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MR. R-





            Rihaan is at home resting and he gets a letter by post and he takes a look at it and smiles at the name of who has sent it and goes at the Company.

            In his cabin after a meeting, Rihaan is alone sitting and just then Jeet arrives to take him for lunch and Rihaan sees the letter and Jeet asks who has sent it?

            Rihaan says, “This guy is like closest friend after Grandpa, he was a martial arts expert and was in China for a while and there he stayed and now he is back and he is telling me to meet him and it is true, it has been years I have met him.”            

            Jeet says, “Closest friend!!! I thought I was your closest friend…”

            Rihaan smiles and Jeet says, “What’s his name?”            

            Rihaan says, “Yudhisthira Bhosale.”

            Rihaan the next day leaves for Yudhisthira’s house which is located in far in mountains (Himachal Pradesh).

            Rihaan then reaches the house and it is like a huge house and when he enters the gate, a ninja like suited person comes in front of him and he tells him stay back and Rihaan says that he is a friend of Yudhisthira and the person removes his ninja sword and Rihaan says, “Bad idea…”

            The person charges at him and attacks Rihaan and he keeps on dodging the strikes of the sword and sometime later, sees a bamboo and takes help of it and attacks the person.

            The person gets hit by the bamboo and stops and just then a voice comes, “Stop, brilliant, Rihaan!!!”

            Rihaan sees and it is Yudhisthira Bhosale aka Uncle who with a Chinese suit and claps for him and the person there also removes his mask and Yudhisthira says, “He is a friend from China, he is, Chang Wong, he is a ninja and a chef, speaks nice Indian Languages and  cooks good food.”

            Chang then shakes hands with Rihaan and they leave inside to have food.

            In the City, Aryan Sachdeva in a car arrives at a drug and guns deal and police arrive there after sometime, Aryan alone kills them all and takes the guns and walks away and saying, “I am not a drug use of a guy…”

            Aryan then reaches the house and puts all the guns in the garage and sees newspaper cuttings of Kumar Enterprises and on the other side, Mr. R heroics.

            At Yudhisthira’s house, the next morning, Rihaan wakes up and sees Chang practicing on a wooden plank and goes at him and says, “You use the sword with finesse you know. That was good, you had me killed.”

            Chang says, “You want to learn?”

            Rihaan says, “Yeah, that would add to my weapons resume.”

            Chang then challenges him to a fight on the plank and Rihaan agrees and they have a duel and during the duel, Rihaan is about to fall and Chang catches him and he slips too and they both down together and Yudhisthira sees this and makes a decision that he will teach sword fights and techniques.

            Aryan is at his place and sees swords put up and removes one of them and just then, some men from other underworld gangs arrive there and they remove their weapons and Aryan smiles and attacks them and kills them later and says, “I don’t want you guys, I want him…”

            He throws the sword at one of Mr. R’s pictures.

            Aryan then attacks the whole colony and kills many people and to his demand, Sikander arrives there and says, “Hey, R is not in the City, can I help you?”

            Aryan says, “I suppose, after beating you blue and black, I will get Mr. R’s attention.”

            On the other side, Rihaan is learning about Swords and its techniques.

            Aryan then beats Sikander badly and says, “Next time, I want Mr. R and if you think of coming in front of me, I will see to that this face will not have a body.”

            He throws Sikander and leaves.

            Rihaan gets mastered in the sword training and one night, he leaves the place and goes on streets wearing the gear and just then he sees, some thugs harassing a girl and he wears the full gear and comes in front of the thugs and says, “You shouldn’t treat a girl like this. Leave her.”

            One of the thugs recognizes him and leaves and makes a call and leaves the others and Mr. R comes and beats them all and saves the girl.

            The thugs run off and Mr. R goes at the girl and just then some pointy weapons come and land near him and when he looks back, he is a white ninja suited person (Chang) behind him and he says, “Heard a lot of heroics about you and I guess that is the reason I got so much money to kill you.”

            Mr. R says, “Damn you, Ninjas!!! I guess, you people support the right things and people. But, anyways, let’s dance.”

            Mr. R throws some knives at him and they then have a hand combat and Chang beats him all and kicks him badly. Mr. R says, “Enough!!!”


Mr. R removes a sword tucked behind in the backside and removes it and attacks Chang and with less effort, the sword breaks and Chang is about to hit the last strike but Mr. R dodges and says, “Wait, it’s me…”            

Mr. R removes a part of his mask and closes it and Chang comes to know it is Rihaan and smiles and they go home and they are scolded by Yudhisthira Uncle and Rihaan starts training again and some days later, he gets the news that Jeet was injured in a fight.

Chang then takes Rihaan behind the house and helps him making a new sword and Rihaan successfully makes a new sword and takes greetings from his uncle and Chang.

Rihaan returns home and sees Jeet immeaditely and comes to know there is a new Villain in the City.

After some days, Aryan calls his men and makes a plan to capture Sikander and Mr. R.

Aryan then again arrives in the City and attacks people with guns and his men and Sikander comes and stops him and they have a chase outside the City at the City port harbor.

At the harbor, Jeet stops and gets surrounded by the men and Aryan starts laughing and says, “What now? I am giving you a final chance, call the ‘Savior’ of yours or else you face, death.”

Sikander starts laughing and says, “What you thought? Only guys make plans. The savior is already here, LOOK!!!”

Mr. R then comes running at them and jumps and kicks Aryan he falls at a distance and he tells Jeet to handle him for some time and Mr. R faces the men.

Jeet then attacks Aryan and Mr. R uses his new sword and beats all those men.

Aryan then beats Jeet again and calls Mr. R and he too removes his sword and they have a huge and gruesome sword fight.

During the fight, Aryan and Mr. R are cut many times on the bodies.

Aryan then says, “You fight for this City, this City is like a paralyzed one and it can be destroyed easily and why save it?”

Mr. R says, “I am here, to save this City, from guys like you and keep them in jail.”            

Aryan then comes and attacks Mr. R and but he dodges and strikes Aryan’s face and there are huge scars on his face. Mr. R then jumps and hits a powerful strike and it cuts near Aryan’s eye and making him blind from one eye and he falls down and Mr. R says, “That is the punishment you get.”            

Jeet looks at Chang and says, “What do you call yourself?”

Chang says, “WHITE DRAGON!!!”


Aryan then is arrested and taken to City Jail and there he names himself as, SCARFACE!!!!

Yudhisthira and Chang arrive in the City and meet Rihaan and friends later.

Later at night, when they are having lunch, there is news on TV that, there is a group of assassins who call themselves DEATH SQUAD has taken a token to kill the President of the Country and Rihaan says, “This is one huge challenge, Grandpa…”

Death Squad comes on Bikes on enters the City.

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