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            After the threats of Death Squad, Rihaan, Jeet and Chang head to Delhi to save the President.


            The flight lands and they take their special luggage to the hotel where President is also staying.

            Next day, they are watching the President from a distance as they cannot intervene in his meetings, after sometime; they come to know he is going to the other side of the City for a meeting

            Rihaan then says, “What to do?”            

            Jeet says, “I say, we should follow him. Death Squad cannot be trusted, the way they have killed people, it is beyond thinking.”            

            Chang says, “I and Jeet follow him, you stay as backup.”

            Rihaan agrees.

            The President is taken by a convoy filled with soldiers and the security assigned and after they leave, they come across the main bridge of the City.

            On the bridge, there is a man climbing at a small section with a bag behind him and he climbs and sees the view and looks on and removes some things from his bag.

            He then removes a sniper and it turns out to be it is, Raghav, the leader of Death Squad and he points at the Convoy of the President and he sees there are two cars front and back and President’s car in the middle.

            Raghav smiles and he hears the voice from the micro mike saying, “We are in position.”

            Raghav then shoots and it hits one of the cars in the front driver’s and he dies and the car crashes at the diversion and when it does, the other car behind him is trying to control and Lucas comes in front of the road and throws a knife and kills the driver and that too car crashes.

            The cars at the behind make a formation getting front and behind the President’s car, but then Maya comes from another car and hits a missile which enables the car to move.

            Lucas then kills the men in that car and when the soldiers from the other car come out, Raghav and Lisa kill them.

            Jeet sees this and contacts Rihaan.

            Rihaan is already in a helicopter high in the air and wears his gear and jumps from the helicopter.

            On the ground, Sikander removes the bike from attacks the Death Squad and Raghav shoots and hits Sikander’s leg and he gets injured.

            He is seen crawling and just the Chang aka White Dragon comes in white suited ninja attire and attacks the Squad and he has a hand combat with Lisa and then later with Lucas.

            Maya sees this and hits WD from behind and injures him.

            Raghav then points his gun at them and says, “You are damn naïve, coming here and attacking us to save the President. Now die.”

            Maya says, “Wait a sec, none of you is Mr. R, where is he?”

            Mr. R is seen above coming from glider and says, “People do know me…”

            He comes down and attacks them and hits Raghav in the back with a knife. He sees Lucas and they have a knife combat and then beats him too and when Maya comes to help WD comes and kicks her out of that fight.

            Lisa then shows her claws to him and smiles and goes at the President but, Sikander stops her and due to distraction, Mr. R beats her as well.

            Lucas then sees some more Police cars and Military cars arriving and he tells Raghav to leave and Raghav looks at Mr. R and says, “We will meet again, the next time, a bullet in your head.”

            Mr. R says, “We will see to that.”

            Raghav throws a smoke grenade and in that smoke they all run off and Mr. R puts a small GPS on the President before getting away with Sikander and White Dragon.

            At night, Sikander is seeing his wounds and sees Lisa has scratched him and Chang is seen sharpening his sword and Rihaan is seen just sitting and seeing the news and just then, Tanya arrives there and meets the guys.

            Tanya then says, “C’mon, cheer up, you saved the President, the threat is gone.”

            Rihaan says, “No, Tanya, till Death Squad is there, the threat is still wandering.”            

            Tanya says, “Alright, you are all right. But now, see what I have!!! (Shows them party passes) These are passes for the today’s party thrown by the President. Get Ready!!!”

            They all then suit up and arrive at the party.

            At the party, backside of the Hotel, a truck arrives there with food and kitchen supplies and some people in the truck arrive at the hotel and it is actually, Death Squad in disguise of chefs.

            At the party, then, Jeet is at the bar and he meets a young Scientist who is a good looking and beautiful girl and he starts a conversation and on the other side, Chang is meeting some people too.

            Then, Rihaan and Tanya are talking and Tanya says, “So many years, we have been together, I don’t want anything to happen to you, I love you a lot.”            

            Rihaan says, “Me too, it is just, the City, my home has to face so much problems and troubles. I had to discuss something, actually.”

            He is just to speak, Jeet arrives there and says, “Girls do find me boring, dude.”

            Jeet is seeing waving his hands at that scientist and she doesn’t pay attention and Rihaan says, “What’s her name again?”

            Jeet says, “Her name is, Aisha Khanna, she is a scientist in terms of Chemistry related. She doesn’t like me much.”

            Tanya says, “You bumped her out, right!!!”

            Jeet says, “Yeah!!”

            Tanya and Rihaan then start laughing and Jeet says, “Rihaan, don’t bump her out when you get married to her.”            

            Rihaan stammers and says, “Marriage, her, yeah!!!”

            He leaves and then and Tanya is confused and the party ends.

            The Death Squad is in their room and they are making their plans on the next attack.

            Rihaan is seeing the box in his hand which has a ring in it and he looks at Tanya and smiles.






              As Death Squad Members had arrived in the hotel where President was present, they are in their room and they get a call saying, “Tomorrow evening, there is a function in the hotel itself, so kill the President there.”

            Raghav agrees and says, “We have a change in plans.”

            The next day,

Ujwal Naik and some more officers arrive in Delhi to meet the President and tell him to cancel the function that will be held in the evening and President says, “I will conduct that Function, last time, I got lucky as that hero saved me, may be today evening, will be my last, I will go ahead to conduct the Function.”

            Rihaan is hearing all this by a microphone placed in the Suit.

            Rihaan says, “The President is one stubborn guy, even after warning and getting attacked once, he is not stepping back.”

            Jeet says, “The Death Squad will attack him surely. How we will retaliate?”

            Just to change the mood, Tanya takes the guys outside to roam around Delhi City and they stop at a place and Rihaan is having a box in his hand and he is looking at Tanya and Chang asks about the box and says, “When are you doing it?”

            Rihaan says, “After this ends, Death Squad massacre…”

            Chang says, “All the best!!!”

            When they all reach the Hotel, they see a lot of security that had arrived and they are at every point of the hotel guarding.

            They reach the room and while they arrive, Ujwal Naik sees them and says, “Hey, guys!!! How are you here?”

            Rihaan says, “We are on a holiday… We just had a roam around the City and enjoyed the views and will leave to attend the function.”

            Ujwal Naik says, “You all must have heard the rumor that President’s life is in danger.”            

            Jeet says, “Yeah, Death Squad is you talking about…”

            Ujwal Naik says, “How do you know?”

            Chang says, “They released a video, right, they will kill the President, we all saw that…”

            Ujwal Naik says, “Yeah, Right!! Take care; I will leave, have to check the Security…”

            As he leaves, they get into their room.

            As nobody had seen, Death Squad, Raghav then kills the main security that will be right with the President and he takes one of their places.

            Lucas then dresses as a monk and arrives at a function and Maya and Lisa are wearing the burqa with weapons inside them.

            The function starts and Rihaan then unleashes a small drone to see around in the function to see whether Death Squad members are present and starts analyzing each guest.

            Raghav then starts coming near the President as killing him near was Plan A for them and if it fails, Plan B will be to create havoc inside the hall and kill the President.

            The drone comes back to Rihaan and keeps it away and he is about to set it out again and Chang stops and says, “No need, I see Raghav there…”

            Rihaan says, “What to do now?”

            Rihaan then texts Ujwal Naik present ahead from a private number saying, ‘It’s me, keep an eye on President’s security, chaos may start in sometime, be alert!!!”

            Ujwal Naik sees the President and starts to keep an eye on him.

            Rihaan then tells Chang to get close to Raghav so that he can be taken away and Chang agrees and Rihaan and Jeet leave to get in their gear with Tanya.

            Chang gets close to President and sees Raghav a bit away and as no one is looking, he writes a small note on a napkin and sends it to Raghav and he leaves and other members are like confused and Lucas asks Raghav and he says, “One of the heroes who stopped us is here, I will kill him and come.”

            He goes back and Chang attacks him and they have a hand combat and Raghav starts shooting Chang and he misses and due Chang then injures Raghav’s leg and by his microphone he says, “PLAN B!!!”

            Lucas gets up and starts shooting with the machine guns in the air and when the guards come at him, the girls explode the door and there is chaos everywhere.

            Maya starts shooting the guards and other security.

            Lisa attacks the President’s security.

            At the room, Rihaan gets ready and the box falls down as he leaves and Tanya sees the box and gets emotional.

            Mr. R and Sikander then reach the hall and see the chaos and Sikander sees Maya and she is about to kill Aisha Khanna (the scientist) and he saves her and attacks Maya.

            Sikander then beats Maya in a duel and throws her off the balcony and she falls on a car and gets arrested.

            Raghav then comes from the backside where he was fighting Chang and he goes at the President and kills the guards and he comes to know the President is taken to his Personal Suite.

            Chang tells Mr. R about Raghav and Lucas attacks them both and Chang says, “You go, I will handle him.”            

            Chang battles Lucas and Mr. R moves ahead and then faces Lisa.

            Lisa shows her tiger claws and says, “See, you became the prey too with the President.”

            Mr. R says, “The punishment awaits you, tigress.”

            They have come ahead and have a hand combat and she scratches the mask badly but it doesn’t break and Mr. R doesn’t move back and removes his knives and then attacks Lisa.

            Lisa then jumps on him and tries removing the mask and fails when he throws her off and she hits herself in the water tankers.

            She gets all wet and there is high voltage electricity Unit behind Mr. R and she goes and attacks and she slips and she goes at the Unit and gets electrocuted badly and due to high voltage, she becomes unconscious.

            Lucas sees this and attacks Mr. R and he dodges the knives and Chang sees this and removes his sword and comes at Lucas. Lucas then hits Mr. R with his knife and hits him in his abdomen and he turns and Chang kills him with his sword.

            Mr. R sees Chang for a while and moves ahead to save the President.

            Inside the Suite, The President is surrounded by guards and Ujwal Naik is with him and just then the door explodes and Raghav comes inside and starts shooting everyone, Ujwal and him have a gun fight, but Raghav comes ahead and shoots Ujwal in the chest and he falls unconscious and the President is left alone.

            The President says, “Who are you doing this for?”

            Raghav says, “So, this is your last wish!!! Alright, you should thank the terrorists residing in South regions who gave us this job. So, there you go, last wish done, time to die…”

            He stops and looks aside and sees Mr. R and there is a moment of silence between them and Mr. R throws a knife and Raghav shoots the knife and this happens and Raghav removes another gun, but Mr. R comes and kicks the gun away and they have a hand combat and later, they both fight all over the Suite and Raghav nearly breaks the mask and Mr. R moves back and comes out where the President is.

            Raghav removes a small gun in his shoe and points it at Mr. R and the President comes there and says, “Hey, Stay away from the hero…”

            He shoots Raghav many times and Raghav goes through the window and falls down on a car and dies.

            Mr. R looks at the President and says, “You saved my life, I came to save yours, but still.”

            The President says, “Thank you…”

            Mr. R says, “You may get arrested on killing this guy now even knowing that you are the President.”

            The President says, “Self Defense, we can call it.”

            Mr. R says, “But that is, against the law, sir. I can’t let that happen.”

            The president says, “So, what can we do?”

            Mr. R says, “You can do nothing, I can. (He calls Sikander) Plan B…”

            Sikander then presses a button on a remote and a bot wearing Mr. R’s attire comes out backside of the hotel and the media and the press see this and say that MR. R has saved the President’s life.

            Mr. R removes his mask and says, “I am Rihaan Kumar.”

            The President is shocked to see this and says, “I will keep this as a secret…”

            Rihaan then takes the gun and throws the mask inside the fireplace and gets on the ground and the local police come and arrest him.

            At the court, The President is called for being a witness and he says that Rihaan came in when he heard the shooting and they looked when Mr. R went when he got injured and to save the President, he killed Raghav in favor of Self Defense.

            The judge says, “As in the matter of Self Defense and killing a known and wanted assassin, still the law was broken by Rihaan and so, he will be kept for one month in City Jail and no harm and no foul name will be given on the Family and Kumar Enterprises.”

            Tanya is shocked to see all this and hugs Rihaan and he proposes Tanya for their marriage and she says, “Yes…”

            He is taken inside the jail.

            Jeet then gets a call from his source and says, “Tanya, one month will be a long one.”

            Tanya says, “Why!! It’s just a month…”

            Jeet says, “I am saying this because, NAGAR REDDY is also present inside the same Jail….

            Inside the jail, a constable comes at a prison cell and says, “Rihaan Kumar is here, as you said, I want the money you said…”

            The person inside the cell is, Nagar Reddy aka ‘DIABLO’ and he says, “I got what I wanted, you will get, what you needed.”


Diablo keeps on laughing.



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