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MR. R-




              Rihaan, Jeet and Tanya with Raghu come to Delhi for a seminar of inventions where they are invited by Tanya’s friend.

            At the seminar, many scientists arrive and show their wonderful inventions to the people and they all applaud and just then, there is a break and Tanya is having juice and when she is about to order, a voice comes, “She will have a Watermelon Juice, like always.”            

            She looks and it is his, Dhiren Kumar, her ex-boyfriend and she is just delighted to see him and they both meet him and he tells that he is financing and helping his colleague, Roshan and she tells that she is a huge fashion designer and she owns a huge boutique as her boyfriend insisted her too.

            Dhiren says, “Boyfriend?”

            Tanya says, “Yeah, I met someone, actually, he is my childhood friend, Rihaan.”            

            Dhiren sees Rihaan as he is standing with Jeet talking to him and Dhiren says, “He may be a good guy…”            


Just then, a volunteer comes and whispers Dhiren in his ear and he leaves and says that his Roshan  is ready for presentation and Tanya is left alone and just then Rihaan comes and asks her whether she is okay and she says, “Yeah, I am alright.”

            Rihaan says, “What happened between you and Dhiren?”            

            Tanya says, “How did you know about his name?”

            Rihaan says, “I read it into your personal diary. (She looks at him.) There was nothing to do at your house, only I couldn’t read the reason. C’mon, tell me…”

            Tanya says, “Nothing, he just got busy with work and we didn’t meet along for days and days turned to months and we broke up, he is sometimes like a mean guy, but he was nice today…”

            At the stage, Dhiren is with the Roshan  and he shows him a knife and says, “If this fails, you know the consequences.”            

            The Roshan gets a bit scared and they get on stage.

On stage, Roshan says, “This potent, which we have made, this is huge breakthrough for this company and this potent, will give the person, one can say the power of invisibility and for a matter of hours and when used right, we can see him/her in smoke, fire, or any sticky substance which will be thrown on that person.”

            He then calls his assistant, he sprays the potent on his body and for some time, he becomes invisible, as his clothes are seen and not the body.

            Jeet says, “Impressive.”

Suddenly, the assistant starts to burn up and he removes his clothes and runs off and some of the audience starts to laugh, some giggle, some start making issues.

The head of that seminar makes a remark that such experiment had to be tested before and he yells at Dhiren Kumar and his team.

Tanya and other see this and Rihaan tells her to see Dhiren and console him. She goes at him and just to calm him, she hugs him tightly and Dhiren feels comfortable and makes it uncomfortable for Tanya and she leaves.

Rihaan with Tanya and others return to the City.

Dhiren then tells the Roshan and other team members to shift the materials to the City and the next part of the seminar is in Mumbai.

Dhiren reaches the City and they are at the lab and he himself helps the Roshan and tells the Roshan to use the potent on Dhiren and he is scared to use it and Dhiren in a furious manner orders him and he uses the potent.

This causes some slight burns on Dhiren later after turning invisible and later he makes some changes and it works and they test Dhiren in all sorts and he can then go through fire and seen in water and sticky substances.

Rihaan is at his base and he sees Dhiren’s profile and sees that he was in a hit and run case some years ago and sees the article and it shows that a girl was him that time and she was out in no time and Rihaan wears his gear and leaves to see Dhiren at his lab.

Mr. R then reaches the lab and the lab is like a warehouse and there is a glass wall above and he is seeing from above.

He then sees, an invisible person walking in the clothes and then the Roshan sprays the antidote of that potent and Dhiren is visible and he says, “This can be put so good to use… When we get the permission, we will be great…”

The Roshan says, “What if it doesn’t? Because, what happened last time, people haven’t forgotten…”

Dhiren walks at him and puts a knife on the Roshan’s throat and says, “Say something bad and I will see to that you go without your head home…”

Mr. R says, “He is one mean guy, as she said…”

He then leaves the lab.

The next day, at the seminar and Rihaan meets Dhiren in person and Rihaan says, “Was it right, you were in a hit and run case some years ago?”

Dhiren says, “Yeah, but no one died or got injured, but I lost someone special that time…”

Rihaan says, “Does Tanya know about this, it’s not that I will tell her, you are her friend…”

Dhiren says, “She does know and you are right, I am just her friend…”

Rihaan leaves and meets Tanya and Dhiren says, “What I lost, you have it…”

He then leaves backstage and they are introduced on stage and some people are still laughing and the Roshan comes on stage and says, “Guests, what happened some days ago, was mere miscalculation and thus, this same experiment will be done again…”

The head jokes that they will rashes and burns of the assistant.

Just then, there is a movement in the sited guests and their feet are stamped by something and he takes, the head’s mobile and plays with it and Roshan says, “For the information, the experiment is conducted and this time, not the assistant, it is, Mr. Dhiren Kumar using the potent…”            

The people are shocked and invisible Dhiren comes at Tanya and takes her juice and drinks it and leaves to go on stage.

The invisible Dhiren becomes visible again and people applaud to him and the potent.

Later, Tanya congratulates Dhiren on his success.

Dhiren feels a bit weird when he sees Tanya and Rihaan together. Roshan then suggests that they should head to the Seminar Party and have some drinks.

Dhiren agrees and they head to the party and there they meet some girls too and Dhiren gets drunk and misbehaves with one of the girls and the girl slaps him and the Head is present there and he also insults him and tells him leave the party and also cancels the prize and grant that had to be given to Dhiren and his company.

Dhiren then heads to the lab and breaks everything and orders Roshan to leave the lab and Dhiren looks at the potent and sprays it.

The next day, there is news that a female scientist was raped and killed at night.

The police start to investigate and they come to know, they didn’t see the scientist after the party and they heard voices of her and when they went in to check and she was dead.

Ujwal Naik reaches the seminar and asks the girls again and they tell the same story to him and he checks the footage and he sees nothing and he sees inside the room and the windows were locked too.

Ujwal Naik then sees the footage at his house and the lights go off and a voice comes, “Didn’t wait for me, huh!!!”

Ujwal Naik sees behind him and sees it is, Mr. R and he says, “Nobody is seen here, cop. We are just seeing the footage on a repeat basis.”

Mr. R then leaves and takes the footage with him and he goes to base.

At base, Rihaan sees the footage and says, “What must have happened, huh!! Someone came inside the room and killed that scientist, was he invisible or something?”

Jeet says, “He could be, if he had, Dhiren’s potent of visibility…”

Rihaan gets up and looks at Dhiren and runs off from the base and wears the gear and reaches the warehouse and sees, Dhiren getting visible again and just then, Roshan comes in and says, “So it was you, you killed that scientist…”

Dhiren smiles and says, “Yes, it was me, you know who the head of that Seminar is next, you cannot do anything about it...”

Roshan shows him the antidote and Dhiren says, “You will use that, huh!!! Remember one thing straight, I gave you money and technology so that you could make this potent and you, miserable fool!!!”

Dhiren then kicks him and the antidote tube breaks and Mr. R breaks the glass and says, “The savior is here…”

Dhiren says, “Who called you here?”

Mr. R then attacks and they have a fight and in that sometime, Dhiren takes the potent and sprays it a lot and Roshan says, “Sir, don’t do that, you may become permanently invisible.”

Dhiren starts laughing and gets invisible and removes all his clothes and attacks Mr. R and as he can’t see him, he gets beaten and then Dhiren kills Roshan by stabbing one of R’s knives into his body and leaves the lab.

Mr. R leaves the lab and calls the police and Ujwal and tells him take Roshan to a hospital and guard the head of the seminar.

Mr. R and sometime later, Sikander arrive at the Head’s house and they see no movement at the house as the police are guarding it and just then, a car comes and it is out of control and crashes the gate of the house.

The police look into the car and no one is present and the car explodes and injures the police officers and Mr. R looks closely and sees Dhiren running through the fire and goes inside the house.

Mr. R and Sikander get inside the house and they see nothing in the dark and Dhiren attacks Sikander and throws him at Mr. R. Dhiren then throws a TV set at them and goes up on the above floor.

They reach and they see the Head of the Seminar tied to a chair with cables and a sharp cable on his throat and he tells Mr. R and Sikander not to come ahead or else he will kill the Head.

Mr. R then removes a small knife and throws it at Dhiren and some blood comes out from his body and he stretches the cable and attempts to kill the Head and Sikander kicks Dhiren and sprays the whole fire extinguisher liquid.

Dhiren then gets up and fights Sikander and he jumps from the window.

Sikander asks Mr. R on where Dhiren would be headed and Mr. R says, “The night is long, he has one place to go and I know he will go there…”

Dhiren reaches Tanya’s place and sees that she is getting ready to sleep and just then he offs the lights and she gets scared and she comes to know that it is Dhiren as he used all the potent and she tries to run and Dhiren catches her and says, “Didn’t you tell Rihaan about the accident that we were into? You should be truthful to him!!!”

Tanya says, “What should I tell him, huh, I and you were involved in a hit and run accident that killed seven innocent people and you gave people money to cover it and so I broke up with you. You are pathetic, mad and weird.”

Dhiren then takes Tanya with her to an under construction site and they stay for a while there.

Mr. R and Sikander reach there and see Tanya and they enter the site and Dhiren sees them by small cameras and there are bombs in it and he activates it and they injure them badly.

Sikander get injured badly and Mr. R puts him in a corner and goes on the above floor.

Soon, then, he reaches there and he sees Tanya and he comes to her but Dhiren comes and kicks him and still cannot be seen and he beats Mr. R.

Mr. R then waits for a while and senses Dhiren and spears him and they fall through a floor and Sikander comes and rescues Tanya.

Mr. R wakes up and sees Dhiren in dust and attacks him and beats him and Dhiren sees some water and he falls in it and becomes invisible again.

Dhiren says, “You cannot kill me or punish me, R!!! I am the GHOST….”

Mr. R sees a cement grinder and he remembers something and as he is still fighting, he throws a knife at the lever of the grinder and all the cement falls off and the ‘GHOST’ get stuck in it and Mr. R jumps and kicks him in the head and some more cement falls on Ghost and he get like a statue and he comes to know he cannot be visible again and becomes a cement statue.

They all leave and at the base, Jeet asks the reason and Rihaan says, “Brother, cement is one sticky substance…”

Jeet says, “Oh!!! Yeah!!! He can be stopped by a sticky substance…”

Tanya then meets Rihaan and they leave for lunch the next day.

The Ghost is taken to a facility and he is still in Cement form and tied to chains.

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