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MR. R-



Apocalypse sees all the mini missiles on the table and he is smiling and Jai says, “What are these again?”

                      Apocalypse says, “These are mini nuclear missiles, making them small creates a huge impact on that zone, only way to destroy them is, to blow them when in air or destroy manually.”

                         Jai says, “And JSF will try to stop them right, what we do then?”

                         Apocalypse smiles again and says, “I have a plan for them.”

                         He opens a door and a huge android comes out with weapons on it and two handguns in his hands and Jai says, “What is that?”

                         Apocalypse says, “This is called, BULLDOG, dog shaped android robot and is loaded with weapons like machine guns, handguns and mini missiles.

                         The men there then take the missiles and they load in a trailer and Bulldog goes inside another trailer.

                         Apocalypse says, “Jai, ready the Plan B.”

                         Jai leaves and Apocalypse says, “Rihaan, what will you do now?”

                         At JSF base,

                         Rihaan sees everyone is missing and he calls Ryan and he tells Shakti’s condition became worse so they have brought him to a hospital.

                         Rihaan arrives at the hospital and sees Shakti inside with all the things placed on him.

                         Just then they all are outside the room and a video flashes on TV news and its Apocalypse and he says, “Hello everyone, this is the City’s new villain, Apocalypse and as you know every villain has a hero that will stop and so, Justice Sorority Faction, stop when you see this, (shows them missiles placed on some buildings), these are nuclear missiles, I know when I say ‘nuclear’ people must have gone crazy, they get emotional when they see and they will feel the effects (shows pictures) and so, I am launching them in eight hours, stop me.”

                         Chang stays with Shakti and others leave to help the City.

                         They all gear up then and Tina stays at the base and people at the City some are evacuating and some are at the hope that JSF will help them.


                         They arrive to the City square and all are there on their bikes and just then a missile comes and hits them and when the smoke clears a huge android comes there and Streak says, “What is that?”

                         The android says, “I am Bulldog, I kill.”

                         Streak goes ahead and hits some electric attacks but nothing happens to Bulldog and he hits mini missiles on Streak.

                         He falls down and Leo goes at Bulldog and they have a fight and Bulldog uses his strength and he beats Leo too. Mr. R says, “We have destroy him or else the missiles will be launched.”

                         Maverick and Mr. R together attack Bulldog and after sometime, Maverick removes a machine gun and attacks Bulldog and Mr. R hits many knives and Streak hits electric attacks and there is a huge explosion there and the smoke clears and Bulldog is fine and he says, “I am Bulldog, I kill.”

                         Maverick says, “Damn.”

                         Mr. R calls R-TRON then and tells Maverick to operate it and he and Leo go ahead to stop the launch.

                         They arrive at a building and they see some men there guarding the missiles and they beat them and they remove the nuclear material (fluid) and Mr. R puts a mini bomb and explodes it.

                         They do that at some many buildings.

                         On the other side, Bulldog gains advantage on Maverick and he explodes R-TRON using his weapons.

                         Streak hits a powerful electric attack but fails again.

                         Bulldog then punches Maverick and Streak.


                         He sees Mr. R and Leo and he fires a missile injuring them as well.

                         Mr. R says, “Still some points left of the missiles, we have to get rid of him first.”

                         Bulldog comes at them….


                       On the other side,

                          Jai reaches a hospital where Tanya is admitted and he goes inside and kills Dr. Shah who is in the cabin.

                         Mr. R looks at Bulldog coming at them and says, “Tanya!!!”


MR. R-




Bulldog comes at Mr. R and Leo and Leo jumps on him to remove his head off, but Bulldog again throws him off at a wall. Mr. R sees this and throws knives at him and then throws mini bombs but nothing happens to Bulldog.

Mr. R says, “Can’t you just die?”

Bulldog removes a huge shotgun and fires and misses Mr. R. He fires again and this time, it explodes near Mr. R and he gets injured. Mr. R’s mask gets cracked and a part of it comes out and Apocalypse sees this and says, “Bulldog, unmask him and shoot him on the face.”

Bulldog smiles and comes ahead and Mr. R removes a knife and just then, a voice comes, “Hey, want to fight your own size?”

Bulldog looks back and Crusher is behind him and Mr. R says, “Shakti!!! You, here?”

White Dragon comes at Mr. R and says, “Yeah, he said, he didn’t want to die on a hospital bed, he will like dying on a battlefield.”

Mr. R says, “He is one guy I will have respect forever.”

Crusher says, “Let’s fight, dog-face.”

He comes ahead and spears Bulldog and they go through a wall and they start fighting and Apocalypse sends his other men at the remaining team and Maverick tells Mr. R to go take care of the missiles.

Mr. R reaches a building and removes the nuclear material of the missile and there is a screen there and Apocalypse comes on it and says, “Hey, R!!! You are doing a good thing destroying the missiles, but what about this one? (Shows him a huge missile) This can level the City in nuclear environment, stop it and bonus for you, I am here too, I mean, here (he shows the missile is at Kumar Enterprises).”

Mr. R says, “Damn.”

He takes the bike and goes at the building.

Bulldog and Crusher have a gruesome fight and Bulldog removes his guns and starts firing and Crusher removes a shield and defends himself and he then swings the shield at him and misses and Crusher removes his machine guns and starts firing.

Maverick and others are fighting the men and White Dragon says, “How many are there?”

Maverick says, “What happened to you got tired?”

White Dragon says, “No, I mean, ya.”


            Mr. R then reaches the building and when he reaches the ground floor, he sees small version of Bulldog and Mr. R says, “Not you.”

            He attacks him and starts a fight with him.

            Crusher is inside the building with the huge version of Bulldog and Crusher starts punching him and Bulldog punches him back and he then shoots Crusher with the shotgun. Crusher’s suit gets damaged badly and he starts bleeding and he says, “I am not dying because of you, dog.”


Mr. R is at the building and the Bulldog and attacks him and Mr. R jumps on him and hits him with knives.

            Mr. R then sees the electric panels there and then kicks Bulldog there and gets electrocuted there and he gets all opened up and he is just like walking slowly and Mr. R comes with his sword and cuts the head off.

            Mr. R then starts climbing the stairs at the top.


            Maverick is with others and one of the men, who he is fighting, stabs him and he gets injured and Leo helps him and kills the man.

            White Dragon then sees the machine gun and starts firing and Streak goes in top of an electric pole and creates a lightning current and electrocutes most of the men.

            Maverick says, “We are done here, I guess.”


Just then,

Bulldog throws Crusher out of the building where they were fighting in front of everyone.

            Crusher then removes his head part and starts firing at Bulldog and he only fires at one part of the armor and it gets weak and Crusher says, “You are about to die, dog.”

            Streak sees this and hits an electric attack on the armor and White Dragon hits some ninja disks and Leo goes ahead and kicks that part of armor. Bulldog loses balance and falls down and Maverick jumps and removes his brass knuckles and punches the face and armor of Bulldog.

            Bulldog wakes back up and his armor opens and there is a small nuclear missile in it and Streak sees this and MJ says, “Sir, this missile can create a huge impact.”

            Streak says, “You think!!!”

            Bulldog says, “I kill.”

            Crusher aims a missile at it Streak stops him and says, “Don’t do it.”

            Crusher says, “What then, he will explode it here and kill us all.”

            Streak looks at Crusher’s suit and searches a some barren land nearby and tells Shakti to come out of the armor and Streak makes some changes in the armor and the boosters come out and he says, “Hey, Bulldog, have a nice trip.”

            The armor flies and spears Bulldog and takes him in air and crashes at the barren land and kills him.

            Shakti sees this and falls down and starts bleeding and as his condition worsens.


At the building,

Mr. R arrives on top and sees the missile and Apocalypse comes out from behind the missile and says, “Welcome, hero!!!”

            Mr. R says, “We have unfinished business.”

            Apocalypse says, “Yes, you must be eager to kill me.”

            Mr. R says, “What you did was worse and I will kill you.”

            Apocalypse says, “First stop this.”

            He switches on a timer of ten minutes and Apocalypse comes at Mr. R and they start a fight.

            Apocalypse comes ahead and cuts Mr. R on chest and Mr. R comes back with a takedown attack and he goes to the missile but Apocalypse attacks him from behind and throws him at the door and Mr. R says, “Getting back up?”

            Apocalypse kicks him and Mr. R falls down again and Apocalypse says, “Going down.”

            Apocalypse says, “I don’t know, R, what is people see in you, you Guy-Fawkes mask wearing freak?”

            Mr. R says, “They see hope that I will save them from people like you.”

            Apocalypse says, “Nice dialogue, saved it for what?”

            Mr. R punches him and they continue to fight.

            Apocalypse sees a steel rod and hits Mr. R with him and he removes a hunter he has and takes the rod and starts hitting Apocalypse with the wipe and then comes at him and punches him and ties him to a pole there.

            Mr. R then comes at the missile and sees that there are two minutes left and when he opens the section of the nuclear material, it is empty.

            Mr. R says, “What?”

            Apocalypse laughs and says, “What, huh, it’s empty, yes. I wanted to buy some time for the real plan.”

            Mr. R says, “Real plan?”

            Apocalypse says, “Yes, I wanted to destroy the City, if I destroy the main protector of the City, the City will become vulnerable to attack so.”

            Mr. R punches him and says, “What are you saying?”

Apocalypse says, “You see, when a person loves someone and makes him his life, its pathetic when they do that, it’s doesn’t become ‘life of that person’, no, it becomes a weakness and I do know your weakness and your weakness is.”

Mr. R says, “Tanya!!!!”

Apocalypse says, “Bingo!!!!”

Mr. R says, “What you did with here?”

Apocalypse says, “What I did, no, no, hero, something will happen to her at the hospital, that’s her destiny you know.”

Mr. R says, “And your destiny is to live inside a jail.”

Apocalypse says, “We should share one.”


Mr. R leaves from there and the missile timer gets back and it explodes there itself and Apocalypse falls from there on a car and police arrest him.


Mr. R reaches on the ground floor and says, “Anyone there?”

Maverick says, “Yeah, what happened?”

Mr. R says, “Roy, leave for the hospital, Tanya is in danger; I will need some more time,”

Maverick says, “On it.”

He then takes the bike and leaves and Mr. R leaves on his bike from the Company.

Leo and others take Shakti to some other hospital.


At the hospital, Jai reaches the room and Maverick reaches the hospital and sees Dr. Shah still alive a bit and he tells Maverick that Jai is going at Tanya’s room.

Maverick makes a run to Tanya’s room and Jai arrives inside the room and sees Tanya sleeping and he closes her mouth and injects her with a chemical and Maverick arrives and shoots Jai and kills him.

Tanya starts getting sweats and she gets lobotomized.

Maverick tries waking up Tanya and she doesn’t wake up and Mr. R arrives there and sees this and Jai gets back from the gunshot and Mr. R kills him by throwing a knife in the head.

Mr. R sees this Tanya and she is like tears are coming out of her eyes and he says, “Maverick, leave from here and clear the patients from the hospital.”

Maverick says, “What?”

Mr. R in an angry tone says, “JUST DO IT.”

Maverick leaves and helps the other doctors and nurses to empty the hospital.


Sometime later, White Dragon and Streak arrive at the hospital and they see Maverick outside the hospital and just then there are huge explosions at the top floor and everyone there is shocked when they see it and the whole hospital comes down like a house of cards.

Streak and others come ahead and they try finding Mr. R and Tanya but they find just two dead bodies later.


Two days later,

There is a huge breaking news, “What we have come to know recently that MR. R HAS KILLED TANYA KUMAR, yes, YOU HAVE HEARD CORRECTLY, MR. R HAS KILLED TANYA KUMAR, according to the footage from the hospital of Tanya’s room, we are showing you this, (the video shows, Mr. R killing Tanya by choking her) many people seeing are shocked and confused, Tanya’s husband, Rihaan Kumar, CEO of Kumar Enterprises was seen at the funeral.” 

Rihaan and others see this and he just leaves the base.


Next day,

Roy receives a letter from Rihaan saying that he should leave to join his team and next day, Roy packs his stuff and leaves the City and meets his new team.


The same day,

Ryan and Tina leave the City and they get settled in London.


A month later,

Shakti died in his bed and his mother then went to Haridwar and settled there.


Chang is at a bar and Raghu comes there and Chang says, “I don’t get it, why Rihaan did this?”

Raghu says, “I suppose that was necessary, that’s why.”

Chang and Raghu then arrive at Rihaan’s house and see that he isn’t there and they search the whole house and then they go the Company and the assistant arrives there and says, “Mr. Chang, Rihaan Sir left you this.”

Chang opens the package and sees there is a letter, “Hey, Chang and Raghu, losing Tanya was a huge thing for me, she is my love, I don’t know what more to say, I need a break!!! See you…”

He opens another package and there is a document which says that Chang will be the next CEO of Kumar Enterprises.

Raghu says, “Where he would be gone?”

Chang says, “What I know, Rihaan disappears very well.”

Chang then sits on Rihaan’s chair and Raghu leaves the cabin.


Ujwal Naik is at his house and a letter comes and says, “It’s for you Yuvraj.”

Yuvraj sees the letter and goes inside his room and opens and it says, “Want to know about me, wait for my letters…. – R.”

Ujwal Naik says, “Who sent it?”

Yuvraj says, “The icon of Justice.”

Ujwal Naik says, “I will be dammed.”

Yuvraj says, “Do you think Mr. R has killed Tanya?”

Ujwal Naik says, “No, he cannot do that.”


Rihaan is seen driving in a car on a highway road of Shimla and sees some crowd there and he goes ahead and sees that there is an accident happened and he asks the police there and they say, “There was a family there, the parents there died, (shows him the dead bodies) and they have two kids, a boy and a girl, both 16-year olds.”

Rihaan says, “Thanks.”

Rihaan goes at the kids and says, “Are you alright?”

The girl looks at him and hugs him and Rihaan says, “I will take care of you.”




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