Ying and Yang, the killer duo, huh.”

Ying says, “What kind of mask is that, huh, and the name, Apocalypse?”

Apocalypse says, “Suits me.”

Yang says, “Sure, what is the deal with Mr. R?”

Apocalypse says, “The same thing, he is a thorn in my business and personal life, his real name is Rihaan Kumar, he is the CEO of Kumar Enterprises.”

Ying says, “Why I feel, you have done something wrong for Rihaan?”

Apocalypse smiles and says, “I raped his wife.”

Ying says, “Jerk.”

Yang says, “We will take care of him, what else?”

Apocalypse says, “He has a team too, they call themselves, Justice Sorority Faction.”


Ying and Yang leave and Jai comes and says, “Can we trust them?”

Apocalypse says, “They are old friends and worth giving them this job. They will break Mr. R and his team more and it will be easy for me to kill them.”


Next day,

Shakti is at the hospital taking his reports and Chang with him and Shakti says, “Reports are here, same thing, my life has less time.”

Chang then hugs him and they leave the hospital.

Rihaan is at his office and he gets a call from the base and it is Ryan and he tells them there is a drug deal happening at an old factory.

At the factory,

Mr. R and Maverick reach there and they see some people there and some foreigners reach there with bags and guns.

When the exchange of money and drugs takes place, there is a bomb explosion and Mr. R comes and starts fighting those men.

He waits and sees something weird and says, “Maverick, come down, something here is weird.”

Maverick is at a high point and he comes down and says, “What happened?”

Mr. R says, “These foreigner’s hands are tied, like they have been forced, we are trapped may be.”

Maverick removes a handgun and the foreign people get shot by someone and then the men move back and just then a voice, “They cannot just act well.”

It is Yang who says this and he comes and sees this and Maverick says, “Oh my God!!!”

Mr. R says, “What happened?” 

Maverick says, “I know him.”

Yang says, “Mr. R, big fan of yours, heard a lot about you.”

Mr. R says, “Who are you?”

Another voice comes, “He is Yang, my brother and I am Ying.”

Maverick says, “Oh no!!!”

Ying says, “We are killers you know, we are here to kill your team (comes near Maverick), Roy!!!”

Maverick says, “What?”

Ying says, “Are you Roy by any chance?”

Maverick removes his mask and says, “Yes.”

Ying then just kicks him and says, “You are alive?”

Roy says, “Ya, by the way, why are you concerned, you are the one that left me…”

Ying removes her gun and Mr. R then kicks the gun and he throws a smoke grenade and they run off in the smoke.

They reach the base after sometime.


At the base, Tina says, “What happened?”

Rihaan says, “We walked into another trap.”

Roy says, “Ya, he is right.”

Rihaan says, “Do you mind us telling something about them?”

Chang says, “Them, it wasn’t Apocalypse this time?”

Rihaan says, “Some brother sister duo and the sister knows him.”

Roy says, “Yes, she knows, she is my ex-girlfriend.”

Rihaan says, “You were in jail the entire time, when did you have a girlfriend?”

Roy says, “I met Niharika aka Ying in prison, her brother and she work for an assassin group and they were on an assignment, they wanted to kill some prisoner and I helped them and her brother didn’t like because I always made fun of him and she was very kind to me and one day they finished the job and she left the prison and she didn’t meet me and I also forgot about her and when you guys got me out I also didn’t call her or meet her.”

Rihaan says, “She has some reasons to kill us now.”

Roy says, “She left me.”


Ying and Yang are at their house and Ying is silent and all and Yang is polishing his gun and he looks at Ying and he says, “You better won’t be thinking of Roy, we have to kill him.”

Ying says, “Ya. We will.”

She leaves the house and she goes to a pub and she starts drinking and all and Roy arrives there and sees her and smiles and goes to meet her and he says, “Thinking about me?”

Ying says, “No.”

Roy says, “Then you won’t be drinking my favorite drink.”

Ying says, “I overreacted when I saw you before, I got busy after the Prison mission and wasn’t able to stay in touch and you know, Yang, he likes work and money.”

Roy says, “Let’s dance.”

Ying smiles and they start dancing on the dance floor and after sometime, Ying smiles and they kiss each other and Ying leaves.

Roy follows and she is disappeared and he gets on his bike and a guy in hood sees this and hits a tracker on his bike and the guy happens to be Yang.

Ying reaches home and sees Yang with some guns and he says, “You were with Roy right?”

Ying says, “Yes, I was.”

Yang doesn’t say anything and he goes in his room.


Roy the other day reaches the base and he is all silent and he goes to the base gym and others arrive then and they plan against Ying and Yang.

Rihaan says, “We have to find them first, guys.”

Tina then switches on the Phantom Software, she says, “Guys, there is a problem.”

Ryan says, “What?”

Tina says, “I found them and here it shows they are here….”

The roof breaks and Ying and Yang jump on the table and Yang kicks Rihaan and Ying kicks Raghu.

Chang removes a sword and Ryan takes Tina away.

Yang says, “What you thought, just because your team member is my sister’s ex, we will show mercy, no, no!!!”

Rihaan says, “We will see afterwards who needs mercy.”

Leo then comes and attacks Yang and they have hand combat. Ying and Chang have a sword fight and Roy is just seeing her fight and Ying injures Chang quickly and Ying is about to kill him and a knife comes and hits the sword and she sees it and it’s Roy who had thrown it and he comes and they start a fight.

Rihaan sees Leo failing and he comes and helps beating Yang.

Yang removes a small gun from his shoe and shoots Rihaan but misses and he throws a knife at him and it hits Yang’s gun and he tells Ying to leave from here.


They then tell Apocalypse this and he says, “Do it quick, guys!!!”

Apocalypse says, “They are taking sometime more than I expected.”


Next day,

Ying is helping Yang with the stitches and Apocalypse enters their room and he says, “You guys are taking awful lot of time.”

Yang says, “They are a huge team and we need time.”

Apocalypse says, “Time, (slaps Yang) kill them.”

He leaves the apartment and Ying says, “Now, I have different views on mercy, brother.”


Yang leaves the apartment after sometime and he goes at the base again and sees it’s locked and he then goes at Rihaan’s house.

Rihaan is having food and he hears something outside the house and takes a knife and it is dark and just then Yang takes a chance and attacks him and they have a fight inside the house. Yang says, “Because of you, I am getting insulted.”

They continue to fight and Yang removes his gun and he starts firing and Rihaan dodges the bullets in the dark and kicks the gun and says, “I wasn’t the reason, kid, and look in the mirror if you want.”

Rihaan kicks him outside the door.

Ying sees this when she is following him.


Next day,

 Ying and Yang start explosions in the entire City at various points and they call JSF to stop them.

Rihaan is wearing his gear and Roy wears his and Rihaan says, “We have to kill them you know if things get out of hand.”

Roy loads his gun and says, “Ya.”

Mr. R, Leo and Maverick leave to stop the duo.


At a building terrace, the duo is there and Mr. R arrives there and Ying says, “Mr. R, made a mistake insulting my brother.”

Leo says, “You guys made a mistake entering the City and helping Apocalypse.”

Yang removes his guns and says, “Quiet, Let’s fight.”

Yang goes at them and they start a fight and Maverick goes straight at Ying and they start their fight.

Yang’s bullets get over and he knocks Leo unconscious and he and Mr. R have a fight.

They then arrive to the bottom floor and just then some bullets are fired and they are fired by Apocalypse and his men.

Yang all injured comes at Apocalypse and says, “We were about to kill them.”

Apocalypse says, “You failed.”

He kills him with his claws and Apocalypse says, “I hate failures.”

Ying says, “No.”

She comes ahead and Apocalypse removes his gun and Maverick sees this and starts shooting and Ying gets injured in that shoot out.

Apocalypse leaves and Ying sees her brother’s dead body and she takes her gun and shoots herself and Maverick says, “No!!! You cannot go, please.”

Ying says before dying, “After all these years, after the prison mission, me and Yang came close and we cared about each other and I am sorry but I loved him more than you and I will love you always, bye!!!”

Ying dies too.


Some days later, Apocalypse is at his base and he has something on a table covered with a cloth and Jai comes and says, “What is this?”

Apocalypse says, “Plan A.”

He removes the cloth and they are mini nuclear missiles and he says, “Spend a quiet of fortune to get them, and is Plan B is ready?”

Jai says, “Yes.”

Apocalypse says, “The real Apocalypse is here.”

They both are then laughing.

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