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            Rihaan is at his house drinking and Tanya arrives there and Rihaan looks at her and says, “You lived with me, fought besides me for so many damn years against Diablo, you didn’t feel any weird?”

            Tanya says, “I did feel, but that time, I cared for you more, Diablo, I didn’t, I always thought, he will at least come back for me if my father doesn’t, but I got the news that he killed him too and then from that very day I hated him and I hated him more when I heard that he killed your parents.”

            Rihaan says, “All this, it is a bit indigestible for me, I never saw all this coming.”

            He leaves the house in a drunken manner and Tanya tries to stop him but he pushes her.

            Tanya then sits on Rihaan’s table and he looks at his family photo and it falls down and a ring comes out of that photo and she gets to know that Rihaan was going to propose her for marrying him and she gets more emotional.

             She then goes to find Rihaan outside and she takes Ryan’s help.

            Ryan says, “I don’t know you neatly, but how much I have seen till now, you do love him a lot, I can say that.”

            Tanya says, “Yeah, I do.”

            Just then her phone rings and a recognizable voice from other side saying, “Hello, baby sister.”

            Tanya says, “Nagar.”

            Diablo says, “Yes, sister!!!”

            Diablo says, “For so many years, I failed to recognize you and I feel a lot sorry for that, I really do, I feel bad that for so many years you were fighting against me.”

            He then says something more and Tanya stops the car and says, “Ryan, search Rihaan, I have some work.”

            Ryan says, “Where will I find him?”

            Chang then calls Ryan and tells him that he has found Rihaan.


            Ryan then arrives at a local bar and sees Rihaan drinking and Ryan kind of joins him and says, “Hey, Rihaan!!!”

            Rihaan still drunk says, “My girlfriend is my enemy’s sister.”

            He keeps on laughing and Ryan says, “You shouldn’t say that loudly.”

            Rihaan laughs more and says, “People here get drunk and say what they feel, they don’t give a damn, watch, (gets on his table and says in a loud voice), I AM MR. R.”

            The people there shout, “Cheers!!!”

Ryan says, “Calm down. Seeing your condition, I also feel that Tanya must have told you already but, she was going to tell you but she didn’t want you to know from some other person, I mean, Chang.”

Rihaan then gets a glimpse of Tanya wanted to tell him leaving when they leaving for the other side of the City to save Raghu and Chang.

Rihaan says, “You may be right, for a moment.”

Ryan says, “Let’s go, C’mon!!! (Picks him up)”



Somewhere else, Tanya arrives at an old warehouse and says, “Nagar?”

A voice comes from behind, “Hello, Sister!!!”

Diablo says, “Don’t call me Nagar, it is and it will be Diablo.”

Tanya says, “Ok, Diablo, stop all of this, you will die alright, Rihaan will kill you and you know that.”

Diablo says, “That’s a lot of confidence you are showing at him, the thing is, it will be easy to kill him as love of yours has left him and  he doesn’t wants to see you anymore.”

Tanya smiles and says, “I have always seen you underestimating everyone, let it be father, me or Rihaan, stop that habit.”

Diablo says, “For so many years, I didn’t recognize you, when I came to know you are alive, I felt great and felt that you can join me, but, I see that won’t work.”

Tanya says, “So you will kill me?”

Diablo removes his gun and says, “Let me think, YES!!!”

Tanya removes her gun and says, “We will see. First you took Grandpa, then Jeet from Rihaan and now me, I will not let that happen.”

They start shooting each other and Tanya’s bullets get over and Diablo says, “Time to die.”

He comes at her and just then the doors break down and Ujwal Naik shoots Diablo and comes inside with some officers and arrests him and Tanya takes the opportunity and leaves from there.

She then arrives at Rihaan’s house and sees him sleeping and says, “I love you.”

Rihaan then hears the crying sound and sees Tanya crying and says, “I love you, darling, you are the best thing that has happened to me, I waited for so many years to be with you and finally I have you, yes, we had some trust issues, but we can get over it.”

Tanya says, “So?”

Rihaan says, “Let me make this permanent, (looks at the photo), where is the ring?”

Tanya says, “Looking for this.”

She gives the ring to Rihaan and he says, “Tanya, oh, sorry, Revati Reddy, will you marry me?”

Tanya laughs and says, “YES…..”

They hug each other and other friends come in to celebrate with them.


At the road to jail, Ujwal Naik and the officers are with Diablo inside the truck and Ujwal Naik says, “How can you survive such a vicious attack?”

Diablo says, “When you put your heart in doing something, wounds, they don’t give a damn about.”

Ujwal Naik says, “And Mr. Khan helped you.”

Diablo says, “Yes, he did, by the way, he injected and put me inside a certain chemical chamber, you know, if I get hurt badly, the wounds heal quickly in a matter of seconds (like Devraj’s body does).”

Some cars then pass by the truck and they stop at a distance and Queen comes from one of the cars and points her gun and shoots the driver and the truck bashes into a wall and Ujwal Naik gets injured and gets out and says, “I told you.”

He then leaves with Queen and the henchmen.



Wedding Day


            Rihaan and Tanya are at the wedding hall and Rihaan says, “That was quite a reunion.”

            Tanya says, “You bet.”

            Rihaan says, “The wedding, you know, the flowers decoration (Tanya gives a harsh look), they are good. I don’t have a say in this.”

            Tanya says, “Rihaan, babe, you have to just come for the wedding, alright.”

            Rihaan says, “That hurts.”

            Rihaan leaves Tanya there and Chang is laughing and Rihaan says, “You better don’t laugh, she will be managing your wedding too.”

            Chang says, “What? You serious?”

            Rihaan then gets a call and he gets to know that Ujwal Naik is admitted in the hospital and he goes as Rihaan to meet him.

            At the hospital, he sees Ujwal Naik injured and Rihaan says, “I heard you had caught Diablo.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “I did, but Queen helped him to escape.”

            Rihaan says, “What I know was, Mr. Khan was treating him.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Who told you this?”

            Rihaan says, “I did some research. I am not, you know just a millionaire, I care about stuff too.”

            He then leaves Ujwal Naik with the ‘get well soon’ bouquet and wedding invite.

            Rihaan leaves the hospital and Raghu is with him and he says, “Diablo is out there again.”

            Rihaan says, “Yeah, that is true, he might do some recruitment again.”

            In the South regions, Queen is at a place and Diablo arrives there with some of his henchmen and he says, “Queen.”

            Queen says, “Diablo, I did some recruitment for you, you know in my way, when you were inside the chamber.”

            Diablo smiles and says, “I am listening.”

            A huge truck then comes there and one by one, some people arrive there and Queen starts making introductions:

  1. Johravar, he is a huge muscular guy with a long sledgehammer in his hand as his weapon.


  1. Charlotte, she is a military soldier with a good knowledge of weapons and she has handguns attached to her suit.


  1. Tyler Fernandez has hunters and gloves attached to his body which have high voltage electric current.


  1. Mona, a brilliant mix martial arts expert.


  1. Zaheer Abbas, he is also combat expert and is a soldier in the Pakistan Army.



Diablo says, “You have impressed me a lot, Queen, but I would like a presentation by these guys.”

      Queen says, “Sure, when?”

      Diablo says, “Today evening, there is a special party and I would like to see some uninvited guests there.”

      Rihaan is at the wedding hall and Ryan is readying him for the wedding and on the other side, Tina is readying Tanya and there is lot of security at the hall managed by Raghu and Shakti and Chang, he is looking over by the cameras.

      Ryan says, “You nervous?”

      Rihaan says, “I have saved the world so many times, this, you know this is different, yes, I am a bit nervous.”

      Ryan says, “You don’t have to be so nervous, I am married.”

            Ujwal Naik then arrives at the hall and meets Raghu and he makes him sit in the hall.

            The wedding ceremony starts and the Pandit who is doing the wedding calls the parents and Tanya’s parents for the blessings and some puja and they come at the place and Pandit says, “Someone near to you?”

            Mr. James comes and says, “Can I do it?’

            Rihaan says, “Of course.”

            Rihaan smiles at him and the wedding takes place and just then when Rihaan is about to put the mangalsutra in Tanya’s neck, an explosion takes place at the front and they see Charlotte having a missile launcher.

            Tanya says, “Who is she?”

            Rihaan says, “I don’t know, but I don’t want THIS to happen at our wedding day.”

            Charlotte says, “I am Charlotte, I have been sent by Diablo to destroy this party and I have some more guys with me.”

            Johravar and others arrive there and Zaheer throws grenades at the guests and due to the explosion, the people arrived there run off.

            Rihaan takes a step down from the stage and Ryan tells him to stop and signals the others and they leave the stage to get into their gear.

            Rihaan looks at the Diablo’s brigade.

            Charlotte comes ahead and points the handguns at the couple and says, “Happy wedding day.”

            Just then, an energy attack comes and explodes near her and Volt Streak comes there and says, “No one gives you a right to do ruin it, woman.”

            Tyler sees this and hits his hunters on Streak and they start their fight.

            Mona goes ahead and Chang comes at her and they start their fight.

            Charlotte comes ahead again and she hears some growling sound and Leo is standing across her and she shoots him but misses and Leo attacks her.

            Johravar and Zaheer make a move at Rihaan and Tanya, but Crusher comes in between them and says, “This is not happening, guys!!!”

            A lot of chaos takes place and Crusher’s suit gets broken at some points because of the hammer hits and gets injured.

            Tanya looks at Rihaan and says, “You should help them.”

            Rihaan says, “What about the wedding?”

            Tanya says, “Save them first.”

            Rihaan leaves the stage and goes at the back.

            Streak then attacks Tyler and their powers clash against each other and Zaheer sees Tyler struggling and goes to help him and hits Streak with a grenade.

            Just then, a bike arrives there and Diablo’s brigade sees this and they leave their opponents and Charlotte says, “So you are the hero, huh?”

            Mr. R is on the bike and he says, “You would pay a huge price for what you have done here, you shouldn’t have ruined someone’s special day.”

            Mr. R then removes the machine gun and says, “Let us start.”

            He starts firing and huge explosions takes place and Mona jumps and attacks him and they have a huge combat and Charlotte joins him.

            Johravar comes with the hammer at Mr. R and he dodges the attack and Mr. R kicks him and Streak comes from behind and gives a shock to Johravar and weakens him.

            Tyler then attacks Mr. R but he kicks him and gets speared by Leo.

            Charlotte then fires at Mr. R and he get hits in the leg and he gets up and Crusher hits a Smash Attack on the ground causing it to shake and Charlotte falls down and moves out.

            Mr. R then removes a knife and Mona attacks him and just then she misses the kick and gets stabbed from behind by Tanya as MR. R passes her the knife and she says, “No one messes with my husband.”

            She leaves Mona and others take her away.

            Ujwal Naik sees all this and he leaves from there.

            Mr. R removes his mask and looks at Tanya and says, “Where were we?”

            Tanya gives him the mangalsutra and says, “Make me Mrs. R.”

            Rihaan says, “You don’t like that name, don’t you?”

            Ryan says, “Just do it.”

            Rihaan puts the mangalsutra in his neck and hugs her.

            Diablo’s brigade comes to their base and Diablo arrives there and says, “Nice work, guys.”

            Tyler says, “But we failed.”

            Diablo says, “No one succeeds the first time, kid. We will get more chances.”

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