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MR. R-





              The story starts with a huge party where there are lots of guests including V.I.P.s, teenagers and etc.

            As the party ends, there is a guy present there and he is like watching a girl and sometime later, a drunk guy comes and tries to get intimate with her by force and the guy watching here comes and beats her and he has a bit of Bihar language accent and saves the girl.

            Some days, at some other party, the girl is killed and the murderer is not found and Ujwal Naik sees the girl’s dead body and he sees that she was tied to a bed and she was beaten and hit with hunters and then killed.

The blood reports show that there was a drug mixed in the blood and he deducts that she was given something to drink and she got unconscious and got killed.

            This incident comes in the news and Ujwal Naik finds that it is not the first time but many girls including prostitutes and ladies were killed and officers supporting Ujwal Naik ask for the help and Ujwal Naik says, “This guy is some maniac, he hates females and we have to find him out.”

            He then reaches home and sees the newspaper and there is something on each page and he sees alphabets and when he joins them it says, ‘Terrace at midnight.’

            At midnight, he comes on terrace and the voice comes, “Finding me?”

            Mr. R is behind him and he says, “You do miss me a lot, do you?”

            Ujwal Naik says, “We can talk about that later.”

            Ujwal Naik shows him the newspaper cuttings and Mr. R sees and says, “I was also following this. You should be having some information.”  

            Ujwal Naik says, “No information, no prints, he is some gruesome person.”

            Mr. R says while leaving, “I will try to find in my way…”

            The next day,

Rihaan is seeing the cuttings and finds information on the girls and he sees some prostitutes killed too and he then goes to a nearby brothel and he meets the heads (pimp) there and gives them money and asks some information and they like give him nothing important and he leaves.        

            He walks to his car and a young prostitute comes to him and she says, “These pimps may not give you important information, I can. But money will be huge, sir…”                        

            Just then, Tanya’s car goes by and she sees Rihaan with the prostitute and she is shocked and also sees he was shaking hands with her and giving her money as advance.

            Rihaan arrives home and sees Tanya and she is angry and she asks, “Where were you?”

            Rihaan thinks for a bit and says, “I was, at a friend’s place…”

            Tanya says, “Friend’s place? Jeet wasn’t in the City today…”

            Rihaan says, “I have many friends rather than Jeet…”

            He leaves saying this and Tanya leaves the house in an angry manner.

            The next day, Rihaan and Jeet are at the base and Jeet says, “Are you crazy, why didn’t you tell her the truth…”

            Rihaan says, “The truth. What should I tell her, I was at a brothel the other night meeting or investigating a prostitute…?”

            Jeet says, “Yeah, that would have hurt her, so, what did the girl tell you?

            Rihaan says, “She is meeting me tonight at the same place.”

            At night, he goes to that brothel and sees that she isn’t there and the pimp there tell him that she has gone to Goa for a job and she will come some days later and she leaves a note saying that if Rihaan wants information, he should come to Goa.

            Rihaan then comes home and leaves for Goa much to the dismay of Tanya. Tanya is with some client and she takes the address and she is like irritated and the client tries to comfort and he gives her a date to come to his place to have dinner and Tanya in that moment where she feels that Rihaan doesn’t care about her and he is in love with a prostitute and says that she will meet the client.

            Rihaan reaches Goa and get the address of the place where the prostitute and he reaches and sees that she is at the party and also with a client and the girl sees him and they leave the party to a beach and she says, “What I wanted to tell is serious, he is some idiotic person, my friend dealt with.

He came to the brothel some days ago and took my close friend and me to a hotel and he was just unable to perform and he told to dance and he started beating with his belt and then he got angry and threw a vase at my friend and I ran off and he later I got the news that she was found on streets dead.”

            Rihaan says, “Do you know his name or anything?”

            The girl laughs and says, “We prostitutes and call girls just care how will he do, no name or anything, but I heard something, Kripa, something, when he entered the hotel.”

            Rihaan gives her a packet of money and she first denies taking it and but then takes this and tells her to leave the brothel and gives a card of an NGO and also takes the address of that hotel and tells Jeet to visit the hotel and on the other side, Tanya calls Rihaan and he cuts the call and texts that he is busy and Tanya gets emotional.

            Jeet then meets the manager there and the manager misbehaves and Jeet beats him up and sees the information and calls Rihaan and says, “Name, Kripa Shankar, he is from the City itself, brother. I can get the home address too.”            

            Tanya is at her house and is getting ready for the ‘date’ with the client that she met at the boutique and leaves the house.            

            Rihaan gets the address message and goes to that place and sees that the place is empty and no one present there and there is this, old watchman and he tells Rihaan that a man named Kripa Shankar used to live here with his family and he got married later, but he was too cruel and had an incredible and dangerous lust for women and there was this rumor, he tried to take advantage of his cousin sister but when his wife caught him, he threw him out and later, he tortured and killed his wife and then raped that sister and killed her and then no one was here.

            The watchman gives him an address of his new place which he found out.

            Rihaan calls Jeet and tells him bring his gears.

            Rihaan is getting ready and Jeet sees Rihaan’s phone and says, “Did you know, Tanya has a date today?”            

            Rihaan says, “Date? What date?”

            Rihaan tells Jeet to track her and Jeet does and they then reach Kripa Shankar’s new place and Jeet says, “R, I don’t know you believe in coincidence but, the address where we are, Tanya is somewhere here too…”

            Rihaan says, “WHAT?”

            Tanya is at the house and the client welcomes her inside the house and shows the house around and by mistake, Tanya is left alone and she opens a door and sees some weapons like an axe and hammer.

            The client some what scares her and says that the weapons are of his father, he was in construction sites.

            Tanya is a bit worried and the client gives her champagne and Rihaan in the middle calls her, she cuts the call and Rihaan picks the call and let’s Rihaan hear and he tells him to ask the name of the client and Tanya says, “Hey, I didn’t get your name, before, can you tell me again?”

            The client says, “Kripa, Kripa Shankar…”

            Rihaan is shocked and tells her to leave from the room and the phone gets switched off and Rihaan (wearing Mr. R gear) starts climbing the building.

            Kripa then gives another glass to her and when she drinks it, she gets unconscious and Kripa starts to laugh and says, “You are one nice girl… You know getting intimated with someone is of types for people, one is by convincing, one by force, one by taking the advantage, one being into relationship and leave the person till get into the bed. But, you, just to get over your boyfriend, you came to me…”

            Tanya slowly getting unconscious says, “Please, don’t do this…”

            Kripa says, “The thing is, I had to kill a lot of girls as they used to say, they weren’t ready and who were, said, I am not good, and you, I would see you, now…”

            Just then the glass window breaks and Mr. R comes in and says, “Hey, want to fight?”            



Kripa then takes a knife and attacks Mr. R and they have a fight and Kripa gets thrown inside the room and he sees the hammer and hits Mr. R with it and gets injured. Just then, when Kripa is about hit him hard, Sikander comes and kicks him and says, “Stay away, weirdo!!!”

            They both then attack Kripa Shankar and they throw him in the balcony when he is about to fall from there and Sikander tells Mr. R that they should throw him from here.

            Mr. R says, “You know the rule, I don’t kill…”

            Sikander then has a handcuff and he ties it to Kripa and Mr. R kicks him in the head and makes him unconscious.

            Mr. R then goes at Tanya and wakes her up and sees that she is alright and he removes all the gear and tells Jeet to leave and they call Ujwal Naik and as he is about to arrive, Jeet leaves the photos of the girl and watchman there for proofs of Kripa Shankar.

            Ujwal Naik then arrives and sees the proofs and Tanya gives the statement that Kripa Shankar wanted to take advantage of her and Mr. R came and saved her later.

            Some days later at the hospital,

Tanya is admitted as she is a bit injured and Rihaan comes and visits her and just then the nurse comes in to give her medicine and Rihaan recognizes the nurse as she is same girl and the girl says, “Thanks for the advice, sir…”

            Tanya says, “What advice?”

            The girl says, “He gave me a NICE advice…” saying she leaves winking at him and Tanya looks at Rihaan and he says, “What you are thinking, it’s not that!!!”

            Tanya starts beating Rihaan and Jeet is watching outside and laughs with  the girl and says, “Thanks, I was dying to see this scene….”

            At the jail, Kripa Shankar is in his cell and a guy comes at him and says, “You are a rapist, I hate them, but your madness can be used….”

            (The guy is Diablo actually.)







            Kripa Shankar says, “Call me, Virus…”

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