You and I

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you and me


your purity unveiled my filth

no length of time can make me

forget that your love was

always greater than my hate

 in a room littered with distrust

your face illuminated in its

youthful air turn into a feeling

that I recollect as love

a tender smile

rare just like an embryo

coming to life

your feet touched time

and your smile is all I got

in illusions

in reality



amid the interruptions of silence

by the whistling of the woods

I roam around with your shadow all night

adding your existence to my madness

from the time I have known women

I have not lived without loving

but to my necked heart 

you are the one

a friend, a lover, muse of men

who taught me how to repent

not in blood or tears

but in action

from cigarette smoking hipsters

over the years

we have grown into a single face,

all of our love can be explained by this

I think about you

and smile,

but, the question remains

do we love each other

or the image of the other


you and I lived a life

in the numerous manipulations of love

in the pleasures of flesh

in the malady of romance

we live in the city lanes,

in the mofussil and in the countryside

beyond good and evil

together in a single verse

but is it ours


did we borrow one


your feet touched time

beyond the lies and smile

there were wet dreams

between us

you shared my burdens

and inexpressibly began to heal

touch by touch

like “spring does to cherry trees

your arguments were answers

in a decisive way


amongst all my hatred

dislike, complain and angst

I discover you

your pain

     your tears

          your inestimable sadness

distance made me realize

you in my numberless infinite

maybe in matters of life

opposites are most alike

 yes, the devil of mars dripping in sin

has deceived venus for endless nights

you played the piano keys and

I groped for the symphony

plagued by lust and envy

my soul turned blue

and in a life without you

wind and women come and go

without knowing who was Michelangelo…


in you

I have exhausted the last love of this world

after which there was none left

only empty vagrant expressions

you were exacting and me rather amenable

by all  measures what a miracle we were

but nowhere in the universe I can swear

can you find a relation perfectly true and fair

finally we sat down to discuss reasons for

the death of love and in the crematorium

I finally opened myself to the joy of the

way the world actually exists 

there is no meaning to life but in living

we moved in circles from one crematorium

to another, where we planted your soul yesterday

is covered with grass now

eyes fixed on the funeral pyre

I stood up to let go of all that is memory

to lean into the unknown and take the leap

and from that moment I became a man with

no past

my grace, my art ,my pleasures

are like yesterday

I daren’t anymore

turn that way


in the end you and I shall forever

disappear into legend without a trace

to unite in the tender harmony of death

and in our union

death shall no longer be death

but a short slumber

before we wake up into eternity

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