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              Some days later, Kumar Enterprises is repaired and it is made new again and Mr. James is the new Manager of that company and Rihaan helps them.

            Mr. James is in a meeting with some new companies and the Charter Accountant, Mr. Joshi arrives and sees that Rihaan is missing in the meeting and after the meeting ends; Mr. Joshi in an angry manner asks the reason of Rihaan being not there in the meeting as it was his idea of expanding Kumar Enterprises and Mr. James says, “Don’t worry about him alright, Mr. Joshi, I will see what to do, he also cares about the company as much we do…. You may leave.”

            Mr. Joshi leaves and Mr. James texts Rihaan and he replies, ‘At the terrace, chief!!!”

            Mr. James leaves on for the terrace and sees Raghu outside the door and asks him, how much time was Rihaan at the terrace and Raghu says that he is here from the morning.

           He goes in and sees Rihaan sitting at the bench and Mr. James comes to him and says, “People missed you at the meeting, Rihaan.”                        

            Rihaan smiles and says, “Mr. Joshi, I suppose, is one of them…”

            Mr. James says, “You know, he is a bit sarcastic. We can handle him. I know why are you here, missing, Arjun (Grandpa), right?”

            Rihaan says, “I miss him every moment, but today, I miss him a lot.”

            Mr. James says, “Hey, he is and always proud of you, what you have done for yourself and the City here is great and people will surely respect that even if you show your true form…”

            Rihaan then gets a call and he says, “Oh no!!! Tanya!!!”

            He reaches the jewellery store at night and sees Tanya alone with the store sales personnel and she is angry and Raghu asks the reason and Rihaan says, “She wanted me to come, but I came way late….”

            Tanya comes at them and says, “How could you be so late?”

            Rihaan is all scared and says, “What can I say, I was missing Grandpa a lot and in that moment I forgot, sorry….”

            Tanya says, “Hey, it’s okay, it’s alright, I can understand….”

            Rihaan looks back and smiles and looks at Raghu and says, “Sometimes, Grandpa saves me…”

            He winks at Raghu and he smiles back and they leave the store.

            At home,

             Rihaan sees the news about drug deals and the police have tried to stop them but they are unable to and thus many teenagers and other people are getting addicted to them and they are dying and getting ill.

            Rihaan says, “New mission, Nice!!!”    

            The next day,

Rihaan arrives at the base warehouse and sees no one is present there and says, “Where is that jerk now?”

            Just then, someone from top is looking at them and he comes down and attacks Rihaan and they have a hand combat and Rihaan kicks him bad and he falls and looks at him and he removes his face mask and says, “You fight dirty, dude!!”

            It is Jeet and they hug each other and Rihaan asks about his small vacation and then says, “Heard about the drug deals and trafficking?”            

Jeet says, “Yeah, it is all over the City news. We should do something.”            

            Rihaan says, “We are going to do, research time….”

            They then start seeing news and reports of the drug deals and they see that there are always some ideas used by the drug dealers and thus police are unable to catch them.

            Rihaan sees that many teenagers are addicted to the drugs and he and Tanya with Jeet arrive in a pub and Rihaan starts searching inside and out the pub for clues.

            He then arrives in a lane and sees some girls and boys buying drugs and keeps looking and follows the dealer and sees that he went to a small shed and there are more people with them and he sees them every day.

            Rihaan says, “Time for action.”            

            The dealer then comes in the shed and looks at the money bundles and drugs packets and bags. Just then, the lights start fluctuating and one of the people there says, “What is happening?”

            Then, they hear a whistling sound and someone of them says, “I am going home, he is here….”

            The dealer says, “Don’t be scared of him, we can beat him….”

            Mr. R says, “Are you worthy of beating me?”            

            He then jumps on the table and says, “I am the savior for them and the punishment for people like you…”

            One of the people there says, "MR. R!!!!"

            Mr. R then kicks the dealer and fights others and the people removes the guns and the shed door explodes and Sikander (Jeet) comes inside with a missile launcher and helps Mr. R.

            The dealer tries to run and Sikander throws a knife at him and he falls down and they take a picture of him and ask him his name and he says, “Aditya!!!”            

            They leave and they inform the police and here enters, Ujwal Naik and he comes inside and says, “Mr. R!!!”

            Aditya is then taken to a police station and some people then arrive there with lawyers and bail him out and Ujwal Naik tries to tell them Aditya is a drug dealer and the people just take him out of the jail.

            Rihaan at the base sees the news of Aditya getting out and asks Raghu to find information about Aditya and Jeet says, “There may be someone above him too….”

            The media and news tell that Aditya is a drug addict and thus was there at the place at a wrong time when Mr. R attacked him.

            Aditya then arrives home and the people and lawyers leave from home and he goes in and meets his older brother, Roy and he is taking injections of drugs and that help his body to enhance and build up and says, “Aditya, my brother, Mr. R did made a move on us but failed.”

            Roy is known to be a larger drug addict then Aditya and he is been taking drugs from the age of sixteen and to control Aditya’s wayward behavior induced drugs in his milk and later food items.

            Roy is later sniffing drugs and Aditya comes and asks him about Mr. R and he says, “Mr. R is a problem for us, but I can handle him.”


            At the base,

Rihaan arrives and Raghu meets him and shows the information and it shows that these brothers were in various feuds with companies and also were in news that they were involved illegal businesses but were caught, but due to huge position, power and money, they were out of jail quickly.

            Rihaan says, “They are just using money in a worse way possible….”

            Rihaan calls Mr. James and tells him to invite the brothers to the party today night.

            At the party,

 Aditya and Roy arrive at the party and Rihaan and Jeet meet them.

            Rihaan then comes at Roy and sees his whole body structure and gets an idea and goes pricks him with a needle and Roy is a bit angry but leaves the matter and Jeet comes and meets Rihaan and says, “What is wrong with you?”            

            Rihaan then shows him a blood filled tube and Jeet and Rihaan afer analysing it says, “Drugs have helped his body and not good drugs and he has found a way to help him and his body. We have to see how he fights or defends himself!!!”

            Jeet says, “How we will do it?”

            Rihaan shows him a coin and they flip it and Jeet says, “Not me… Damn it!!             The next night, Roy is in his car in his and he removes an injection and he uses it and injects drugs in his body and when he sees ahead and sees Sikander standing in  front of him and says, “Hey, you are the sidekick right…”

            Sikander says, “Partner, Partner is the right word…”

            He then attacks Roy and they have a huge and gruesome fight and Roy uses his strength and beats Sikander badly and Roy removes a rod and comes at him and Sikander tries moving back and but his leg is injured and just then, a gas grenade comes and explodes and Mr. R kicks Roy and takes Sikander with him and he and Roy look at each other.

            Jeet and Rihaan are at the base and Rihaan says, “Roy has his body induced with a special drug that made his body muscular and it has effects like nausea and drowsiness and other effects.”

Jeet says, “That’s the reason he kicked by butt…”

Rihaan then places a mike at their house and they get news that there is a huge deal going to happen on Aditya’s birthday and they get to know the place.

At the deal, many people are present and Mr. R arrives there.

At the deal, Roy takes some injections and his body starts to pain but he doesn’t show and just then, glass windows of that place explode and Mr. R comes there and says, “Time to end this…”

Roy tells Aditya to call the police and Aditya denies, Roy in anger and says, “Just do it, fool…”

Mr. R beats the henchmen present there and he then sees Roy and he goes and attacks him.

They then have a hand combat and they take the fight at the top and Aditya comes and helps Roy, it becomes a two on one situation.

Mr. R then kicks Aditya and Roy attacks Mr. R and he Roy’s body starts to pain again and Mr. R sees this and attacks them and double kicks them and just then suddenly, Roy loses his balance and he is catching the roof side and Aditya comes and tries saving him.

Mr. R goes and helps Aditya to save Roy but due to Roy’s body weight, he slips and he falls in front down and onto his car and dies.

Aditya goes in a shock and Mr. R says, “It was not your fault, listen to me, you should just go to jail and come back start a new life, it’s not that late…”

 As Mr. R leaves, Aditya says, “It’s not my fault, it is yours.”

He comes from behind Mr. R and kind of spears him and they go through a window and they drop down on the floor.

In panic, Aditya sees the drugs and starts eating the powder which is cocaine and the police arrest him and he sees that MR. R is disappeared.

Aditya is then taken to a rehab but he is not getting good and so he is put in extreme security jail.

In jail, he starts exercising a lot and due to drugs inside him, his body starts to behave, excel and enhance just like Roy.

When he is resting, a voice from other side comes and says, “Why are you here?”

Aditya says, “I was in the Drug business and my brother got killed.”

The guy says, “Who killed him?”

Aditya says, “MR. R!!!”

The guy starts to laugh and says, “Mr. R, killed!! These words do not suit him, he is not person who kills, he punishes…”

Aditya says, “What do you know of him?”

The guy says, “I know a lot. What’s your name?”            

Aditya says, “Aditya, no, my name is, Apollo…. What’s yours?”

The guy says, “Diablo.”


        Mr. R is at a building and gets the news that many drugs and money was found at Aditya’s house and he later sends a video saying that some bad effects of drugs and warns all those organizations to stop these dealing and changes were seen and police were burning huge drug packs and bundles and caught dealers.

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