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              Rihaan is at his home and he is seeing his pictures with his parents, Grandpa and Jeet and he remembers all the memories with them and Tanya comes in that room and says, “Hey, you okay?”

            Rihaan says, “No. It’s just, the war will start again with Diablo and he will create chaos and destruction in the City, I fear, something terrible may happen.”            

            Tanya says, “Nothing will happen to anyone, don’t worry.”

            Rihaan says, “I know, that’s why, I am taking a precaution, don’t get angry with me.”

            Tanya says, “What?”

            Rihaan then hugs her and injects her with a drug of getting unconscious and she falls down and he puts her on the bed and leaves from there.

            Raghu sees this and Rihaan says, “This had to be done.”

            Ujwal Naik is at his house and he then receives a text saying, ‘At your shed outside the house, quick.”

            Ujwal Naik goes to the empty shed and sees a huge package inside and when he opens, it is a delta mechanized suit and there is a note, ‘Be alert, from a close friend.”

            Ujwal Naik then reaches the Police HQ and tells the all the officers to check all the main spots of the City, the police stations, all HQ’s, all houses and let the City be on red alert.

            Rihaan is at a hill and watching the view and says, “Diablo, how are you going to attack?”

            He then gets news on the military frequency that some huge spheres are coming at the City and Rihaan then remembers that spheres were there when Jeet was killed.

            The huge spheres then show the spikes in them and crush all the vehicles and tanks that the City had. The police then try shooting it, but they fail and end up getting killed.

            After sometime, the some spheres stop and two of them come at the City square and Diablo and Queen come out of those spheres and Diablo says, “I am back.”

            He then shoots an officer and says, “I missed this City so much, it’s just a dream come true for me and my gang.”

            Queen sees all the streets empty and people inside their homes and says, “That’s weird of all, no one wants come out and attack us, like you all did with him, huh, come out.”

            Diablo says, “Queen, they don’t have a leader, last time, they had a leader who lead them to glory and pride, where is he now, no where…”

            Just then, a bike sound is heard and it is Mr. R on the bike and he arrives at the City Square and says, “Wished for me!!!”

            Diablo starts laughing and some of his men attack Mr. R and he comes and kills those men by using the knives and Diablo says, “Damn, he took the rule changing way seriously!!!”

            He then comes ahead and kicks Diablo and he falls near the sphere and Mr. R throws a grenade at the sphere and explodes it.

            Queen then attacks him and they have a duel.

            Queen then kicks Mr. R and says, “Call others, Diablo.”

            Mr. R says, “Don’t bother, they have company…”

            A sphere in the other side comes and hits the mall and Scarface comes out and sees something there and it is Leo there and says, “I was waiting for you, punk.”

            Leo then attacks Scarface and they have a fight.

            Another sphere then comes and hits the school and it gets stopped and Roy comes out and sees that it has been tied to a pole and says, “Who did this?”

            Crusher comes there and says, “It will be me.”

            Crusher then sees Roy is wearing a special suit that pipes on it from behind those supplies drugs in Roy’s body and Crusher goes and has a fight with him.

            Lee then goes with his sphere and mini bombs hit the sphere and he opens it and sees White Dragon in front of him and he says, “I thought never came  a time when I have to kill my elder brother.”

            Lee says, “Me too, but the real thing is, at the end, you will be dead on the ground.”            

            Mr. R has a two on one fight with Diablo and Queen.

            Blob and Stinger then see this and they see another mechanized suit arriving at them and when the head part opens, it is Ujwal Naik and Blob says, “You know it’s a two on one situation, officer?”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Never mind, we will see.”

            Ujwal Naik then shows them the machine guns and Blob uses Stinger as a shield and Ujwal Naik shoots and the bullets deflect at Stinger’s armor. Stinger then uses the Acid attack and Ujwal Naik dodges and punches Blob.

            At the City Square,

Mr. R gets a heavy beating from Diablo and Queen. Queen uses her tiger claws and Diablo also uses his swords and attacks Mr. R.

            Crusher then attacks Roy at the mall badly and they destroy the whole mall and Crusher attacks Roy with missiles in his suit and just then, Stinger comes there to help and Crusher says, “I wanted you here, Jeet’s died because of you, Stinger. You are mine.”

            Crusher then attacks Stinger but gets hit by the tail of Stinger.

            Leo then uses his nails and Scarface uses his swords and they have a duel inside and out of the school.

            Ujwal Naik then sees Blob’s power fluctuating and he starts to vomit out the chemical from the body and when he then turns back, Ujwal Naik is out of the Suit and has a gun in his hand and Blob has lost his powers and says, “No.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Yes.”

            He then shoots Blob in the head.







              After BLOB’s death, Ujwal Naik shoots the sphere and explodes it.

            Diablo comes to know this and tries defocusing Mr. R and says, “R, there is a thing you know, when Jeet was surrounded by us he was like a sheep among wolves and we killed him  with no mercy even when Tanya did beg but you know, he didn’t deserve a man’s death.”            

            Mr. R then removes his sword and kills some of Diablo’s men and comes and fights him back. Queen then comes from back and hits Mr. R with the nails in the back and just then when she is about to hit the nails again, someone stops her hand and Mr. R says, “TANYA!!!”

            Tanya is holding the hand and slaps Queen away and looks at Mr. R says, “We will talk about this later.”

            Mr. R then sees Diablo and goes to fight him.

            On the other side,

Stinger attacks Crusher and they have collision of missiles and other attacks. Crusher then goes and spears Stinger and holds his tail part and swings him around. He then just breaks the tail part and Stinger feels weak and hits him with the claws.

            Ujwal Naik sees this and goes to that fight.

            Scarface is seeing a chance to kill Crusher when he is busy in fight.

            In the school,

Lee and White Dragon are having a fight and their swords are clashing in a fast motion.

            Lee says, “You could have killed me when you saw me kill our master.”

            White Dragon says, “I regret that, but I still wonder, you liked his teachings, why you killed him?”

            Lee says, “He called me a miserable fool when I attacked one of his weak students, so I killed that wretched chump.”

            White Dragon then attacks him again.

            At the mall,

Apollo and Leo are having the fight and they break into the mall.

            Leo then sees the Apollo’s gear tubes and tries breaking it by force and he breaks one of them and Apollo gets weakened and Leo hits him with the claws and swings him around and says, “It’s time to die.”

            He takes the broken tube which is still leaving drug fluid and puts it in Apollo’s mouth and keeps it on till he is dying due to drug overdose.


            Scarface then sees Crusher injured and Stinger breaks the hand part of Crusher’s suit and Crusher tries beating Stinger. Scarface then slowly moves ahead to kill Crusher.

            Ujwal Naik sees this and attacks Scarface.

            Crusher sees this and then sees tail part of Stinger which can still spill acid and goes and grabs it and Scarface then sees this and alerts Stinger.

            Stinger then hits the mini missiles on Crusher and breaks the suit in half and a lot of body part is seen of Crusher.

            He however picks the tail and goes and Crusher hits another missile and it breaks the whole suit and Shakti uses his whole strength and picks up the tail and puts it in Stinger’s body and says, “That was for Jeet.”


            Scarface then comes and removes his sword and Shakti and turns and removes that tail part and kills Scarface with it when he see him and says, “That was for Sikander, you scumbag.”


            He then spits on Scarface’s body and leaves.

            At the school,

Lee and White Dragon get engaged in hand combat and they later pick the swords up and Lee removes his mask as well as White Dragon.

            Chang in retribution just plucks his brother’s eye and says, “That was for the master.”

            As Lee can’t see, Chang knocks him out.

            Diablo then tries flee from the war and goes inside a warehouse and puts some bombs there as when Mr. R comes and he will explode there itself.

            Tanya inside the City fights Queen and their fight turns gruesome and Mr. R sees this and decides to help Tanya and they, then use a tag move and Mr. R picks her up and with his help, Tanya kicks Queen and she falls and the tiger nails fall out of her hand and Tanya sees and kicks her again and Tanya picks the nails and hits her with and scratches Queen’s face and falls unconscious.

            Mr. R sees that Diablo is nowhere and comes to know that he has run off and he goes at the warehouse and goes back a little and Diablo is inside waiting for the door to explode and the door does explode but, Mr. R is not there and sees Diablo’s own sphere crashing the door creating fire all around the warehouse.

            Mr. R then crosses the fire and sees Diablo and he shoots Mr. R and misses the hit.

            Mr. R comes up and there is clash between the knives and bullets.

            They are at a platform and Diablo says, “My bullets are over, R.”

            Mr. R says, “That’s not my problem.”

            Diablo then just comes out and says, “So, you want kill me like sheep, not a man, huh?”

            Mr. R with some hesitation comes out and says, “You want to man up, I Will man you up.”

            Diablo says, “Alright, Rihaan.”

            Mr. R removes his mask and says, “Somebody is dying today, Diablo!!!”

            Diablo says, “I am scared.”

            They then have a hand combat and there is a fire all around them and Diablo removes his knife and says, “What was Jeet’s hero name, huh? Who cares?”            

            Rihaan then picks a chain and hits Diablo with it and they fall down in the ring of fire.

            Rihaan says, “Get up, Diablo, get up.”

            Rihaan says, “You have many crimes to pay up, get up.”

            Diablo says, “Now what? Now what?”

            Rihaan the pulls him with the chain and says, “His name was Jeet aka Sikander, I care that…”

            He then throws Diablo inside the fire and Diablo starts all to burn up and Rihaan waits for a while and leaves.


            The fire is then put off and Tanya and her team go near the warehouse and Ujwal Naik says, “You all said, Rihaan was in there with Mr. R, both are not there.”

            Tanya says, “Both???”



Some days pass by,

Tanya is at the Company and just then a parcel comes to her and it has her and Rihaan’s photo with others and it has a letter with it.

            The letter reads,

“Hey, it’s not I have been missing again, it’s just that, I am not gone forever,  now that’s Diablo gone, there are some petty crimes that can take place, but I don’t need to be there, I don’t want to lose you now, one by one I have lost everyone, it’s just I love you a lot, you are the world to me, I can’t let that happen, even if someone does to kill you or hurt you, just know, I am there and I will kill him back. Love, RIHAAN.”

            Tanya says, “Why!!! I WANT YOU, DAMMIT!!!”

            Rihaan is seen driving on a bike at a highway and just smiles.




At a hospital, Mr. Khan comes inside the cabin and he sees some men inside and GHOST is there too and says, “You shout, you die.”            

            Ghost then takes him to a place and shows him Diablo’s burned body and Mr. Khan says, “I cannot do anything, he is dead.”

Just then, something holds his hand and it is Diablo and in a low voice says, “YES, YOU CAN, DOCTOR.”

            Ghost starts laughing and says, “Rihaan, the war is not over.”            

Queen on the other side escapes from prison too.







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