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              As Rihaan gets the new name of Mr. R, he is at home and looks at the cameras at places where certain robberies and rapes and other such incidents take place and just then, he gets to see something.

              A young girl from a saree shop is walking home and some thugs smoking and drinking see her and one of them starts walking behind her and others maintain a distance and they separate and the one of them is just behind the girl.

              The girl then starts walking fast and she comes  across a small shed and others thugs come there and the one starts laughing and starts taunting and describes her beauty and says that they will have a huge party tonight.

              The girl pleads for help and tells them not to and the thugs take her inside the big shed.

              After sometime, she is put on a place and one of them comes at her and crushes her mobile phone and twists her hand and just then, a whistling sound comes….

              The other thugs look around and think that they are just hearing sounds and later more whistling sound start coming and the voice comes, “If I was you, I would have left her and gone home….”

              One of them says, “Who are you?”

              He says, “I am her savior and your punishment….”

              The thug says, “Punishment?? (Laughs), what are you some kind of superhero?”

              He says, “We will decide that later, for now, leave her….”

              The thug removes a knife and tells him to leave and also laughs on the mask and he just smiles it out and he then just kicks badly and the thug falls on the ground.

              Another thug comes from behind and hits him with a rod in the back and he replies and punches the thug.

              Another one then comes to him with a huge knife like and he removes his knives and cuts his hand and throws him outside the shed.

              He then comes to the girl and she is a bit scared right now and he calms her down and he gives her a small mobile phone and she turns back and calls her friends and when she looks back, he and the thugs have disappeared and when she finishes the call, she looks back of the phone, there is a ‘R’ mark on it and she just smiles and walks out of the shed.

              He then gets another alert, a priced and rich car is stolen and police are giving it a chase on the freeway.

              He then takes the bike and Grandpa calls him and says, “If you do this, the police and law will notice you….”

              He says, “In a way, I want that to happen…”

              He then drives at the location and sees the chase and looks at the right time to enter and says, “Let’s us just wait….”

              The thieves remove pistols and fire at the police cars.

Mr. R says, “My turn, boys!!”

              He balances the bike and drifts it front of them and removes a bow and hits the arrow on the front part of the car and the thieves laugh that nothing has happened and he goes ahead and stops the bike and waits and suddenly, the arrow has a device and makes the car stop and the thieves are confused and they attack him and he gives a tough fight and beats them.

              He then leaves an ‘R’ mark there and leaves on the bike.

              The next day, at noon, Grandpa comes and wakes Rihaan up and says, “You were way late last night, boy!!! How was it?”

              Rihaan takes some time to wake up and gets up and says, “It wasn’t that easy…. But I can say I had fun….”

              Rihaan then gets up and removes his shirt and Grandpa sees some marks on the body of the knives and says that he should take of himself while fighting and Rihaan says that he will and sees the paper and there is an interview of the girl he saved, and she says that Mr. R saved her from the thugs and on the other side, there was news some thugs were tied outside the tree near the police station and in other news, some thieves were caught and some indentified person ‘helped’ the police, the Commisioner is not okay with people wearing masks and helping them.

              Rihaan says, “Mask for creating drama….”

              He looks at Grandpa and says, “Yes, they did notice….”

              Grandpa says, “If they see you again, they can and they will take some action, just beware of it….”

              Tanya then comes at the house and says they have to go to that party and Rihaan says that he will get ready in sometime and they can leave then and Tanya agrees.


              At the party, his and her friends are talking about Mr. R and Tanya jokes that this ‘R’ guy doesn’t have a future here, like he is not enough for criminals who stay here in this City and Rihaan says that he is making a difference and he is drawing a line between criminals and innocent people.

              Tanya says that the line between them is the law and the police, not him and one of the friends says that the ‘R’ guy is walking on the line and he will fall on some side, he will having some vendetta against the criminals, nobody does it for innocent people.

              Rihaan finishes his drink and says, “You know what, people like ‘him’ can do it for sake of humanity when they have seen the real face of crime and injustice…. Humanity is what maybe driving him….”

              He then takes Tanya with him and leaves her home….

              He then goes home and sees the newspaper and sees the photo of the girl and gets the address.

              The girl there is inside her bathroom and when she comes out and she sees red flower on her bed and she is shocked and a voice comes, “Thanks!!!”

              She comes outside in the balcony and looks up and Mr. R is sitting up at the roof and she says that she can come up there and he just jumps down.

              He comes at her and says, “Didn’t you feel awkward that not a normal guy like me wearing a mask and not the police or law person saved you?”

              She says, “I didn’t, even if it was some old aged person, I would have thanked from the bottom of my heart and it is true when, law cannot help you, you have to be someone’s else’s savior and also the punishment....”

              He says, “I didn’t get your name….”

              She says, “I am Neha and You?”

              He says, “I suppose, you know it!! Still, the name’s Mr. R”

              She then goes looks the other way and answers the call and looks back again, he has disappeared and he is seen jumping on the buildings swinging.





              There is a fundraiser party going on in the City Hall and which is attended by all huge rich people, Businessmen/women, Celebs and then Rihaan arrives with Tanya and Grandpa.

              On the other side,

There is a huge bank where the new fresh money bills have arrived and just then, the lights there are shot down in the parking and some masked people arrive (face masks) and kill the guards there and take the people and the police security at the party is informed and they arrive at the bank and there is a shootout between the police and the thieves and when the thieves see that the ammo is short and one of them, the boss tells the others to shift at Plan B.

              Then they take the back door of the bank and head to the party and shoot some guards and take the people there as hostages and the police head to the party and put up a barricade.

              News reporters and media arrive there.

              One of the thieves then throws a grenade outside and blows up a police car and tells them to leave and in that chaos, Rihaan sees a back door and sees that Officer Ujwal Naik was also arrived at the party and signals him.

              Rihaan then distracts the thieves and Ujwal, Rihaan, Tanya and Grandpa and also some more guests take the back door and the thieves shoot them, but they miss all the shots and they go out safely.

              Ujwal tells Rihaan and others that he and his team will handle it from here and Tanya tells Rihaan and Grandpa that they should leave from here.

              Ujwal then meets the other officers and Rihaan looks at Grandpa and he tells Tanya that she should leave with Grandpa and he will come from other car.

              Rihaan then heads at his car and calls Jeet and he says that he is seeing everything on TV and says he is also liked what he did before rescuing some people.

              Rihaan says, “Listen, the thieves have some heavy explosive with them and I don’t think, police can enter the back door again, Can Mr. R help them?”

              Jeet smiles from the other side, “YOU get geared up, I will find a way out….”

              Rihaan then opens the back side of the car and sees the mask and Jeet later tells him a way in from the bathroom and Rihaan jumps and goes from top floor to the party floor.

              While coming down, he sees some people there with guns and attacks them and ties them up.

              When he comes down at the party floor, he sees like 10 of them and he tells Jeet to find some way there.

              Jeet tells that he can hack into the electricity system and shuts off electricity of the entire hall.

              Rihaan agrees and looks at the guests and the thieves.

              A whispering sound is heard and he says, “Robbing the bank would have brought you to me, taking the people hostage here would have also brought you to me…”

              One of thieves says, “Who are you?”

              Mr. R says, “I love to say this, their savior and your punishment…”

              He says, “Drop down the guns and go to the police, we shouldn’t have a minor problem here….”

              All the thieves point the guns at him and he says, “Alright, a major problem….”

              The lights then go dark and the thieves start shooting at Mr. R and he dodges them and after sometime, the lights come back and the thieves fall down on their knees and the guests see knife marks on thieves’ bodies and all of them and Mr. R says, “Ta-da…”

              The police are seeing this from outside and they are like, what is happening inside…

              One of the thieves shows Mr. R a grenade and says that he will blow all of them sky high if he doesn’t let them leave and Mr. R shows him a small knife and tells him to remove the pin and he then throws the grenade and cuts the finger of the thief and kicks him and makes him unconscious and the police break the door down and Mr. R starts running and Ujwal starts following him and when he gets outside, he sees no one.

              Rihaan is in his car and stops in between and sees that he is been shot on his leg and goes at Jeet’s place and he makes the wound alright.

              The next day,

All those guests are called for a meeting and Ujwal Naik says that he is thankful to Mr. R and his bravery last night much to Commissioner’s dismay and the Commissioner says that whatever Mr. R did was courageous but, he is not worthy of any praise words.

              Rihaan is seeing and hearing all of this and the Mayor tells that with Ujwal, there is more person they are also thankful for and that is, Rihaan for his bravery for rescuing the people at the party and the people tell Rihaan to speak something and when he comes on stage,

He is at a mike booth and a guy comes slowly at the stage and shoots Rihaan and luckily, it misses and hits the mike.

              The people there are shattered and start running and the shooter runs off and Rihaan is shocked.

              He is taken home and Grandpa, talks to him and later, Commisioner and Ujwal Naik arrive there and suggests Grandpa that Rihaan will be provided with security and Rihaan denies it and Ujwal says that Rihaan has two options, Security or a Bodyguard.

              Rihaan says, “Alright, Bodyguard, of my choice….”

              After some days, many bodyguards come and interview at Rihaan’s house taken by Rihaan, Tanya, Jeet and Grandpa and then, Ujwal comes in and says, “Male bodyguards are over, only female bodyguards are left and I should tell you, they are in a good shape and good looking….”

              Rihaan, Jeet and Grandpa, Altogether say, “Show us…”

              Tanya just smirks and they take the interviews…

               Just then, as the interviews get over, Rihaan says that he doesn’t want a heavy builder person to guard him; he just wants someone easy going and of good nature.

              He then heads to his gym and looks at a guy taking huge weights and asks about him and the people around him tell that he was in the army for some time and then left it for some reason and came here and learned martial arts and weight training.

              Rihaan goes at him and says, “Hey, big guy!!! Want a job?”              

              He looks back and says, “Job? I know you, the brave kid!!! Seen you on the news lately, I should say, I am proud of it….”

              Rihaan says, “Thanks…. I am talking about job as my personal bodyguard….”

              He says, “I would be honored….”

              Rihaan says, “What’s your name?”

He says, “Raghu Singh….

              He shakes hands with Rihaan.

              Rihaan and others (with Raghu) head to a pub and some guys create a chaotic situation and Raghu gets Rihaan out of the pub and when they reach the house, Rihaan and Raghu get into some talk and they get to know each other.

              Rihaan then meets Jeet and says, “He’s good, what do you think?”

              Jeet says, “About what?”

              Rihaan says, “He’s a nice guy, shouldn’t we tell him about Mr. R?”              

              Jeet says, “Dude, C’mon… we only know him about a month or two, what if he becomes more aware and during some operation, he gets in the middle, the secret comes out….”

              Rihaan says, “It will not…. Just to test him personally, why not we put him in ‘R’ test?”               Jeet says, “R test?”

              Rihaan smiles and makes a plan.

              The other day, Raghu leaves Rihaan’s home and heads to his home.

              While he arrives at home, he sees that something is at his terrace and goes up slowly and hears a whistling sound and a voice says, “Hey, builder….”

              Raghu stretches himself and says, “Made a huge mistake coming here, mister…”

              He says, “Actually, it’s Mr. R…”

              Mr. R then jumps at Raghu and they get into a fight and at first, Mr. R has an advantage but due to Raghu’s power, he bashes him around and swings him around.

              Just then, Mr. R jumps again and lands on his leg and he says, “Damn!! My Leg!!!”

              Raghu then hears that and gets the glimpse of some days ago and just smiles and tells Mr. R to leave.

              The next day, Raghu arrives at Rihaan’s home and sees that he is stretching himself helps him and says, “Yesterday’s fight was good, I should say….”

              Rihaan says, “What fight?”

              Raghu lifts Rihaan’s leg and shows him his own wound and gives a smile and says, “Do you have to tell me something?”

              The same night, Rihaan and Raghu arrive at the base and Grandpa and Jeet welcomes Raghu on their team.

              Rihaan then looks at Ujwal Naik’s photo and says, “Now, I have to make an unusual friend….”


On the other side,

Mr. Jadhav arrives at a warehouse and some men bring a beaten up person and he says, “Giving you so much money, was no use. I gave you money to shoot Rihaan….”

              Jadhav then removes his gun and kills that guy and says, “Rihaan has to die….”


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