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            In an industry, a weapons developer is making a weapon and he is seeing pictures of a Scorpion and designing that device and after sometime, he gets a call from the Kumar Enterprises saying that they have agreed to give him a chance to show his presentation.

            He reaches the Company and when in lift, he meets Rihaan who is arriving at the company and meets him.

            Rihaan says, “Hey, I know, your photo was shown to me yesterday, you are showing a presentation, right, what your name is?”

            The guy says, “Dhanraj Singhania.”            

            Rihaan says, “Yes, Dhanraj!!! All the best.”

            Rihaan then leaves when he reaches his floor and after sometime, Dhanraj is seen waiting in the conference room.

            The committee arrives with Mr. James, Rihaan and Mr. Joshi. Dhanraj starts his presentation and says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we had seen a delta enhanced suit some days ago which accelerates any bodily action like jumping, running and attacking which the ‘hero’ used it to beat one of the villains that City was threatened and so I used the same idea and made this. (Shows them a picture) It’s Scorpion Suit called, STINGER and it has huge claws and dangerous acid attack by tail and it also gives the person wearing it regenerative abilities and healed quickly.”

            Mr. James says, “I am impressed, those in favor?”

            Many of the committee hands raises up and even Rihaan too and they all decide to give him a chance to demonstrate the suit when he wears it.

            Later, Rihaan gets a text saying Jeet has some important news.

            Rihaan reaches the base and sees Jeet and he says, “Guess, what is this? Death Squad’s information.”            

            Jeet then shows a presentation and he says, “This is Death Squad, they have four members:

  1. The leader, Raghav: Former military and a highly trained Sniper and good with other guns.


  1. Lisa: Was an animal training expert and grew fond of them and created Tiger claws mechanism for her hands and she uses claws and possess speed and agility and also she herself, Tigress.


  1. Lucas White: He’s from USA, former Circus artist, and then was thrown out of the Circus when he ‘accidently’ killed a Lion and then as he was in expert in knives, he took up assassination jobs.


  1. Maya: Intelligent hacker and an eye patch because her father did it and she killed him and ran off from the house and expert in some weapons.


They are lethal and they have some highly noted jobs and they can be dangerous for us.  We’re screwed!!!”


Rihaan says, “They have a team, we should have ours, they can attack the President anywhere anytime.”


Jeet says, “Team?”


Rihaan says, “I can make a call for someone.”


He then calls Chang Wong and next day, he reaches the City and agrees to help them.


Jeet says, “What about that Dhanraj whose presentation went well, we can take him.”            

Rihaan says, “We can. Let him just concentrate and focus on one thing.”

Next day, before the demonstration, Dhanraj gets a call from an unknown number saying that they have seen the design and work too and they are offering them money to kill Mr. R and his partner, Sikander and Dhanraj disagrees and hangs up.

The committee and others arrives at the lab and Dhanraj puts on the Suit and Rihaan basically is eager to see the work and Dhanraj operates the Suit and due to technical failure, the Suit gets out of control and sprays Acid everywhere and Rihaan saves Mr. Joshi and also some other committee members.

The committee in an angry mood tells Dhanraj to take the Suit away and Rihaan tries to talk to them and tell them to give another chance. The committee doesn’t agree with him and leave the lab.

Rihaan tries consoling Dhanraj and he tells Rihaan to leave. At night, Dhanraj is repairing the Suit and he gets the same call and he says, “I will take the job, how do I find them?”

The voice from other side says, “It is simple, create havoc.”


Dhanraj is also drinking and so, he breaks his glass and sees the Suit.


The next day, there is a video released about Death Squad released which shows highlights of what they have done like killings and assassinations. Mr. R then releases the video saying that Death Squad will not be a threat and he will do his best to save the City from them.

The next day, in the night, there is a celebration of a match winning and just then, they all see a mini missile arriving and it explodes some cars and they see, Dhanraj wearing the Scorpion Suit and he says, “I am Stinger, I want Mr. R.”


He then attacks the people and due to shield, the bullets get deflected and he then sprays acid on the police cars and attacks the police. He then sees a Mr. R small statue in a shop and he sprays acid on it and it melts down. Rihaan is seeing this TV and Jeet says, “Were we right about taking him?”            

            Rihaan says, “He is just defocused.”

            Dhanraj aka Stinger then reaches the City Square and shoots mini missiles on the City and just then, a knife comes and hits his Suit and Stinger says, “You are here, huh!!!”

            He then hears a whistling sound and Stinger says, “Where are you?”

            Mr. R says, “You are very eager to see me, huh!!!”

            Mr. R then jumps and kicks Stinger and starts his fight and the cameras are shooting it.

            Mr. R’s bike arrives and they take the battle outside the City and they fight hard and Mr. R removes the Gatling machine gun and hits it and it damages the Suit but Stinger hits the acid attacks and melts the gun.

            Sikander then arrives there and tries finding a blind spot on the Suit and arrives with the Delta Enhancing Suit and Mr. R is shocked to see the Suit and Sikander says, “Hey, let’s brawl…”

            Stinger attacks him and they have a heavy duel and Sikander destroys the Suit and his Suit too explodes too and Mr. R then knocks out Dhanraj.

            Mr. R says, “Was that”

            Sikander says, “Yes, it was yours.”

            Mr. R says, “Jerk!!!”

            Sikander laughs and they leave the place and Dhanraj is arrested.

            At a place,

There are some cops killed and Death Squad leader, Raghav and others are present and Lisa says, “Dhanraj got arrested.”

            Lucas says, “The money’s wasted, Raghav.”

            Maya says, “Is it the same plan?”

            Raghav is pointing his sniper and says, “First, it is sad, that Dhanraj got arrested, second, the money is not wasted and third, we got to know what those heroes can do and yes, it is the same plan and we will kill the President and who ever stops us, we kill him too, let it be anyone.” And he shoots the Officer that was running from them.

            Rihaan says, “Dhanraj was hired by Death Squad to see what we can do. His calls and methods tell it.”

            Raghu says, “Now what sir?”

            Rihaan says, “Now what, we head to Delhi, President will be there in some days.”

            Dhanraj inside is attached to his Suit and he is tied inside his own cell and he is locked inside called, Special Prisons.

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