Gouri Dange

Gouri Dange is a writer, book editor-coach and practicing family counsellor. Her features, articles, interviews, short stories – various works of fiction and non-fiction –appear regularly in her columns and features in leading Indian newspapers and magazines – The Hindu, Mint, Times of India, Mirror, Outlook, Open, Verve, MansWorld, etc.
She has a popular social-satire weekly column in the Pune Mirror, in its sixth year. ‘Learning Curve’, her much-read column in Hindustan Times paper Mint, is in its seventh year.
Her short stories have been published in Stories at the Coffee Table (Cafferati, 2006) and Being Single in India (Penguin, India, 2006), India Smiles (Penguin India 2007). She has also authored books like 3, Zakia Mansion, ABCs of Parenting, The Counsel of Strangers, More ABCs of Parenting, Three-dog Night and Always a Parent published by Penguin India, Harper Collins, Random House and FingerPrint Publishers. A screenplay that she has written, ‘Second Marriage’, is currently being looked at by two production houses.
...go ahead and spring clean that relationship!                                                                                      ...
24-May-2017 • 661 views
 ..."but you just came from a holiday!" - Gouri Dange “I need a holiday,” my neighbour said, as she put her bags down and opened her front door after cutting a path through 10 days of newspapers and milk packets that had accumulated outside. Something had gone wrong... read more...
24-May-2017 • 892 views
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