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MR. R-



            Rihaan is looking at Dhruv Sardesai’s profile and Ryan comes in and sees Rihaan and says, “What you got?”

            Rihaan says, “Dhruv Sardesai, age 25, born and raised in Mumbai, has parents and topper in school and college, job he does is none and what we know he wants to be underworld don or City mafia leader.”

            Ryan says, “See, you look at this way, Dhruv knows who you are as Tanya’s husband but what he doesn’t knows is, you are Mr. R.”

            Rihaan says, “True actually.”

            Ryan says, “We will keep a watch on him.”

            Ryan hacks all the cameras in the City and tracks Dhruv and Chang follows him on foot and some or the other manner.


            Some days later,

Ryan comes at the base and says, “I followed Dhruv, he meets various people and hits various pubs and bars and then he just goes home and Roy also said he goes some warehouses to meet the weapons buyers and so he has some money power. Parents, they don’t know what he does; they think he is some guy wasting his life.”

            Shakti says, “What they don’t know, he has destroyed many lives.”

            Rihaan says, “Now what?”

            Chang says, “Guys, I also followed him and I came to know he is going to a match Cricket Match between India and South Africa in Delhi some days from now.”

            Ryan says, “How is that important?”

            Rihaan smiles and says, “It is important.”

            He then makes a call.

            The J.S.F. then arrives in Delhi to see the match.

            Rihaan then tells Ryan to track Dhruv and he collides with him on the near the stadium parking and he places a tracker on his jacket.

            Dhruv had arrived with his some friends and they take the seats and just after sometime, his phone rings, “Who is it?”

            On the other side the voice comes says, “Your death.”

            Dhruv says, “Who is it?”

            It is actually Rihaan and he says, “Don’t worry, Apocalypse, you know that is some shit-ass name you have given yourself.”

            Dhruv says, “Who are you?”

            Rihaan says, “It’s me, look here…”

            Dhruv looks in the front of the other side and sees Rihaan and he is smiling at him and he says, “Who told you about me?”

            Rihaan says, “A mutual friend, Mr. R, he is a cool guy you know, I made a friend out of him, not like you, making friends with people who want to destroy the world using terrorism as a weapon.”

            Dhruv says, “How is Tanya, huh?”

            Rihaan says, “She is getting good, waiting to see your dead body.”

            Dhruv says, “Let’s get it done then.”

            He leaves his friends and he gets a text, ‘Get to the parking.’

            When he reaches, all lights go off and Dhruv reaches his car and removes a gun and he hears a whistling sound and he looks, it is Mr. R there.

            Dhruv says, “You are here?”

            Mr. R says, “The punisher is here, Dhruv aka Apocalypse, what you did with Rihaan was worse and I will punish you for that.”

            Dhruv smiles and says, “Isn’t Rihaan man enough to face me or kill me?”

            Just then, a voice comes and says, “I am.”

            He looks back and it is Rihaan behind Dhruv and he says, “I am man enough to kill you, I don’t know about Mr. R here but I will make your life hell.”

            Dhruv points a gun at him and Mr. R throws a knife at Dhruv and the guns falls down and Rihaan punches Dhruv and Mr. R throws a smoke bomb and just then people start coming as the match had got over and both get vanished in the crowd.


            In the car,

Mr. R removes the mask and it is Rihaan and Rihaan removes his mask and it is Roy and they both are laughing.

            They come back to the City and Dhruv at his warehouse and says, “They both, they want me dead, huh, Rihaan you are easy to reach.”

            Rihaan is checking the friends list of Dhruv’s and he sees a guy and he comes to know he works at the same hospital where Tanya is admitted and he calls Shakti and says, “Don’t kill him, beat the hell out of him.”

            Shakti says, “With pleasure.”

            Shakti then reaches the hospital and he starts coughing and gets some blood out of the mouth and says, “Not again.”

            He sees the guy with a doctor and the guy (friend of Dhruv) and he nabs him and they have a fight inside an empty room and Shakti breaks the guy’s hand and leaves him.

            Rihaan reaches the Company and he sees many people or personnel there in Security uniforms and looks at Raghu and says, “Shakti maintains a lot of Security at the Company.”

            Raghu says, “I used to recognize some of them, but I don’t recognize none of them now.”

            Rihaan says, “What? Something fishy that means.”

            He calls Shakti and says, “I didn’t hire or replace anyone, Raghu knows some of them.”

            Rihaan says, “Dammit, Apocalypse is coming here.”

            Raghu stays inside the building and Rihaan leaves and when and guards comes down floor by floor inside the lift and Rihaan says, “Shakti didn’t hire you and I damn well didn’t hire you guys, so, let’s get it done.”

            He has a fight inside the lift with the guards and leaves the lift and goes out of the company via backdoor.

            One of the guards then calls Dhruv and tells him that Rihaan has escaped and Dhruv wears his mask and says, “Plan B.”

            The other guards then get inside the Company attack the Company personnel and take them as hostages and the mall people too.

            The door opens and Apocalypse enters the company and says, “Hello everyone, I am Apocalypse, the new boss of this City and the new face of terror. I don’t want money, I want Mr. R.”

            Raghu is then brought and Apocalypse points a gun and says, “Raghu, right, personal bodyguard of Rihaan, I will shoot you first and then the hostages if Mr. R doesn’t arrive here.”

            Police then arrive outside and Apocalypse then fires mini missiles from his launcher and explodes police cars.


            At night,

White Dragon enters the building and beats the men on a floor and Volt Streak cuts the electricity out exploding the circuits.

            Crusher then arrives there and hits some mini missiles outside as a distraction and throws smoke bombs inside the Company.

            Apocalypse says, “He is here.”

            Some men then are hit and Apocalypse sees Mr. R fighting them.

            Apocalypse comes ahead and kicks him and says, “You know I am a crazy person to mess up with.”

            Mr. R says, “Then you will love me.”

            Raghu then beats some men and takes the hostages out of the Company and goes behind and becomes Leo and attacks the men.

            Mr. R hits Apocalypse with knives and he gets injured and runs off.

            Maverick sees Apocalypse outside as he is pointing a sniper at him and says, “I can take him.”

            Mr. R says, “No.”


At the base,

Roy says, “I could have shot him, we had a chance.”

            Rihaan says, “You don’t get what I said, I want to make his life miserable, the last thing he wishes for will be his own death.”

            Roy says, “What now?”

            Rihaan smiles and Tina brings a tube filled with some liquid and Roy says, “What is that?”

            Rihaan says, “Truth serum, I am now destroying Dhruv’s personal life using this and you have to shoot it.”

            Roy says, “This, alright.”

            Dhruv is injured and all and reaches near his building and Roy is at the opposite building and Dhruv gets a text and saying, “Hell starts now.”

            He then gets shot in the back and he falls unconscious.

            When he wakes up, he is on a sofa and his father is seeing him and he says, “You got drunk I suppose, some guys brought you up and put you here.”

            Dhruv looks on his back and there is nothing and he washes his face and comes for dinner and his father says, “Where were you?”

            Dhruv says, “I was at Kumar Enterprises for a crime.”

            The father gets shocked and says, “What?”

            Rihaan and Roy are seeing this from another building via cameras.

            Dhruv says, “I am a gangster, dad, I make and sell weapons to the underworld mafia.”

            Rihaan increases the strength of the serum and he sends a text to the father saying, ‘ask him what he was doing in London?’

            The father asks it and Dhruv says, “You did send me on a holiday, huh, I actually went there to set up the business of weapons dealership and no… no…”

            The father says, “And?”

            Dhruv says, “I raped a girl there in front of her husband and I have raped many girls.”

            His father slaps him and throws him outside the house and says, “Don’t show your face to us, you freak.”

            Rihaan is seen smiling and Roy says, “I like this style of yours of taking revenge.”

            Dhruv gets down on the building and he reaches the gate and he sees Mr. R on a bike and he waves at him and he gets a call and it is Rihaan and he says, “See I told you, I will not spare of what you did.”

            At the base, all are laughing on their success and Shakti takes a sip of his drink and he starts coughing and just then he starts vomiting blood and they check him and MJ analyzes his body and says, “According to some sites, Shakti has a cancer inside his body.”


MR. R-



            Dhruv gets to his other house and is been drinking a lot and says, “Rihaan and Mr. R, these both are destroying my social and business life, Goddamit!!!!”

            His friend (the intern working at the hospital) comes and Dhruv looks at him seeing he is all injured and beaten and says, “What happened, who did you this?”

            The friend says, “Some guy showed up at the hospital and he beat me to hell and told me to stay away from Tanya and Rihaan, muscular guy.”

            Dhruv then checks the personnel list and says, “Muscular guy, huh!!! Raghu was in Company the whole time, (he checks the list), was it this guy?”

            The friend says, “Yes.”

            Dhruv says, “Shakti Chauhan, huh….”


            At a hospital,

Shakti is admitted and his check up and the doctor come out and she says, “It is cancer, blood cancer actually.”

            Rihaan says, “We can do the operation, don’t worry about the money.”

            The doctor says, “It’s not about the money, Mr. Rihaan, if we had to operation, we would have done it on Stage one, but Shakti has gone far, he is on Stage two which can be dangerous for his life.”

            Chang says, “Did he know about the cancer?”

            The doctor says, “I guess he was feeling the symptoms but he didn’t take it seriously and he went to stage two unknowingly.”

            Rihaan says, “His chances?”

            The doctor says, “50-50. If we do the operation lesser.”

            Rihaan goes inside the room and sees Shakti and Rihaan says, “Tell me really, did you know or not about the cancer?”

            Shakti says, “I kind of did, I read about the symptoms and they were there and I asked a doctor outside the city and he confirmed it.”

            Rihaan slaps him and says, “If you would have told us earlier, we would have done something, idiot!!!!”

            Shakti says, “I know I would have told you guys.”

            Rihaan says, “I don’t want to lose another friend.”

            He leaves the room and tells Chang to stay with Shakti.


            At night,

Dhruv’s henchmen reach the hospital and they bring guns with them to kill Shakti and they reach the floor and Chang wakes to have water and sees them and alerts the others.

            Chang wears a surgical mask and he has a knife with him and one of the men comes in and he kills him and others see this and they start firing at the room.

            Chang bends and Shakti wakes and they hide behind the bed.       

            The bullet rounds get over and the men are reloading it and just then lights get back and they see Mr. R at end of the collider and he says, “My turn.”

            He removes his knives and comes at him and kills the men one by one and one of the men punches him and they have a fight and Mr. R beats him but he gets injured.

            The man then escapes.


            Next day, Ujwal Naik arrives there and meets Chang and Shakti and they tell the suspect Apocalypse attacked them.

            Rihaan arrives there and says, “Apocalypse had attacked my company before, thanks to Mr. R who saved the Company.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Yes, right. I also haven’t met him days and months.”

            He leaves.

            Same night, Ujwal Naik arrives home and he gets a text, ‘Midnight! Don’t be late.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Why I am not surprised.”

            He comes on his terrace and he hears a voice, “Missed me, huh!!!”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Many people have missed you, R!!! You were gone for months, crime increased and you have raised back and this time, this guy named.”

            Mr. R says, “Apocalypse.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Yes.”

            Mr. R says, “His actual name is Dhruv Jaiswal, he wants to be an underworld mafia head here in this City and is a huge weapons dealer. You have to find him, I am trying my way too.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “We will find him, but (looks back and he is gone), everytime!!!!”

            Dhruv is at his warehouse and the man that escaped comes there and says, “Boss, can I say something?”

            Dhruv says, “Sure.”

            The man says, “What if, Mr. R and that Rihaan is the same person?”

            Dhruv says, “Why do you think that way?”

The man says, “Boss, we have read and seen many things about him and they however how can they be present at the same time when something happens. It’s like in superhero movies, the hero runs away to wear his gear and comes back and fights the villain.”

Dhruv says, “However, they are present at the same time, how do you prove that?”

The man says, “Boss, technology and he has a team too, they must have helped him to do the same person at the same time thing.”

Dhruv says, “I need proof.”

Just then his friend comes and they watch the news and it says that Apocalypse is Dhruv and arrest warrant is out to arrest him.

Dhruv smiles and he removes a briefcase and the friend asks, “What is that?”

Dhruv opens it and there is a gloves inside and says, “Courtesy of the Chinese.”

He wears it and huge claws (like Wolverine) come out and he says, “I have a plan now to prove this little theory.”

Rihaan is at his house and Chang in a hurry comes in and says, “The news.”

They see the news and it shows a video and it consists of a hospital and Apocalypse is there with some people and the people are the doctors and nurses and he says, “This is not what I want MR. R to see.”

He then goes inside a room and it shows Tanya and he starts laughing and says, “Come and get me, Mr. R.”

Rihaan says, “Son of a!!!”


At the base,

Rihaan is getting geared and so are others and Tina is gearing Ryan up and she says that she doesn’t feel well and she leaves the base.

They then reach the hospital and they see police have surrounded the whole building and Chang says, “How should we go inside?”

Rihaan wears up and looks up and says, “There is a way.”

There is this huge plane and Mr. R, Streak, WD, Maverick and Leo are there and WD says, “We are about to jump, Shakti would have been here.”

Shakti is at the base and he says, “I heard that fool…”

They then jump and land on the roof.

Inside, Leo attacks the men and Maverick kills some using his sniper.

WD and Mr. R kill some men using knives and swords.

Streak electrocutes the rest.

They reach the collider and there are many men there and the men clear the path and Mr. R sees Tanya on a wheelchair and Apocalypse comes there and says, “JSF!!! Justice Sorority Faction!! Nice name, huh!!! I have put a bet with a friend that he knows who Mr. R is, I don’t want to lose this bet, so Mr. R, hero, remove your mask and tell me whether I have won or lost.”

Mr. R looks at his team and removes his mask and Apocalypse says, “I lost!!”

The man with him says, “Boss, see I was right.”

Apocalypse says, “Two things, this, you know has got interesting and second, I hate losing.”

A claw comes out and he kills that man. He then tells Rihaan to come ahead and the men start beating him and his team. Rihaan all injured comes at Apocalypse and he looks at Tanya as she is unconscious and Apocalypse says, “The thing is, I want you dead and I want her dead too and so let us just end it. I am ending JSF!!!”

Just then the wall explodes and Crusher comes in and says, “I don’t think so.”

Apocalypse is shocked and he attacks Crusher and they have a fight and Rihaan and others wears their masks back and they put Tanya inside her room.

Apocalypse sees this and runs off and says, “Some other time.”

Mr. R looks at Tanya and says, “I will not let anything happen to you.”

They leave the hospital.


Ryan reaches home and sees Tina inside the bathroom and Ryan says, “What happened to you at the base, are you okay?”

Tina gives him a strip and Ryan sees this and MJ says, “Sir, this is a pregnancy strip which is positive which means.”

Ryan says, “Tina, you are pregnant.”

            Tina smiles and says, “I am.”

            They hug each other.


Mr. R is at a top of a building and he says, “Apocalypse, you have started a war against me and my family, I will end you.”

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