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              Six months later, Mr. R heroics are felt by the people and are also noticed by them and they start praising him and start buying masks of Mr. R.

The Commisioner then calls all the officers of all the police stations and asks him about Mr. R and one by one start telling stories that:

  • He makes a whistling sound when he comes nearby.


  • He has knives and a grappler with him.


  • He fights well for an average individual.


The Commisioner then shuts them and tells them to arrest this ‘hero’ which people have started calling him and one of the officers says that that he cleared most of the crime and the wannabe ones are scared of him.

Ujwal Naik looks at the officer and says, “Are you scared of the Mr. R?”              

The officer says, “No.”              

Ujwal Naik says, “Is Mr. R scared of the law and police?”              

The officer says, “Maybe No….”

Ujwal Naik says, “Maybe….. Mr. R thinks that he is better than us and we are just here to earn the salary of doing nothing, but let him be mistaken that we police are here in this City to protect it and we are doing our best….”

The Commisioner says that he is ready to give a chance to Ujwal Naik to arrest Mr. R.

Ujwal Naik accepts the mission.

On the other side, Rihaan is training at his house and his bodyguard, Raghu helps and in some useful lessons.

Grandpa calls both of for breakfast and they switch on the TV and it is Ujwal Naik’s interview saying that he will arrest Mr. R and unmask him in front of the whole world.

Tanya then joins Rihaan saying that Ujwal can arrest Mr. R as he possesses some nice ideas and skills. Rihaan says, “I thought you liked Mr. R’s style….”

Tanya says, “I do.”

Raghu says, “Madam, but Mr. R has done good but police haven’t and that is why, people praise him and adore him….”

Tanya says, “So much support for a single person, I am impressed….”

She leaves and Rihaan says, “It has to be shown, babe!!!”

Rihaan then comes to Kumar Enterprises and meets Mr. Jadhav.

Mr. Jadhav then asks Rihaan about his visit and Rihaan says, “The thing, I have to excel in some part of this empire, so I thought, why not I give it a start…”              

Mr. Jadhav says, “Alright, which part?”

Rihaan says, “Defense and Weapons technology….”

Mr. Jadhav says, “Interesting… It is actually Mr. James D’costa department… I will let him know….”

Rihaan then comes at the base and sees the bike he repaired and Jeet comes there and asks about the Police and arresting Mr. R.

Rihaan says, “I don’t think, police and Ujwal Naik will leave me easily and they will devise a plan so perfect that I will be in some major problem, I don’t want that to happen….”

Jeet says, “You are right. Escape plan has to be perfect….”

Rihaan looks at the bike and says that he is taking it and he is meeting James and then later Tanya.

Rihaan and James meet each other and James says, “I am really honored to meet you, son. Defense and Weapons, your father started when our country was lacking in weapons and when he insisted me and my team to make weapons that would be easy and used well by the soldiers, but…”

Rihaan says, “But….”

James says, “As the time progressed, our ‘department’ went nearly closed down and I was left here alone and I am just, what I can say, the watchman of this department….”

Rihaan says, “C’mon, don’t say that…. The weapons here are just great, just what I need…”

James says, “Just what you need?”

Rihaan says, “I mean, just what I need to study….”

Then, one side, Ujwal Naik is making plans to arrest Mr. R and Rihaan on the other side, is using weapons at the base and testing them and using and fixing on the bike.

Rihaan then is with Tanya and they are talking about things and soon, Tanya gets ready for to go home and she says, “What is your plan?”

The beeper then rings and Rihaan says, “Don’t worry, I got a plan….”

Rihaan gets geared up and asks Jeet and he tells Rihaan says that some thugs are going to rob a family when the footage shows the thugs with guns and steel rods.

Rihaan takes the bike and leaves.

The thugs then come at the family to rob them and a whistling sound starts and he says, “Beware, thugs!! Their savior and your punishment are here….”

He comes out of the dark wearing the mask and comes at one of the thugs and says, “Making a huge mistake, still I am giving you a chance….”

The thug smiles and he is wearing a face mask and he smiles at him and removes the mask and Jeet is looking at the footage and is shocked.

The thug is Ujwal Naik and Mr. R is surrounded by other cops and as the family is also the cops, they surround him.

Mr. R says, “That’s not fare, but, I may not fall for that….”

He kicks Ujwal’s gun and starts fighting the cops and escapes and starts getting on buildings and starts jumping.

He then stops when a huge helicopter comes at him and points a spot light on him and the cop inside the helicopter says, “We have got him, Sir!!!”

Ujwal says to maintain the spotlight on him and Mr. R just looks at the cop and jumps on another building and goes inside a small shed on top of the terrace and Ujwal Naik comes there and points the gun at the door and just then, the door opens and Mr. R is on his bike and drives it and top of the cops and takes a freeway route.

Ujwal Naik tells the cops to block him and just Mr. R stops and looks at the barricade presses the button on the bike and huge long range machine guns come out and he fires it and blows the barricades and moves ahead.

Mr. R drives ahead and sees that the helicopter is still above him and when he moves ahead and there is a huge trailer parked in front of him in the middle and helicopter says, “Sir, he is trapped again….”

Mr. R looks at the trailer and Jeet says that, there is a way to move ahead is to blow up the trailer sky high and take the other route and Mr. R agrees and Jeet says, “How will you do it?”

Mr. R says, “I have a gift for this….”

He then opens a compartment in his bike and a huge machine gun (Browning machine gun) he brings out and he fires it at the trailer and blows it up too.

Due to smoke, the helicopter cannot see him and Ujwal asks the helicopter and he says, “Sir, he escaped again and this time, he has gone….”

Ujwal says, “Damn it….”

The next day, Ujwal gets in a quarrel at dinner with his kid, Yuvraj and about Mr. R heroics and the kids take the positive side and as Yuvraj leaves, he picks up all dishes and a whistling sound comes and he is shocked and a voice comes, “You were not ready for this….”

Ujwal turns back and sees Mr. R and they get into a fight and hearing the noise, the kids come out see their father fight and Ujwal then spears Mr. R and they take the fight outside the house and at the terrace.

On the terrace, Ujwal and Mr. R fight but for not long and he stops Ujwal and says, “I am showing how this City is powerful for thugs, criminals and rapists and it is just I know is against the law, but some things are just beyond law….”

Ujwal then removes a cigarette and says, “First I also didn’t believe you would come into my trap, but when I saw the will you showed, I admire it, but see to that you do not cross the line…. (Laughs)”              

Mr. R says, “I am on the line between you and the criminals, if I have to jump on one side, it will be yours…”

He continues, “Is this alright, friend?”


Ujwal says, “Friend? When we became friends?”

He says, “The moment when you starting praising me….”

They both laugh and the kids come up at the terrace and Ujwal comes at them and looks back, he is gone.

The kids ask, “Who won?”

Ujwal says, “Yesterday, he won. Today, I won….”

Rihaan is at his base and Jeet comes and says, “So, you made a new friend?”

Rihaan says, “Yes, one can say….”

Jeet says, “I heard all the conversation, you just quoted Tanya’s thing….”

Rihaan laughs and says, “Yeah, I did….”

On one side, there is a meeting between some politicians and Mr. Jadhav and on the other side; Mr. Dixit is having a meeting with an assassin....




              Mr. R is sitting on top of a roof of a tall building and then later gets a message from Jeet that there is a riot going in a lane. He then just gets down from the building and gets on his bike and leaves to stop the riot.

              Soon, when he reaches the riot place, he sees people attacking each other and he attacks both the sides and the news reporters cover it. He then saves a Muslim Kid from some people from a fire.

Then, police forces come at the scene and with other officers give a chase on Mr. R.

              The next day, Rihaan wakes and meets Grandpa and asks the reason for the riot that took place at night in those lanes.

              Grandpa says, “Those riots were first chapter of what was going to happen in the next few days, politicians and their people were attacking the competitor’s places in order to scare them off and withdraw the names from the elections.”              

Rihaan says, “Politics…. I hate it…”

              Grandpa laughs it off and says, “In our City, there are only two parties, one is Dixit’s group and other is Madhav Rane’s group which is supported by the funds of Kumar Enterprises….”

              He then says that both the parties were in talks of corruption and bribery but the company chooses the lesser evil of them which was Rane’s group.

              Rihaan says, “Should Mr. R punish them as they are corrupt?”              

              Grandpa says, “At some point, you will have to….”

              Raghu then arrives and says that it is time for defense tech practice.

              After sometime, there is a speech of Madhav Rane and he says that he believes to be good and generous to the people and yes, he was in talks of corruption but he has left everything behind and moved ahead and he just wants to make his place better.

              On the other side, same promises were made by Dixit to the people and then a decision was made by President that both the parties will come face to face and talk it out.

              The next day, both the parties have open meeting on a huge ground and both the parties point out the worst things about each other.

On the other side, a masked guy has a sniper in his hand and he points it at Dixit from a distance and shoots and kills the person sitting next to him and everyone is shocked and everyone look up and they see, it is Mr. R (guy was wearing Guy Fawkes’s mask) and news cameras take photos and he runs off.

              Jeet sees this and calls Tanya and she tells that Rihaan is with her right now and he takes the calls and tells Jeet that the phone battery was down and so couldn’t take the call and Jeet tells him everything. He then sees the news and Tanya says, “Nice, Mr. R jumped on one of the sides….”

              Rihaan is furious and leaves the place.

              Jeet and Rihaan are at the base and they are confused of what had happened before.

              On the other side,

Jadhav is at his Company and Rane stomps inside in the cabin and says that Dixit is saying outside that Rane has murdered his colleague with the help of this ‘hero’ and the Commisioner is present there and Rane tells him to find Mr. R quickly as possible and Commisioner announces Mr. R is WANTED in the City and the police start patrolling each and every lane in the City.

              Many internet users post videos that Mr. R is not a murderer and he is hero for all the people here and start supporting them.

              Ujwal Naik returns home and sees that his wife and kids are sleeping and takes the dinner and sees  a note on a box saying, ‘After Dinner, come up on terrace. – R’

              He is shocked and comes up on terrace and says, “Where are you?”

              He says, “Dinner went quick for you….”

              He continues, “I didn’t kill that person, somebody wore my mask and killed him, I am not a person killing kind of a guy….”

              Ujwal says, “I know, you are not…. How will you prove it?”

              He says, “It was a broadcast on all channels, I need a copy of it and you can send it here….”

              He gives a chit to Ujwal and he turns around and opens the chit and there is an address and looks back, he is gone…..

              Rihaan then watches the tape and sees the footage of the whole thing and in one camera, a guy comes with two bags and later, he is not shown ahead anywhere.

              Then in some footage, he is shown at the top of the hall and Jeet pauses and sees a mark on the hand and he sees a skull tattoo and Raghu says, “Many people live here, whose hands we are keep on checking for that tattoo….”

              Rihaan says, “Wait a minute….”

              He then goes at Tanya’s boutique and sees the staff there and just then, he is pushed by a guy there and he says that he is sorry and his sleeve goes up and Rihaan sees the skull tattoo and talks to Tanya later.

At the base, he tells Raghu to keep an eye on him and confirm that he was assassin that killed the minister.

              Raghu does and watches the guy and one day, the guy goes to his house and dumps something inside the dustbin and Raghu checks it and sees that it is the Mr. R’s mask and the whole attire.

              He tells this to Rihaan.

              At night, the guy is having his dinner and the lights go dark in his house and the whistling sound starts and the guy takes a knife and Mr. R says, “You made a mistake copying me….”

              The guy turns around and Mr. R is standing right behind him and he beats the guy badly and takes him out of his own house.

              The next day, the guy wakes up in an isolated and empty house with cameras in front of him and Mr. R comes there and says, “You will be on TV and I shouldn’t tell you, what you have to say….”              

              The guy just nodes and Mr. R comes on TV and says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the ‘hero’ which you all call me, I have a person who wants to confess something to you all, especially to some very special people…”

              The guy says, “I was hired by Kumar Enterprises to kill the minister and Mr. Jadhav paid me 25 lakhs and Mr. Rane paid me 25 lakhs too….”

              Mr. R is shocked to hear it too and just the police come there and Jeet tells that they must have tracked the feed of the news and Mr. R leaves.

              Mr. R comes home and removes his mask and trashes it on a mirror and starts breaking the room and Grandpa tries calming him down.

              Mr. Jadhav and his colleague, Mr. Rao arrives there and they try to explain the whole situation and Rihaan says, “I don’t want to know the situation, alright… I just want to know, who is hell bent to destroying my father’s company and empire he created when it was in such a disarray, find him or them and if what that assassin said was real that Kumar Enterprises was involved, I will personally punish him….”

              Mr. Rao leaves and Mr. Jadhav sarcastically laughs and says, “Grandpa, tell him, he is just a kid…”

              Grandpa interrupts him and says, “I know what to do with him, for now, follow do what is needed….”

              Mr. Jadhav leaves and Rihaan makes a drink himself and walks off.

              The assassin is taken to a police station and just then, smoke bombs are thrown inside the station and all of them are coughing and when the smoke clears, the assassin is disappeared and when he opens his eyes, Mr. R is front of him.

              The assassin is scared and he says that he doesn’t know anything and says, “I swear of my dead mother…”

              Mr. R holds him high and says, “You better swear to me, what you know more?”                

              The assassin says, “I don’t know anything, a guy who is always with Mr. Dixit came to me in the boutique and he knew about me and told me to meet him later when the shop closed and I did meet him, I was taken to a place and told the plan and then was given the money….”

              Mr. R says, “Why did you use me?”

              The assassin says, “You were famous and people knew here that you don’t kill people and yes, Rane defended you and supported your cause and that is why, I used the mask and so that you as the indirect support was cut off from Rane….”

              Mr. R gets an urgent call and he leaves from there and later the police come and find the assassin.

              Rihaan then comes to a hospital and sees that Grandpa is injured and Tanya tells him that some car came and bashed into Grandpa, but he was lucky that nothing severe happened to him and Rihaan goes at his Grandpa and starts crying and Grandpa wakes up and says, “Hey, kid!! Nothing’s serious…. I am fine…..”

              Rihaan comes at the base and says, “Dixit is involved in all this and I am to prove this and he made an intelligent plan, I should say. Hurting Grandpa was a bad idea….”

              Jeet says, “We know, he is involved but we have to prove it some way, and how much I know, Mr. R will not kill Dixit….”

              Rihaan says, “I should meet Mr. Dixit as myself….”

              Rihaan the next day goes at Dixit’s office and meets him.

              At Dixit’s office,

Rihaan says, “Framing Mr. R was a good plan, I should say….. But then, framing my family and then hurting my one and only support in my life, you crossed the line, Dixit…”

              Dixit says, “Son, this is the rule of politics. Politics is a jungle, you either be the prey or catch the prey, here, your company which you call a family was the prey and it was easy to hurt it and then making it a fail and corrupt thing and then Mr. R came into picture, where he is the hero of this City and I kind of hate him and so it is like, killing two birds with a single stone/arrow….”

              Rihaan says, “I don’t know about the hero, I will hurt you…”

              He then jumps on Dixit and starts punching him and the security separate him from Dixit and throw him outside the office.

              Later, Dixit returns home and switches on the TV and it is Mr. R on TV and he is shocked and then a whistling sound starts and when the lights go out and turn back on, he is sitting in front of him and says, “Sit, we will watch some special news….”

              On TV, the reporter says, “We have a got a CD from Mr. R and he has requested to play it….”

              On TV, the whole confession of the assassin and Dixit is shocked and Mr. R says, “Interesting, you wanted to make the people hate me, but they will love and praise me more….”

              Dixit says, “They do not love you, moron!! They are scared of you….”

              Mr. R says, “Only criminals and thugs are scared of me and I can sense the same scare feeling in your tone….”

              The door then starts knocking and it is Dixit’s servant and tells him that police and media is here and Mr. R hits Dixit in the head.

              Dixit then opens his eyes and he is in his own car and on a freeway and he has a bad headache and just then a car passes by.

              The car stops and inside the car, Rihaan and Jeet are in it and Jeet says, “We decided that he will not die….”

               Rihaan says, “Mr. R has a rule of not killing people, I don’t have any….”

              He looks at Jeet and presses the button on a remote and the Dixit’s car explodes.

              The police find that Dixit escaped from his own house and drove off in his car and later the car exploded due to gas leak.

              Grandpa get alright and Rane wins the election later.

              Grandpa says to Rihaan says, “Your words have a true meaning, son…. You should join politics….”

              Rihaan laughs and says, “Politics… Elections…. They are not my forte….”

              Both of them laugh and Tanya comes with some lunch and Jeet joins them.

              On one side, Mr. Jadhav and Mr. Rao have talk about Rihaan’s behavior and Mr. Jadhav says, “He will be taken care of….”

              On the other side,

A girl has pictures of Mr. R put and she writes ‘I LOVE YOU’ on all of them and starts laughing in an evil way….


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