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MR. R-


Part 1

            At a psych ward in Delhi, there is this girl and she is using her telekinesis and she is throwing stuff at ward boys and nurses and giving them headaches and later the parents come in there and they calm down the girl and the doctor puts a headband like device and she falls too sleep.

            The doctor says, “We did a bad thing, Kavi.”

            Kavi Shroff, the father says, “I know, she wasn’t supposed to be in that experiment and she just came playing around and she got these powers.”

            Janaki Shroff says, “Our daughter is suffering, Kavi.”

            Kavi says, “We have do something, we cannot get the reaction out.”

            The doctor says, “We can kill her then…”

            Both parents say, “NO!!!”


            On the other side in Mumbai,

Mr. R is fighting with some criminals and he gets a call about the party and says, “I am coming…”

            He then hits one of the criminals with a knife and Mr. R takes his bike as he sees police cars arriving.

            Mr. R then reaches home and changes and wears his suit and attends the party.

            Next day,

Rihaan is at a hospital fundraise and he donates a huge amount of money and he sees a hospital ambulance arriving later and he sees many people with it and when the crew arrives outside and he deducts it is a girl patient and her parents.

            He then leaves the event and goes to the office.

            The girl actually is Tanisha Shroff who possesses telekinesis powers and she arrives with her parents and she is with her parents and is been brought here for better treatment.

            The doctors at that hospital start studying her case.


            Somewhere else, Dhruv’s henchmen arrive and meet him and he is seen swimming and he says, “What happened?”

            One of his henchmen says, “Rihaan Kumar’s information, he is a huge businessman and was married to Tanya for nearly a year and he had business of weapons, defense and security systems but when his building got destroyed, he made a new mall out of the building.”

            Dhruv says, “Big man, I see.”

            The other henchman says, “Should we kill him?”

            Dhruv says, “No, no, when a person swears vengeance, his limits are tested, I want to see Rihaan’s limits.”

            The henchman says, “For that you have to meet him once, if you have to test his limits.”

            Dhruv says, “Who says villains don’t get smart henchmen!!!!”

            Dhruv then organizes his birthday party and calls all VIPS and he also sends invitations to the Rihaan and his friends.

            Rihaan is then just brought to the party with no clue who are the guests and he arrives with Saisha to the party and he sees it’s a costume party and Saisha tells her that many people have worn Guy Fawkes masks here and Rihaan smiles at them.

            He then gets a call and when he picks and says, “Hello.”

            From the other side, “I thought you know me, let me give you a hint, London, the pub, Tanya…”

            Rihaan starts to look around and says, “Are you here?”

            He says, “I can be here, such a nice party, I see you too with a beautiful girl there in a ravishing dress and what will you do when you see me, kill me…”

            Rihaan says, “I may…”

            He says, “Even if I come in front of you, you won’t do anything.”

            A guy, he is wearing a skull mask then comes with a girl at them and the girl happens to be Saisha’s friend and she hugs her friend and she introduces the guy as her boyfriend and he shakes hands with Rihaan and says, “I told you.”

            Rihaan goes behind him when he leaves and there are others wearing the same masks and the guy goes in them and the others block Rihaan’s way and he goes behind one outside the party and he gets a call and the guy says, “Is that me or someone else?”

            Others with the same mask arrive and the guy jumps in front of him and removes his mask and Rihaan sees and says, “It was you, that day.”

            He goes at him and there is smoke grenade thrown and when the smoke clears and everyone is gone and Rihaan is all disturbed and Saisha comes and takes him away.


            The other day, he is at home and Ryan comes at his place and they watch TV and they see the news, a hospital had exploded last night and reasons are unknown and there are two nurses and two people found dead.

            Rihaan and Ryan leave the house head to the hospital.

            They reach the hospital and Rihaan gets to know this was the same hospital he had donated money some days back and he then sees Ujwal Naik there at the scene.

            Ujwal Naik sees Rihaan and says, “How are you here?”

            Rihaan says, “I donated money here, so, it becomes some sort of responsibility to see what happened here…”

            Ujwal Naik says, “The same answer we told the media, reasons unknown, but the patient who was here is been missing and her parents are dead, even if it was a kidnapping, explosion is no reason.”

            Rihaan quietly signals Ryan and Ryan says, “MJ, gets a scan of this room and find some explosive material.”

            A scan goes through his mind and MJ says, “There is nothing here, Sir…”

            Ryan says, “What?”

            MJ says, “Sir, there are no traces of explosives, if any fire related substance is present, there is a lighter present in the bag.”

            Ryan then checks the bodies and MJ says, “These people have died due to headaches and the parents are brain dead.”

            Ryan says, “Confusing.”

            He tells Rihaan and they leave the hospital.

            Ryan tells MJ to find information about the family.

            When they reach the base MJ says, “The room belonged to Kavi and Janaki Shroff’s daughter, Tanisha and hospital marked it a special case and it says that she suffered with mind control. The parents were scientists and there is an article that tells that they were testing a new drug in form of rays and the machine went out of control and their daughter came at that time and she was exposed to the reaction and she was admitted in Delhi hospital and then brought here.”

            Ryan says, “Mind Control?”

            Rihaan says, “Telekinesis.”

            Rihaan tells the whole team and the police start searching for the girl.


            Tanisha is on the streets walking in her hospital clothes and she goes inside a shop and the owner comes to her to get rid of her but she uses her powers and she controls her mind and the owner gives her some best dresses and food and smiles and says, “Thank you…”

            Rihaan then calls Saisha and she tells him a name of the person’s party they had gone too and he says, “Dhruv Sardesai, I have heard that name.”

            Dhruv is at a signal and sees Tanisha walking on the streets and she has her head band on and Dhruv verifies the photo that had come in newspaper and says, “I will be damned.”

            He stops the car and goes to talk to her.

            Rihaan checks a database file and types the name, Dhruv Sardesai and the search starts and after sometime, a photo and a name comes and Roy comes and says, “Who is this guy?”

            Rihaan breaks the glass of juice in his hand and says, “This son of a bitch that raped Tanya…”


MR. R-


Part 2


Raghu sees the photo and says, “Let me bring you his dead body…”

Rihaan says, “NO!!!! He has to suffer and I don’t want to give him a simple death, no, the last thing he will need will be his own death.”

Roy says, “What to do now?”

Rihaan switches on the Phantom Software and he hacks into the party hall cameras and he sees Dhruv and starts finding him and the software locates Dhruv at a warehouse and Raghu leaves and Rihaan says, “Raghu, only watch, kill if necessary.”

Chang says, “You think he will follow your say?”

Rihaan says, “He will lose his cool, but he will not kill him.”

Raghu wears his mask and reaches the warehouse and climbs on the roof and sees through the glass and sees Dhruv at the warehouse with machine guns and some people around and Raghu deducts that they are the buyers.

One of the buyers says, “You said, you can handle Mr. R, but you have failed…”

Dhruv says, “Failed!!! No, no… I haven’t, I tried many ways but now, I have a way that kills him and we will see who is behind the mask because this time I have a very special weapon for him and his team.”

Raghu says, “Special?”

He then leaves the warehouse.


Raghu then reaches the base and says, “I have a good and a bad news.”

Rihaan says, “Good first.”

Raghu says, “Good news is you said someone from a car had a sniper and killed Diego when you asked him that who sent him, what I think is, that someone is Dhruv Sardesai and he wants be a mafia leader and wants get rid of Mr. R and JSF.”

Tina says, “Bad news?”

Raghu says, “Dhruv said he tried many ways to kill Mr. R but he failed, but now, he has some very special weapon with him.”

Rihaan says, “Special?”

Ryan then says that he is also trying to find the girl but she isn’t found. Just then a video goes viral with a skull sign on the start and there are men wearing the same mask that Dhruv had worn.


Dhruv wears his mask and he is seen in a chair and says, “Mr. R, you have saved this City many times from criminals and terrorism, but how will you save the City from a maniac like me. Stop me using all your power, weapons, technology and your friends aka JSF, I am right here, stop me; call me, Apocalypse”      

As the video ends, there is an address of a ground and Apocalypse calls JSF there.

Chang says, “Rihaan, you will tell him that you are Mr. R?”

Rihaan says, “No, I want to see his special weapon.”


They all gear up and at night, they arrive at the ground and they see no one there and just then many men arrive there with the skull mask and Apocalypse arrives there and says, “Welcome, JSF (sits on a chair in shape of throne), shall we start.”

Mr. R says, “Let us.”

Apocalypse signals and the men attack JSF and they beat them all using their skills and weapons.

Leo says, “Was this the special weapons, an army of men?”

Mr. R says, “I don’t think so…”

Apocalypse says, “You all must be thinking this is what you are called here, no….”

A door opens down and a girl in a Barbie Costume comes and Mr. R says, “It can’t be…”

White Dragon says, “What happened? Who is she?”

Streak says, “She is Tanisha Shroff, she has powers of telekinesis.”

Leo says, “Ya, right.”

He goes at her and he jumps in the air and Tanisha looks at Leo and stops him in mid-air and throws him at his team.

Streak says, “Told you…”

Crusher gets up and says, “My turn…”

He then fires the mini missiles at her and she stops them in mid air and explodes them. She then smiles and picks Crusher up and throws him on the wall.

Maverick removes his gun and Mr. R nodes not to and says, “We have to talk to her…”

Mr. R says, “Tanisha, I am Mr. R, please stop this, don’t support this person, he is bad guy, please stop.”

Tanisha says, “No, you are the bad guy, he there gave me a place to stay and food to eat and takes care of me.”

She the raises the flag poles and throws them at Mr. R and he dodges them but they come back at him and Streak hits the poles with the electric shocks.

Mr. R says, “Please stop, Tanisha, what would your parents think if they were alive?”

Tanisha stops for a while and goes back crying inside.

Apocalypse also leaves and meets Tanisha outside the ground.


Next day,

Rihaan is at the base and he sends Tina and Ryan to meet Tanisha’s doctor.

At the warehouse,

Tanisha has a doll with her and she is playing with her and Dhruv comes there and he tries encouraging her and when he touches her, Tanisha reads his mind and her eyes pop open and he throws Dhruv at a distance and says, “You are also a bad guy like the guy yesterday.”

The men with Dhruv point guns at Tanisha and she takes the guns and points the guns at them and later crushes it and Dhruv tries putting the head band and he gets angry and Tanisha’ s eyes turn all red and says, “No!!!”

She raises the headband and crushes it into pieces.

Tanisha then goes in air and takes her doll and leaves the place.


Ryan and Tina come back at the base and Ryan says, “We have a bad news, guys!!!”

Roy says, “Bad news?”

Tina says, “Actually, Tanisha, she killed her parents, she got out of control that night and her parents were trying to stop her but she freaked out and she started giving her parents headaches and they died and when the nurses came in to stop her, she killed her too.”

Rihaan says, “And the explosion?”

Ryan says, “As MJ said that there was a burned lighter found Tanisha must have increased the particle energy of the lighter and created an explosion.”


There is  news all around of Tanisha as she creates havoc and destruction all over the City using her powers and Ryan calls the doctor and he says that the headband may not stop her, she may die due to overpower as her body wouldn’t bear it as her powers have evolved.

Rihaan gears up and so do others.

They reach the City and they see what Tanisha had done. They see Tanisha and she sees them and she starts throwing cars at them and Leo and Crusher handle the cars and Mr. R goes ahead to stop her. He reaches at her and by some sort, she touches Mr. R and she looks at him and she just flies off.

When the people start to curse and abuse her, news channels hype it, Tanisha creates a garden of thorns outside a playground so that no one can come to see and meet her. JSF reach there and they see the whole garden and Streak fires some electric shocks and nothing happens and Maverick says, “What to do?”

Mr. R says, “May be I can convince her and get her out of this.”

            Streak says, “That wouldn’t help, you have seen her powers, if she freaks out again, she can destroy the whole City.”

            Just then a car arrives and Tanisha’s doctor arrives and says, “I have made this injection that may or might kill her.”

            Mr. R looks at everyone and says, “She has met me and I guess she must have read my mind too, I should go.”

            All of them agree and Mr. R goes at the garden and says, “Tanisha, it’s me, Mr. R.”

            The thorns begin to get less and it makes a way for Mr. R and he goes ahead and the thorns get back.

            He goes inside and goes ahead and sees Tanisha on a swing and she says, “Will you kill me using the injection?”

            Mr. R says, “No, I know I cannot. Were you bleeding?”

            Tanisha says, “Yes, the power inside me is killing me as it is from inside.”

            Mr. R says, “As it is, you have read my mind, so (removes his mask), Rihaan.”

            Tanisha says, “Tanisha. Can you sit here with me?”

            Rihaan sits with her on another swing and says, “Everything will be okay.”

            Tanisha says, “I read your mind and I also read that guy’s mind, you are very different people, you are a hero and he was a maniac.”

            Rihaan says, “I have to stop him.”

            Tanisha says, “I know you will.”

            Tanisha then takes her doll and they smile at each other.

            The thorn garden gets to normal and people are seeing Mr. R bringing Tanisha with her doll in his arms and he says, “She is dead.”

            He gives the dead body to the doctor and they all leave.

            Ujwal Naik then arrives at the scene and sees the injection and says, “It wasn’t used.”


            JSF then is at Rihaan’s house and Tina looks at Rihaan and says, “Must be hard when you injected the injection in her body.”

            She leaves and Rihaan says, “Tina.”

            Tina turns and Rihaan says, “I didn’t use the injection, she killed herself by overpowering herself.”

            Tina then hugs Rihaan and she leaves home with Ryan.


The doctor is on a road and is taking the dead body of Tanisha and a car follows him and the car bashes him and he gets hit and he clashes on a tree.

            The car stops and Dhruv comes out and he sees the doctor and the dead body and doctor says, “Who are you?”

            Dhruv says, “I am the Apocalypse….”

            He throws a grenade inside the car and leaves.

            The car explodes killing the doctor and burning Tanisha’s body.

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