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“Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Starting an NGO is a lifelong commitment to contribute incessantly to the betterment of lives of people the NGO works for. Running an NGO efficiently, expanding it by sensitising towards other areas that need help and adding verticals to watch beneficiaries from varied sectors lead a better life, is fulfilling that commitment made to the society. Two women, with rock solid benevolence, and an immaculate sense of how to use resources are the heart and soul of Mukul Madhav Foundation, an NGO driven by sheer passion. Ms. Ritu Chhabria and Ms. Gayatri Chhabria, a mother daughter duo run this foundation like a successful business, where the only profit they believe in, is the number of lives that have reformed forever.

Established in 1999 as a Charitable Trust, MUKUL MADHAV FOUNDATION also the CSR partner of FINOLEX INDUSTRIES has stayed true to its mission that states, “Enabling the deprived to improve their quality of life by providing good education and accessible health care facilities.” Along with healthcare and education, they have partnered with FINOLEX INDUSTRIES to undertake and complete several philanthropic projects under Water Conservation and Sanitation. They have proved that many small hands when come together, do create a spark in the universe.

When COVID 19 suddenly hit a pause button on the entire world, it challenged wits of every empathetic individual and organisation on how best to help recover from this pause. While many NGOs came forward with relief work plans, Mukul Madhav Foundation, came up an array of solutions to the visible problems that surfaced with the Lockdown. They started off by supporting the frontline warriors by providing 76 MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS including VENTILATORS to over 15 HOSPITALS, and other MEDICAL MATERIALS LIKE FACE MASKS, PPE KITS, HAZMAT SUITES, HAND GLOVES AND FACE SHIELDS ADDING UP TO 37,056 in numbers. These went to the other frontline warriors like government volunteers and POLICE STATIONS in Pune. They have also provided over 1,100 essentials such as BEDSHEETS and BODY WRAP PLASTIC to hospitals along with 361 SANITIZER UNITS and LIQUID SOAPS. In addition, they have distributed 455 KINDNESS KITS to the HEALTHCARE WORKERS who are away from their families and working tirelessly with COVID 19 patients. Over 2,000 tablets of Vitamin D etc. were also provided to healthcare workers.

In order to support migrant workers, MUKUL MADHAV FOUNDATION and team have provided 30,430 DRY RATION KITS to DAILY WAGE EARNERS and FOOTWEAR to 2,000 WORKERS who were found walking towards their villages barefoot. Realising that the abandoned migrant workers and their families were walking back without having any basics with them, the team supported them by providing 8,000 WATER BOTTLES, 5,000 FACE MASKS, 5,060 BEDSHEETS, AND 20,100 COOKED MEALS. Over 2,000 SANITARY NAPKINS were also provided to the underprivileged women in West Bengal. During the HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN, the team supported 5,000 families with GROCERIES AND FRUITS. Moreover, they also supported 53 KIDS with CEREBRAL PALSY through 184 ONLINE PYSIOTHERAPY SESSIONS during the lockdown.

Taking Kindness beyond boundaries- Mukul Madhav Foundation has also pledged to provide nutritious meals, and been doing so since the first week of May, to 30 NHS Frontline Warriors at the North Middlesex University Hospital, U.K.

Sturdy base, unwavering dedication by the founders, unquestionable support from donors and well planned execution have lead Mukul Madhav Foundation to heroically support thousands during this Global Pandemic. KALAMWALI SALUTES MUKUL MADHAV FOUNDATION AND MS. RITU CHHABRIA, and MS. GAYATRI CHHABRIA for being Heroes of Quarantine and easing lives of many during the Lockdown.

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