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Kunal Tyagi does some final tests on the animal monsters subjects and Ghost comes inside the lab and says, “So, Doc is it done?”

Kunal says, “Yes, sir, all four of them are ready.”

Ghost says, “Impressive.”

Queen then later arrives there and says, “We are ready then it seems.”

            Kunal opens all four chambers and one by one comes out and he makes the introductions:

  1. The Eagle monster, YAKUT. (The monster shows them the wings)


  1. The Wolf Monster, ZARDAARI. (Shows them the claws and teeth)


  1. The Cheetah Monster, DAYAAL. (Runs fast and comes back with a dead rabbit in his mouth)


  1. The Rhino Monster, JOGIYA. (Makes the rhino sound and shows the horn)


Ghost says, “Nice work, and they will listen to me all the time?”

Kunal says, I have attached them with microphones and here is the receiver and if any problem happens, there is a small explosive inside them and when triggered, they will explode to death.”


Queen says, “Alright.”


She looks at Ghost for a while and says, “So, monsters, you didn’t kill a man till now, right? Your first prey is right here.”



She points at Kunal and he says, “What?”


Ghost says, “Your work is done.”

Zardaari attacks him and kills him quickly.


Ghost says, “Queen, take Yakut and Zardaari with you and I will take the other two with me and attack different parts of the City.”


After a day,


News tells that the police have found Kunal Tyagi’s dead body and Rihaan says, “Wasn’t Kunal in the animal monsters experiment business?”


Raghu says, “Yes.”

Rihaan says, “We have to keep a major watch on the City. Listen guys, the City is divided into two parts, so, me and Shakti will take one and guard it and Raghu, you and Chang guard on the City. What I feel is, something like Raka may be coming to the City.”’

Rihaan then goes at Tanya’s home and he sees Tanya cleaning and he starts to help her with the stuff. Tanya’s finger then gets hurt and Rihaan goes in to get the medicine in her room and he opens a drover and there is a photo there and he says, “Who is this, one is you, who are others?”

Tanya says, “That is my family.”

Rihaan says, “One of them looks close to you, like a brother, cousin or anyone?”

Tanya says, “No, real brother.”

Rihaan says, “But you didn’t have any brother, right?”

Tanya says, “I did.”

Rihaan says, “But you are the lone child in this family, right. Your parents live in Delhi and you are a fashion designer.”

Tanya says, “Those parents are my foster parents, I was sent here when my mother got killed by some cruel army in South Regions. She died, and these guys came there at the orphanage when I was 10, and took me from there and since then I have been living here.”

Rihaan says, “Your brother died too?”

Tanya says, “No, he and my father walked out from us just some days ago before the attack.”

Rihaan says, “Tell their names, I can find some information on them.”

Tanya says, “No, it’s alright, it’s nothing.”

Rihaan says, “Alright, (as he turns around, he takes photo in his camera of that photo), let’s go.”

He then sends the photo to Chang and asks him find about the Tanya’s real family.

As they are driving the car later, there is an explosion on the road and Queen attacks some policemen and Yakut and Zardaari help her.

Many people run off from there and Rihaan sees this and Tanya says, “You should go.”

Rihaan then removes the gear from the car and calls Shakti for help.

Queen is in the middle of the road and removes a machine gun and starts firing and just then, a knife comes and hits her gun and it falls down and she says, “Mr. R”

Mr. R is standing in front of her and he says, “I knew you and Ghost would be coming here.”

Queen says, “Yes, I brought some company too.”

Yakut comes from the sky and tries to attack Mr. R and he dodges him and he goes back a little and he hears some growling sound and he says, “I recognize that sound.”

Zardaari is behind him and he shows the claws and Mr.  R says, “I recognize those claws too.”

Zardaari attacks him and they have a hand combat and Queen looks on the fight.

Yakut comes from behind flying and just then, he is shot down by a mini missile and Queen says, “Who did this?”

Crusher comes there in the suit and says, “It’s me, woman!!!”

Mr. R says, “You are late.”

Crusher says, “Was on a date.”

            He then fires the missiles on Zardaari and he dodges.

            Queen along with Yakut attacks Mr. R and they have a fight on the road.

            Crusher then removes a huge sword from his suit and attacks Yakut.

            Sometime later,

Yakut hits Mr. R with his claws and he gets injured.

            Yakut comes to him and Mr. R moves back and just then his own bike comes there and hits some mini missiles and there is someone on the bike and Queen says, “Now who is this?”

            The person removes the helmet and it is, Tanya and she says, “It’s me, *****!”

            Queen says, “How many people you are in total?”

            Yakut attacks Tanya and she hits him with the helmet and Mr. R kicks him.

            Crusher sees this and says, “Now, enough.”

            Zardaari flies at him and Crusher turns and hits him with the sword and cuts him in half and he says, “That’s how I do kill!!”

            Crusher smiles and sees a mini bomb which was inside Zardaari and he then sees a small remote on Queen and he attacks Queen.

            Queen then gets injured and Crusher hits her with the machine guns attached to the suit and she runs away and Crusher sees the remote left and he smiles again.

            Yakut then hits Tanya with a smack and Mr. R attacks him and Yakut moves back a little and Crusher comes from behind and puts the bomb from behind in Yakut’s back, that means, there are two bombs inside Yakut.

            Yakut tries to run and Crusher gives the remote to Tanya and she says, “With pleasure.”

            She presses the remote and Yakut explodes and dies.


            On the other side of the City, Leo and White Dragon are fighting Dayaal and Jogiya, a guy is watching them from a building and his wife comes to him and says, “Should we help them?”

            He says, “You said to start the superhero business thing, the day has come, I suppose.”








As Crusher gets injured during his fight, Mr. R tells him to leave and he and Tanya leave to the other side of the City where White Dragon and Leo are fighting against Dayaal and Jogiya.

            As they are leaving, Tanya says, “Listen, I have to tell you something important.”

            Mr. R says, “Now is not the time, Tanya, we have to help Raghu and Chang.”

            Tanya then says nothing and just sits on the bike.

            On the other side of the City,

White Dragon is trying to match his speed by Dayaal’s speed and as he runs in full speed and hits him with the claws. This tears some of White Dragon’s ninja suit.

            Jogiya attacks Leo with his horn and tough body and tries killing him. Leo then hits him the claws but fails due to tough Rhino Skin and Jogiya just smiles at him and does another horn attack.

            Ghost sees this from some distance and says, “This is getting good, maybe I should join in.”

            Ghost then goes ahead and attacks Leo as Ghost gets invisible; this creates more problems for Leo.

            Jogiya then powerbombs Leo on the car and Dayaal sees this and comes with a huge claw attack but misses as Leo slides from there.

            WHITE DRAGON and Leo get together and Chang says, “This is way tough than I imagined.”

            Leo says, “I know.”

            WHITE DRAGON then removes his mask and says, “No worries, I will fight more.”

            Leo says, “Alright.”

            Dayaal runs and attacks WHITE DRAGON and Leo sees some pattern in the running and catches Dayaal and throws him off at Jogiya.

            Ghost becomes invisible and attacks WHITE DRAGON, beats him everytime and then stabs a knife in WHITE DRAGON’s back.

            Leo sees this and saves WHITE DRAGON and the three of them come at them.

            Just then, Mr. R’s bike comes there and comes in between them and says, “Me and Crusher have already killed two of them, now your turn and Ghost, you will die today, it’s my word.”

            Ghost says, “In your dreams.”

            Mr. R then hits some mini missiles and explosion takes place and when the smoke clears, Jogiya comes with a horn attack and Mr. R dodges it with the bike and Dayaal comes at Mr. R and Tanya who is at the back kicks him.

            Ghost has a grenade with him in his suit and he throws it near the bike and explodes it and Mr. R gets and Tanya get injured.

            Ghost says, “Maybe I should kill you and take you to Diablo.”

            Mr. R says, “That’s not happening.”

            Ghost comes at him and just then another explosion takes place between them.

            Ghost says, “Who did this?”

            The smoke clears, and a guy on a water tank is seen and he says, “It’s me, punk.”

            Ghost says, “Who are you?”

            The guy says, “The name is, STREAK, VOLT STREAK.”


            Mr. R looks at him and Streak says, “I am here to help.”

Streak then looks at Dayaal and he attacks him with speed attack and Streak creates an electric energy attack and stops him and gives him a high voltage current.

            This weakens Dayaal.

Ghost then orders Jogiya to attack Streak, he then goes for a horn attack and misses as Streak jumps and hits an energy attack on the horn and he falls at a distance.

Ghost then attacks Streak and they have a bit of a hand combat and then Ghost attacks him with a knife and Streak says, “Oh Sally, you attacking me with a knife.”

Streak something and he sort of then breaks the device that makes Ghost invisible and he runs off inside the factory.

Dayaal then goes behind him and Streak sees the water tank and hits an energy attack on it and all the water comes on Dayaal and spreads everywhere and Dayaal growls at him and Streak says, “Goodbye, kitty!!!”

He then leaves a small electric current and which electrocutes Dayaal and kills him.

            DAYAAL DIES

Streak then looks at Jogiya and says, “Want to play?”

Streak then sees WHITE DRAGON’s sword and takes it and when Jogiya comes at him, he cuts off the horn and then hits the energy attack and kills him.


WHITE DRAGON says, “I guess he is the guy who has the AI inside him.”

Streak says, “You are right.”

Mr. R sees Ghost running and says, “He is not going anywhere.”

He goes inside the factory and gets to know that Ghost has become invisible and Streak comes behind him and they try to find Ghost.

Streak then takes one of R’s knives and says, “Even if he is invisible, he has a shadow.”

He then throws the knife and it’s Ghost as where he is standing and injures him.

Ghost says, “Please don’t kill me.”

Mr. R says, “You should have thought that when you shook hands with Diablo.”

Mr. R beats him and leaves him there and he gets outside in front of others and Ghost pushes and shows him a gun and a remote and a small bomb falls out of his suit and Streak sees the cement mixer behind Ghost and he says, “R, you will follow your word.”

He then hits an energy attack and it misses Ghost and Ghost says, “You missed.”

Mr. R says, “No, he didn’t.”

The energy attack hits the lever of the cement mixer and all the cement falls on Ghost and makes him solid and it destroys his invisibility device and Mr. R looks at the remote and the bomb and he comes to him and says, “You die now.”            

He then hears some sound and he sees there is a small bomb near him and Mr. R walks and presses the button and there is an explosion.


They all get to base and they see injured Crusher and he comes out of his Suit and Mr. R says, “Everyone did a job and specially you, Volt Streak, you were the hero today.”

Volt Streak says, “Thank you.”

Mr. R says, “I can trust you, it’s what I feel.”

He then removes the mask and Leo takes the human form.

Volt Streak says, “I should be fair with you.”

He then removes his mask and says, “I am Ryan D’Silva, I am from New York.”

Rihaan says, “I have seen you somewhere.”

Ryan says, “At the airport some days ago.”

Chang says, “So you are the one who has an AI inside you.”

Ryan says, “Yes. Its name is MJ, a big fan, you know.”

Chang looks at Tanya and says, “We all should be really truthful, you know.”

Rihaan says, “Hey, what was that?”

Chang looks at Tanya and says, “You didn’t tell him, huh?”

Rihaan says, “What?”

Chang says, “Huh, Revati?”

Rihaan says, “What?”

Chang says, “Her real name is Revati and her parents gave her the name, Tanya and…”

Rihaan says, “And?”

Tanya says, “Alright, I am, DIABLO’s SISTER.”

Rihaan says, “What???”

Tanya says, “My father and brother, Nagar left me and my mother for conducting the mercenary business and when some people attacked us, my mother died protecting me and I left the house and a local orphanage took me in and my father and brother thought that we are both dead and Nagar’s life took a huge turn and we all know, what is he now!!!”

Rihaan says, “You weren’t going to tell me this? It’s been years we are together, like, what, eight years, you know me since, what nearly childhood when we were 16!!!”

Tanya cries and says, “I know I should have told you this, I should have, but, when I came to know that the Diablo Group had killed your parents, I got scared and decided I will help you and hide this sinful truth.”

Rihaan says, “Man!!”

Tanya says, “Rihaan, you have hated me more.”

Rihaan loses his cool and drops the mask and leaves the base.

Chang says, “I am sorry, Tanya!!!”

Tanya says, “Not your fault, I was going to tell him as it is!!!”

Ryan says, “He will come back!!!”

Tanya says, “I hope so.”


Queen returns to base and sees that Diablo’s chamber is empty and she gets shocked and she looks around and just then she hears a voice, “I am here.”

She turns around and it is Diablo, all his wounds are healed, burned wounds are gone.

Diablo says, “Rihaan, destiny has given me another chance to kill you, save yourself.”

Rihaan is at his house drinking.

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